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Serhat Simsek

Assistant Professor, Information Management and Business Analytics

BS, Adnan Menderes University (Turkey)
MS, Auburn University
PhD, Auburn University
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Honors & Awards

  • International Graduate Education Scholarship, Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education (November 2014)
  • Graduate Student Assistantship, Auburn University (August 2016)
  • Graduate School Research Fellowship Award, Auburn University (July 2018)
  • Finalist, Best Paper Award in Data Mining, INFORMS (November 2020)
  • Best Contribution to Theory Award, 49th Annual Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Conference (March 2020)
  • Best Overall Conference Paper Award, 49th Annual Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Conference (March 2020)
  • Best Paper Award, Information and Communication Technologies in Organizations and Society International Conference (October 2019)
  • Separately Budgeted Research Award, Montclair State University (June 2022)
  • Runner-Up (2nd Place) for the Nation-wide Best Paper Award, Decision Sciences Institute (May 2021)
  • Best Application of Theory Award, 50th Annual Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Conference (March 2021)
  • Nationwide Decision Sciences Institute Best Paper Award (within the regional best paper award category) , DSI (November 2020)

Refereed Published Articles

  • M. Barros, J. Leitao, T. Aranha, S. Simsek, R. Buley, E. Fernandez-Figueroa, M. Gladfelter, A. Wilson, J. Capelo-Neto (2020). Index classification of drinking water reservoirs for identifying vulnerability to cyanoHABs in water treatment plants. Water Supply
  • S. Simsek, O. Genc, A. Albizri, S. Dinc, B. Gonen (2020). Artificial Neural Network incorporated Decision Support Tool for Point Velocity Prediction . Journal of Business Analytics
  • S. Simsek, T. Tiahrt, A. Dag (2020). Stratifying no-show patients into multiple risk groups via a holistic data analytics-based framework. Decision Support Systems
  • S. Simsek, U. Kursuncu, E. Kibis, M. AnisAbdellatif, A. Dag (2020). A hybrid data mining approach for identifying the temporal effects of variables associated with breast cancer survival. Expert Systems with Applications
  • S. Simsek, U. Kursuncu, E. Kibis, A. Dag (2018). A Machine Learning-Based Holistic Approach to Predict the Survival of Breast Cancer Patients. International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Data Communication
  • S. Simsek, A. Albizri, M. Johnson, T. Custis, S. Weikert (2021). Predictive Data Analytics for Contract Renewals: A Decision Support Tool for Managerial Decision Making. Journal of Enterprise Information Management
  • S. Simsek, A. Dag, T. Tiahrt, A. Oztekin (2021). A Bayesian Belief Network-based Probabilistic Mechanism to Determine Patient No-Show Risk Categories. OMEGA
  • S. Simsek, M. Gumus, M. Khalafalla, T. Issa (2020). A Hybrid Data Analytics Approach for High-Performance Concrete Compressive Strength Predicton. Journal of Business Analytics
  • M. Nasir, S. Simsek, C. Erin, . Ragothaman, A. Dag (2021). Developing a decision support system to detect material weaknesses in internal control. Decision Support Systems
  • A. Dag, M. Johnson, E. Kibis, S. Simsek, B. Cankaya, D. Delen (2023). A machine learning decision support system for determining the primary factors impacting cancer survival and their temporal effect. Healthcare Analytics
  • A. Asilkalkan, A. Dag, S. Simsek, O. Aydas, E. Kibis, D. Delen (2023). Streamlining patients’ opioid prescription dosage: an explanatory bayesian model. Annals of Operations Research
  • A. Dag, A. Dag, A. Asilkalkan, S. Simsek, D. Delen (2023). A Tree Augmented Naïve Bayes-based methodology for classifying cryptocurrency trends. Journal of Business Research
  • A. Dag, Z. Akcam, E. Kibis, S. Simsek, D. Delen (2022). A probabilistic data analytics methodology based on Bayesian Belief network for predicting and understanding breast cancer survival. Knowledge-Based Systems
  • H. Dolatsara, M. Caglar, E. Kibis, S. Simsek, A. Dag, G. Dolatsara, D. Delen (2022). An Interpretable Decision-Support Systems for Daily Cryptocurrency Trading. Expert Systems with Applications
  • M. Nasir, A. Dag, S. Simsek, A. Oztekin (2022). Improving Imbalanced Machine Learning with Neighborhood-Informed Synthetic Sample Placement. Journal of Management and Information Systems
  • M. Johnson, A. Albizri, S. Simsek (2022). Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Operations to Enhance Treatment Outcomes: A Framework to Predict Lung Cancer Prognosis for Tailoring of Treatment Strategies. Annals of Operations Research
  • A. Celebi, C. Randy, M. Stoll, S. Simsek, B. Kinard, P. Waite, J. Wang, V. Vo, L. Tran, H. Cau (2022). Comparison of the condyle-fossa relationship and resorption between patients with and without Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Published Proceedings

  • S. Simsek, E. Bayraktar, S. Ragothaman, A. Dag (5s). 2018. A Bayesian Approach to Detect the Firms with Material Weaknesses in Internal Control Industrial and Systems Engineering Conference
  • M. Nasir, N. Summerfield, S. Simsek, A. Oztekin (5s). 2021. Simple Interaction Finding Technique (SIFT)–A Simple Methodology to Generate Novel Hypotheses from Complex Datasets NEAIS