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Serhat Simsek

Assistant Professor, Information Management and Business Analytics

BS, Adnan Menderes University (Turkey)
MS, Auburn University
PhD, Auburn University
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Dr. Serhat Simsek is an Assistant Professor at the Feliciano School of Business at Montclair State University. Dr. Simsek earned his MS and Ph.D. in Statistics from Auburn University with a GPA of 4.00. His research has been published in prestigious journals such as OMEGA, Decision Support Systems, Annals of Operations Research, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, and Expert Systems with Applications among others. His work in the field of machine learning has received several awards from different international and national conferences such as “Best Contribution to Theory Award”, "Best Application of Theory Award", “Best Overall Conference Paper Award”, "Nationwide (USA) Best Paper Award", and “Best Paper Award”. Besides, Dr. Simsek was awarded a scholarship by the Turkish Government to pursue education abroad as he was nationally ranked as the best (1st) student in the field of Mathematics.


Statistics, Machine Learning, Business Analytics.

Office Hours


9:00 am - 10:30 am
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Honors & Awards

  • Runner-Up (2nd Place) for the Nation-wide Best Paper Award, Decision Sciences Institute (May 2021)
  • Best Application of Theory Award, 50th Annual Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Conference (March 2021)
  • Nationwide Decision Sciences Institute Best Paper Award (within the regional best paper award category) , DSI (November 2020)
  • Finalist, Best Paper Award in Data Mining, INFORMS (November 2020)
  • Best Contribution to Theory Award, 49th Annual Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Conference (March 2020)
  • Best Overall Conference Paper Award, 49th Annual Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Conference (March 2020)
  • Best Paper Award, Information and Communication Technologies in Organizations and Society International Conference (October 2019)

Refereed Published Articles

  • A. Dag, A. Dag, A. Asilkalkan, S. Simsek, D. Delen (2023). A Tree Augmented Naïve Bayes-based methodology for classifying cryptocurrency trends. Journal of Business Research
  • A. Dag, Z. Akcam, E. Kibis, S. Simsek, D. Delen (2022). A probabilistic data analytics methodology based on Bayesian Belief network for predicting and understanding breast cancer survival. Knowledge-Based Systems
  • H. Dolatsara, M. Caglar, E. Kibis, S. Simsek, A. Dag, G. Dolatsara, D. Delen (2022). An Interpretable Decision-Support Systems for Daily Cryptocurrency Trading. Expert Systems with Applications
  • A. Celebi, C. Randy, M. Stoll, S. Simsek, B. Kinard, P. Waite, J. Wang, V. Vo, L. Tran, H. Cau (2022). Comparison of the condyle-fossa relationship and resorption between patients with and without Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • M. Nasir, A. Dag, S. Simsek, A. Oztekin (2022). Improving Imbalanced Machine Learning with Neighborhood-Informed Synthetic Sample Placement. Journal of Management and Information Systems
  • M. Johnson, A. Albizri, S. Simsek (2022). Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Operations to Enhance Treatment Outcomes: A Framework to Predict Lung Cancer Prognosis for Tailoring of Treatment Strategies. Annals of Operations Research
  • S. Simsek, A. Albizri, M. Johnson, T. Custis, S. Weikert (2021). Predictive Data Analytics for Contract Renewals: A Decision Support Tool for Managerial Decision Making. Journal of Enterprise Information Management
  • M. Nasir, S. Simsek, C. Erin, . Ragothaman, A. Dag (2021). Developing a decision support system to detect material weaknesses in internal control. Decision Support Systems
  • S. Simsek, A. Dag, T. Tiahrt, A. Oztekin (2021). A Bayesian Belief Network-based Probabilistic Mechanism to Determine Patient No-Show Risk Categories. OMEGA
  • S. Simsek, M. Gumus, M. Khalafalla, T. Issa (2020). A Hybrid Data Analytics Approach for High-Performance Concrete Compressive Strength Predicton. Journal of Business Analytics
  • M. Barros, J. Leitao, T. Aranha, S. Simsek, R. Buley, E. Fernandez-Figueroa, M. Gladfelter, A. Wilson, J. Capelo-Neto (2020). Index classification of drinking water reservoirs for identifying vulnerability to cyanoHABs in water treatment plants. Water Supply
  • S. Simsek, O. Genc, A. Albizri, S. Dinc, B. Gonen (2020). Artificial Neural Network incorporated Decision Support Tool for Point Velocity Prediction . Journal of Business Analytics
  • S. Simsek, T. Tiahrt, A. Dag (2020). Stratifying no-show patients into multiple risk groups via a holistic data analytics-based framework. Decision Support Systems
  • S. Simsek, U. Kursuncu, E. Kibis, M. AnisAbdellatif, A. Dag (2020). A hybrid data mining approach for identifying the temporal effects of variables associated with breast cancer survival. Expert Systems with Applications
  • S. Simsek, U. Kursuncu, E. Kibis, A. Dag (2018). A Machine Learning-Based Holistic Approach to Predict the Survival of Breast Cancer Patients. International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Data Communication

Published Proceedings

  • M. Nasir, N. Summerfield, S. Simsek, A. Oztekin (5s). 2021. Simple Interaction Finding Technique (SIFT)–A Simple Methodology to Generate Novel Hypotheses from Complex Datasets NEAIS
  • S. Simsek, E. Bayraktar, S. Ragothaman, A. Dag (5s). 2018. A Bayesian Approach to Detect the Firms with Material Weaknesses in Internal Control Industrial and Systems Engineering Conference