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Hermann Sintim-Aboagye

Professor, Accounting and Finance

BA, University of Ghana
MBA, Tulane University
PhD, University of New Orleans
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I had may undergraduate education from the University of Ghana where I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Geography with a minor in Philosophy. Subsequently, I obtained an MBA in finance from Tulane University and a PhD in financial economics from the University of New Orleans in 1991 & 2001 respectively. I am currently tenured and an associate professor of finance & economics in the dept. of finance and economics, school of business at montclair state university.


Corporate Finance
Investment Theory
Financial Markets


  • Conditional Volatility of Financial Markets, Market Liberalization and Economic Growth: Evidence from Emerging Economies.
  • Openness and Foreign Direct Investment Net Flows: Evidence from Emerging Economies.<br><br>This paper examines the short and long run effects of the Openness of an Economy to Trade and its Impact on the Flow of Foreign Direct Investments in Emerging Economies.
  • The Impact of Capital Inflows on Interest Rates Risk Premia and the Influence of the Credibility of Monetary Policy.<br>This research will focus on emerging economies and how the prosecution of monetary policy with specific reference t0 inflation Control is subsumed by external capital pressures.
  • The Impact of the Uncertainty of Exchange Rates and Central Bank Independence on the J-Curve: Evidence from Emerging Countries.<br><br>This study investigates the extend to which the variability of Exchange Rates and Credibility of Monetary Policies affect the Speed of Adjustment of Trade Balances in Emerging Economies. Specifically, whether the postulated J-Curve in Financial Economic Literature is affected by the afore-mentioned choice variables.
  • Unemployment, Output and Central Bank Independence in Emerging Economies: Revisiting Okun's Law<br><br>This paper re-examines Okun's Law in the context varying levels of Central Bank Independence. Okun's postulates that Unemployment levels are influenced by Outputs in Economies. Variations of his original hypothesis have been presented and met equally differing levels of empirical support. Our effort is to extend the existing literature by determining whether the macroeconomic effect of independence of central banks will affect the proposed link between unemployment rates and Output.

Honors & Awards

  • Certificate of Best Author Award, Journal of the Academy of Business, Cambridge. (March 2006)
  • Global Education Award, Global Education, Montclair State University ( 2004)
  • Academy of Business Journal 'Best Paper Award' in Global Financial Crisis, Academy of Business Research (March 2011)
  • Professing Excellence Award, 2018, Montclair State University, The Center for Leadership Development (May 2018)

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Published Proceedings

  • H. Sintim (5s). 2009. Firm size and industry effects on market reaction to changes in the prices of federal funds futures. 16th Annual Conference of the Multinational Finance Society Conference

Books & Chapters

  • B. Bobo, H. Sintim (2012). Neo-Liberalizarism, Interventionism and Developmental State: Implementing NEPAD. African World Press