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2018 Schedule

Registration (8:45 – 9:15 a.m.)

Drop-off your poster for Poster Session A and get your name tag. Oral presenters may come at any time before their session to check-in and pick up their name tags.

Posters for Poster Session B can be dropped off after 9:00 a.m. and Poster Session C can be dropped off after 12:30 p.m.

Poster Session A (9:15 - 10:15 a.m.)
  • A1   Liam Reilly – Anthropology BA
    Bridging, Linking, and Bonding Social Capital among Consumers of Supportive Housing
    Bradley Forenza Bradley Forenza, Liam Reilly, Brianna Rogers
  • A2   Hamna Khuld – Anthropology BA
    Vitiligo: Race and Gender in the U.S.
    Elaine Gerber
  • A3   Kimberly Lynch – Anthropology BA
    Mental Health Perspectives of Ethnic Minorities in Dublin, Ireland
    Elaine Gerber
  • A4   Karina Gomez – Anthropology BA
    Closer to Home: A Study on Commensality Behavior Patterns at Montclair State University
    Elaine Gerber
  • A5   Osama Al Safarjalani – Biochemistry BS
    Phylogenetic relationships of Phocidae based on morphology, molecular, and fossil data
    Robert Meredith
  • A6   Naisargi Patel – Biochemistry BS
    Investigating the Correlation between Oligomeric structure and Oxidation states
    Yvonne Gindt
  • A7   Ansara Persad – Biology MS
    The effect of green tea polyphenol EGCG-S on the virulent factors produced by joint infection bacteria
    Dr. Lee Lee, Shanice Otieno
  • A8   Ibraheem Sabah – Biology BS
    The Point Quarter Method’s Role in Finding  Different Trees  Types Densities In Ramapo, and Harriman State Park NJ)
    charles sontag
  • A9   Paul Kehinde Ajayi – Biology BS
    Investigating Food Sustainability for Low-Income Communities: Green Tea Polyphenol, p-EGCG, as a Potential Anti-Bacterial Agent and Organic Preservative on Foods
    Dr. Lee H. Lee, PhD, Quayma Dorch, Danxia Shi
  • A10   Victoria Vasquez – Nutrition and Food Science Major, Dietetics Concentration BS
    Examining Barriers to Farmers Market Patronage: Perspectives from Low-Income Mothers with Children
    Renata Blumberg
  • A11   Olivia Tarrio – Biology BS
    Deception Detection Across the Menstrual Cycle
    Julian Keenan, Amanda Disney, Julianna DeVito, Briana Conclaves, Shakeera Walker
  • A12   Briana Goncalves – Biology BS
    Peer pressure, deception, and the Medial Prefrontal Cortex: A transcranial magnetic stimulation study
    Julian Keenan, Julia Oakes, Vivek Kanpa, Mehdi El Filali, Julian Keenan
  • A13   Deborah Liaw – Biology BS
    Green Tea Polyphenol EGCG-S as a synergistic agent to enhance antibacterial activity of antibiotics on bacteria
    Lee Lee, Mathew Abtahi, Nicoll Morillo, Diana Sanchez Castellanos
  • A14   Sue Wahler – Biology BS
    Adipose Triglyceride Lipase Activity in Adipocytes, but Not Skeletal Myocytes, Is Essential for Maintaining Normal Contractile Function in Both Young and Old Mice
    Mitchell Sitnick, Fabrisia Ambrosio, Erin Kershaw, Mitchell Sitnick
  • A15   Merve Bidav – Biology BS
    A phylogenetic hypothesis for extinct and extant Cetartiodactyla
    Robert Meredith, Catherine Elia
  • A16   Dylan Jones – Biology, Ecology and Evolution Concentration MS
    Behavioral Responses of Adult and Larval Wood Frogs to Increased Salinity
    Lisa Hazard
  • A17   Sarah Jacob – Public Health, Community Health Education Concentration MPH
    Socio-ecological Perspective for Low Breastfeeding Rates among WIC Beneficiary Mothers
    Hannah Helmy, Sarah Jacob
  • A18   Chanis Reyes – Business Administration Major, Marketing Concentration BS
    Combining Three Acting Techniques: An Exploration of a Business Idea
    Yawei Wang
  • A19   Linan Zhang – Business Administration, Marketing Concentration MBA
    Crying and consumers’ well-being on vacation
    Jie Gao, Linan Zhang, Jie Gao, Yawei Wang
  • A21   Eshariah Dyson – Chemistry BS
    Cellobiohydrolase/Phosphatase activity studies of soil along vertical depth at a brownfield site in New Jersey
    Nina Goodey, Dr. Jennifer Krumins, Cesar Idrovo, Bhagyashree Vaidya, Diane Hagmann, Dr. Nina Goodey
  • A22   Carolina Marin – Chemistry BS
    Studies towards developing a novel synthesis of pyrazolines
    Saliya de Silva
  • A23   Haitham Zeidan – Chemistry BS
    Imidazopyridine compounds found to effectively inhibit cGMP dependent protein kinases in malaria causing P. falciparum
    Tamara Kreiss
  • A24   Tashanda Rayne – Chemistry BS
    pH dependence of VcCry-1
    Yvonne Gindt
  • A25   Ariana Roberts – Chemistry BS
    Thermostability Comparison of Q39L mutant to WT protein to Understand the Role of the Second FAD cofactor
    Yvonne Gindt
  • A26   Jacqueline Lawrence – Clinical Psychology, Clinical Forensic Psychology Concentration M.A.
    Mental Health in First Responders
    Sarah Lowe, Holly Kobezak, Emily Baeli
  • A28   Stacy Pinto – Counselor Education Ph.D.
    Negotiating a Sexual Identity: The Self-Labeling Process for Non-Heterosexual Women in Early Adulthood
    Dana Levitt
  • A29   Antonio Velazquez – Earth and Environmental Science B.S.
    Site characterization of preserved property near Greenwood Lake
    Josh Galster
  • A30   Dylan Cone – Earth and Environmental Science B.S.
    Geochemistry of a Suite of Granite Sheets Between Long Meadow Road and Route 17A in Sterling Forest State Park, NY
    Matthew Gorring
  • A31   Arye Janoff – Environmental Management Ph.D.
    A Coastal Geo-economic Model: Property Protection, Federal Buyouts, and Managed Retreat
    Jorge Lorenzo Trueba, Jorge Lorenzo Trueba, Porter Hoagland, Di Jin, Andrew Ashton
  • A32   Sarah Kilian-Meneghin – Exercise Science and Physical Education, Exercise Science Concentration M.A.
    An exploration of multimedia learning: Do athletic training students benefit from using video based learning aids?
    David Middlemas
  • A33   Arielle Sheris – Exercise Science and Physical Education, Exercise Science Concentration M.A.
    The Effect of Hydration Status on Anaerobic Power
    Peter Hosick
  • A34   Aanyah Cook – Geography B.A.
    Habitats for Endangered Wildlife in North America
    Greg Pope
  • A35   Emilia Wozniak – Geoscience B.S.
    Evidence of Forest Fire in Stream Bed Sediment
    Gregory Pope, Emilia Wozniak
  • A36   Drew Emmetts – Geoscience B.S.
    Geochemistry of Granitic Sheets of Cedar and Hogback Mts, Sterling Forest New York
    Matthew Gorring
  • A37   Anthony Doviak – Geoscience Major, Environmental Science/Geoscience Concentration B.S.
    The Effects of Soil Characteristics Due to Infrastructure
    Greg Pope
  • A38   Christopher Tenebruso Geoscience Minor) – Assessing Drone Capabilities for Environmental Research and Monitoring Practices.
    Gregory Pope
  • A39   Yasmine Ahmed – History B.A.
    A Feminist Analysis of White Women in East Coast Chinatowns
    Leslie Wilson
  • A40   Quinn Knudsen – Industrial and Organizational Psychology M.A.
    Leadership Development Readiness: Furthering our understanding of this multi-dimensional construct
    Valerie Sessa, Margaret Toich
  • A41   Marlee Wanamaker – Industrial and Organizational Psychology M.A.
    Young Seasonal Employees: How Work Conditions and Job Attitudes Contribute to Turnover Intentions
    Valerie Sessa, Valerie Sessa
  • A43   Matthew Cheung – Marine Biology and Coastal Sciences, Combined B.S./M.S. M.S.
    Contaminated Soil Analysis in Liberty State Park
    Nina Goodey, Diane Hagmann, Jennifer Krumins, Michael Kruge, José Luis Gallego
  • A44   Patrick Palka – Mathematics B.S.
    Random Sequential Adsorption on Directed Graphs
    Deepak Bal
  • A45   Kevin Weatherwalks – Mathematics Major, Discrete Applied Mathematics Concentration B.S.
    Exploring the role of floodplain sedimentation on channel clustering and alluvial architecture
    Jorge Lorenzo Trueba
  • A46   Albert Jarvis – Mathematics, Pure & Applied Mathematics Concentration M.S.
    Understanding the Flow Structure of Low Reynolds Number Flows
    Eric Forgoston, Eric Forgoston
  • A47   Manuel Albrizzio – Mathematics, Pure & Applied Mathematics Concentration, Combined B.S. Math/M.S. M.S.
    Dynamics of Coupled Particles in a Time-Dependent, Double-Gyre Flow
    Eric Forgoston
  • A48   Lara Seder – Molecular Biology M.S.
    Loss of mitochondrial function and increases in levels of oxidative stress pinpointed in human lung cell cultures exposed to particulate matter from September 11, 2001
    Ann Marie DiLorenzo, Rebekah Madrid, Eric Tobias, Jonathan Ortiz, Dena Mohamed, Ann Marie DiLorenzo
  • A49   Alexandria DiGiacomo – Molecular Biology M.S.
    A phylogenetic hypothesis for Pan-Alcidae
    Robert Meredith
  • A50   Alexis Hernandez – Molecular Biology M.S.
    The effects of Hispolon phenylsulpho pyrazoles on Herpes simplex virus type 1
    Sandra Adams
  • A51   Breighanna Gonzalez – Molecular Biology B.S.
    Investigation of the pH and Oxygen Dependence of the Degradation of the 5,10-Methenyltetrahydrofolate Cofactor
    Johannes Schelvis
  • A52   Allyssa Angel – Molecular Biology B.S.
    pH Dependency on the Catalytic Activity of Dihydrofolate Reductase DHFR) in Bacillus stearothermophilus
    Nina Goodey, Trang Do, Zachary Mohed
  • A53   Madison Gamba – Philosophy B.A.
    Knowledge of the Body: How Thinking Can Derail One’s Best Skills
    Tiger Roholt
  • A54   Argjenta Kaba – Political Science B.A.
    Identifying Spelling Errors in Spanish: how do native, heritage and non-native speakers compare?
    Anne Edstrom
  • A56   laura romhen – Political Science B.A.
    Psychology of Terrorism
    Mishella Romo
  • A57   Alexandra Buchanan – Psychology B.A.
    Comparing Clinical and Lab-based Measures of Working Memory
    Joshua Sandry, Nathaly Vera, Jinal Kapadia, Luis Torres, Rachel Reyes, Renee Callanan, Joshua Sandry
  • A58   Stephanie Aguayo – Psychology B.A.
    Distinctiveness of Encoding Does Not Explain Flexibility within the Focus of Attention
    Joshua Sandry, Alexandra Caminneci, Erin DeMaio, Vanessa Garcia, Paula Zapata, Timothy Ricker, Joshua Sandry
  • A59   Emmett Bailey – Psychology B.A.
    Discrimination related Trauma among Muslim American College Students
    Sarah Lowe, Petty Tineo, Jessica Bonumwezi
  • A60   Jennifer Mac-Lean – Sociology B.A.
    Division of Household Labor
    Christopher Donoghue
  • A61   Archana Prasad – Sustainability Science M.S.
    Verifying Downscaled, Bias-Corrected CMIP5 Data from Multiple Climate Models in the Passaic River Basin
    Clement Alo
  • A63   Deanna Mendez – Teaching, with Teacher Certifications in Elementary School Teacher in Grades K-6 and Students with Disabilities Preschool-Grade 12) M.A.T.
    The Accessibility and Usability of Playgrounds in New Jersey for Children who use Wheelchairs
    Deanna Mendez
  • A64   Heather Einstein – Molecular Biology M.S.
    Genes Captured by Rolling-Circle Transposons – Helitrons
    Chunguang Du, Parth Agrawal, Erin McGuire
  • A65   Marwan Khater – Chemistry B.S.
    Modeling Hydrogen Bonds in Proteins with Transition Metal Imidazole Carboxylate Complexes
    Mark Whitener, Haneen Saleh
Oral Panel A (10:20 - 11:20 am)
Applications of Marketing and Sustainability (SBUS – 1)
Moderator: Yawei Wang | Room: UNIV 2009
Claudia Caetano – Business Administration Major, Marketing Concentration (B.S.)
Blockbuster or Flop: Analysis of a film’s performance through the stages of production
Yawei Wang
Kyle Mobus – Business Administration Major, Marketing Concentration (B.S.)
Social Media, Restaurant, Sports Bar
Yawei Wang
Michelle Gonzalez – Marketing and International Business Concentrations
Sustainable Development Challenges in Urban Areas (Climate, Water, Natural Resources, Transportation, etc.) and Business Implications
Yawei Wang
CSAM – 3
Moderator: Nina Goodey | Room: UNIV 2032
Tyler Eck – Pharmaceutical Biochemistry (M.S.)
Effects of Non-active site Amino Acid Residues on Inhibitor Selectivity
Nina Goodey, Ueli Gubler, Nina Goodey
Cesar Idrovo – Biochemistry Major (B.S.)
Relationship between soil depth and enzyme activity in metal contaminated soils
Nina Goodey, Dr. Nina Goodey, Dr. Jennifer Krumins, Diane Hagmann, Bhagyashree Viadya, Eshariah Dyson
Keith Lange – Biochemistry Major (B.S.)
Crystallization and Study of Dihydrofolate Reductases (DHFR) in Wuchereria bancrofti and Brugia malayi.
Nina Goodey, Dr. Cheryl Janson, Shruti Patel
Language and Power (CHSS – 2)
Moderator: Mazooz Sehwail | Room: UNIV 2048
Ashley Hernandez – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
Analyzing Standardized Tests As A Measurement Of Academic Success: An Assessment Of The Assessments
David Stuehr
Maritza Zuluaga – Spanish Major, Translation Concentration (B.A.)
Who Run The World? Translating For Women Empowerment in the 21st Century
Maria Jose Garcia Vizcaino
Dustine Finck – French, French Studies Concentration (M.A.)
Inclusive Language
Pascale LaFountain
Rolando Nunez – Jurisprudence, Law and Society B.A.
American Democracy after Citizens United.
Andrew Fede
CSAM – 2
Moderator: Lee Lee | Room: UNIV 3006
Valerie Paschalis – Pharmaceutical Biochemistry (M.S.)
Investigation of HSV-1 Binding Inhibition by EGCG-S
Sandra Adams
Theresa Aponte – Molecular Biology (M.S.)
Green Tea Polyphenol EGCG-S as an Antibacterial, Anti-biofilm, and Anti-Fungal Agent
Lee Lee, Lee H. Lee
Mathew Abtahi – Biology (M.S.)
The Inhibitory Effect of Green Tea Polyphenol P-EGCG on the Cariogenic Bacteria Streptococcus mutans
Lee Lee, Lee H. Lee
Shanice Otieno – Molecular Biology (M.S.)
A Promising Novel Method Targeting Prosthetic Joint Infections
Lee Lee, Shanice Otieno
Gender, Economy, and the Law (CHSS – 1)
Moderator: Dorothy Rogers | Room: UNIV 3008
Amanda Nardone – Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies Major (B.A.)
Capitalism Through a Feminist Lens
Dorothy Rogers
Mohammed Miah – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
Marrying Sharia to U.S. Divorces: Enforcing Islamic Divorce Traditions in U.S. Courts
Andrew Fede
Polina Lazareva – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
Major Role of Women as Voters in U.S. Presidential Elections.
Mischella Romo
Jasmin Rodriguez – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
Chemical Castration: A Solution for Convicted Pedophiles
Andrew Fede
Subcultures of Consumption (CHSS – 3)
Moderator: Antoinette Pole | Room: UNIV 3011
Christopher Lynch – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
Patronizing the Local Watering Hole?: The Craft Beer Community
Antoinette Pole
Ashlee Vaca – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
Are there economic benefits of marijuana legalization?
Professor Stuehr Stuehr
Diana Fernandez – Anthropology Major (B.A.)
How the Stars taught Humans, How to survive on Earth!
Deborah Chatr Aryamontri
Christina Pari – Italian Major (B.A.)
The Italianness of Montclair State: Identifying Culture Through the Years
Vincenza Antenos, Talia Antonacci
Poster Session B (11:30am - 12:30pm)
  • B1   Sarah Ishaq – Biochemistry B.S.
    Progress on the Chemical Analysis of Cold-Brew Coffee
    David Konas, David Konas, Adrian Kerrihard
  • B2   Kevan Doyles – Biochemistry B.S.
    The Relationship Between Temperature Dependence and Catalytic Efficiency of Wild-Type and Mutant Dihydrofolate Reductase
    Nina Goodey, Cesar Idrovo, Breighanna Gonzalez, Fariha Noor
  • B3   Kaitlyn Nogueira – Biochemistry B.S.
    Effect of Y127A mutation on inhibition of B. stearothermophilus DHFR by Methotrexate
    Nina Goodey, Amro Salha, Ketchina Duval, Rachel Nyarko
  • B4   Kimberly Fabijanczuk – Biochemistry B.S.
    Reliability of the Bradford Assay for Variable pH of Protein Buffers
    Nina Goodey, Asia Wildeman, Evelyn Suarez, Naisargi Patel
  • B5   Kenneth Curet – Biochemistry B.S.
    The Impact of Ampicillin Concentration on the Formation of Satellite Colonies
    Nina Goodey, Maria Zapata, Michael Fabeyo, Zuned Ahmed
  • B6   Haleigh Sullivan – Biology M.S.
    Antiviral Effects of Hispolons on Vero Cells Infected with Herpes Simplex Virus-1 HSV-1)
    Sandra Adams
  • B7   Hyun Kyung Kim – Biology B.S.
    Street Tree Survey in Montclair, NJ
    Dirk Vanderklein, Jean Luis Sanchez, Norhan Omran
  • B8   Elias Chalet – Biology B.S.
    Transgenic Nematostella vectensis
    John Gaynor
  • B9   Eman Ahmed – Biology B.S.
    Isolation and Characterization of Novel Mycobacterium smegmatis and Artherobacter sp.Bacteriophage from New Jersey Soil Over the Past Seven Years
    Kirsten Monsen-Collar, Bryan Acevedo EDania Alsharif, Waleed Assaf, Carlo Atie, Sona Bayrami, Sierra Blackford, Emerald Bosque, Karin Chapanian, Thaisha Chery, Erick Constantino, Blanca Diaz, Lynn-Joelle Djombo, Izabella Domian, Jonathan Duvelson, Nicole Economy, Alexandra Ferreira, Michael Fuschetto, Adriana Garcia, Andrew Hauptman, Michael Hernandez, Magy Israeil, Kayla James, Evan Jeffery, Nedjie Jocelyn, Christopher Johnson, Amira Katrib, Jaclyn Keker, Leen Khashashina, Spiro Martianou, Reem Mustafa, Chinomunso Onwuzuruike, Kelsey Orzel, Sarah Peepall, Rosangely Pena, Tatum Pied, Fakher Rabboh, Ashly Reyes, Jahmil Roland, Dayana Sanchez, Landon Schertz, Breanne Schwing, Jake Seaman, Gabriela Toribio, Chalmer Torres, Jessie Weaver, Adi Weisz, Zion Whitehall
  • B11   Nermine Ragab – Biology B.S.
    EGCG-S can be a potential organic antiseptic/ disinfectant agent
    Lee Lee, Nermine Ragab, Najivi Montoya, Theresa Aponte, Lee H. Lee
  • B12   Sahar Alkhudairi – Biology B.S.
    A phylogenetic hypothesis for extinct and extant primates
    Robert Meredith, Nichole Zapata
  • B13   Nicole Bergen – Biology, Ecology & Evolution Concentration M.S.
    Meiyin Wu, Meiyin Wu
  • B14   Amanda Menasion – Biology, Ecology & Evolution Concentration M.S.
    A Population Characterization of the Allegheny Woodrat Neotoma magister) within New Jersey
    Randall FitzGerald
  • B15   Victoria Petrulla – Clinical Psychology, Child/Adolescent Clinical Psychology Concentration M.A.
    Youth Transition Program for Youth with Disabilities
    Peter Vietze, Brett Morgan, Peter Vietze
  • B16   Jennifer Caceres – Communication Sciences and Disorders, Speech Language Pathology Concentration M.A.
    Adults’ Perception and Classification of Voicing Contrasts in Children’s Obstruent-Stop Productions
    Elaine Hitchcock, Carly Truglio, Dr. Elaine Hitchcock
  • B17   Christopher Tenebruso – Sustainability Science B.S.
    Exploring the response of barrier-marsh-lagoon systems to sea-level rise
    Jorge Trueba
  • B18   James Liporace – Computer Science M.S.
    A Privacy-Aware and User-Centric Approach to Query Processing in Outsourced Databases
    Bharath Kumar Samanthula, Bharath K. Samanthula
  • B20   Isamar Cortes – Earth and Environmental Science M.S.
    Exploring the role of evaporation and precipitation rates on mangrove island morphology
    Jorge Trueba
  • B21   Molly Minogue – Earth and Environmental Science B.S.
    Land use characteristics influence trout populations in New Jersey rivers
    Joshua Galster
  • B22   Anthony Bevacqua – Environmental Management Ph.D.
    Coastal Vulnerability of New Jersey
    Danlin Yu
  • B23   Junkui Cui – Environmental Management Ph.D.
    Development of innovative and resilient emergency water treatment EWR) for natural disasters
    Deng Yang
  • B24   Kevin Zerbe – Environmental Management Ph.D.
    Using projected climate change in the Northeast, USA to assess impacts to forage fish spawning habitat in the Hudson-Raritan Estuary of New York and New Jersey
    Meiyin Wu, Meiyin S. Wu
  • B25   Alessandra Rossi – Environmental Management Ph.D.
    Litter Quantification and Characterization on the Lower Passaic River and Two of Its Tributaries
    Meiyin Wu, Kevin Zerbe, T. David Hsu, Meiyin Wu
  • B26   Kelly Zimmerman – Environmental Management Ph.D.
    Assessment of eelgrass resilience and recovery following Hurricane Sandy
    Paul Bologna
  • B27   Aanyah Cook – Geography B.A.
    Habitats for Endangered Wildlife in North America
    Greg Pope
  • B28   Elizabeth Reyes – Geography B.A.
    Fast Food Restaurant Location and Health
    Gregory Pope
  • B29   John Beck – Geography B.A.
    Student Perceptions of the Environment
    Gregory Pope
  • B30   Odi Jabbar – Geography Major, Environmental Studies Concentration B.A.
    The progression of coral bleaching from 1998 to 2018 in the Atlantic Ocean
    Greg Pope
  • B31   Shane Nichols-O’Neill – Geoscience B.S.
    Developing Iron Oxide Provenance Tracers for Ice Streams in the Weddell Sea Sector of Antarctica
    Stefanie Brachfeld, Stefanie Brachfeld
  • B32   Andrew Sigalas – Information Technology B.S.
    Developing Interactive Interfaces for STEM Students to Gain a Fundamental Understanding of Applications of Integration in Calculus
    Amir Golnabi, Travis Jacalone
  • B35   Daniel Alvarez – Jurisprudence, Law and Society B.A.
    Un-Manned Aerial Surveillance: The Usage of Commercial Drones and Their Potential Violations of Individual Rights
    Andrew Fede
  • B36   Christopher Lynch – Jurisprudence, Law and Society B.A.
    Beyond the War on Drugs: Moving Away from Criminal Enforcement of Drug Law Infractions
    Andrew Fede
  • B38   Ainsworth Ebanks Jr. – Jurisprudence, Law and Society B.A.
    Opioid Abstract
    David Stuehr
  • B39   Shirley Pezantes – Jurisprudence, Law and Society B.A.
    Assessing the Legal Obligation and Impact of the Federal Government on Financial Bailout’s during Economic Crisis
    David Stuehr, Shirley
  • B40   Jelisah Armand – Jurisprudence, Law and Society B.A.
    The Penal Policies of the United States and Norway
    David Stuehr
  • B41   Carolina Fernandez – Jurisprudence, Law and Society B.A.
    Under the Obama administration was his executive action of the DACA program Constitutional?
    David Stuehr
  • B42   Madison Patel – Jurisprudence, Law and Society B.A.
    David Stuehr
  • B43   Jacob Szlachta – Jurisprudence, Law and Society B.A.
    The Role of Legislation in the Mafia’s Rise to Power
    David Stuehr
  • B44   Christopher Citro – Jurisprudence, Law and Society B.A.
    Net Neutrality around the Globe
    Prof.David Stuehr
  • B45   Erika Bernal – Marine Biology and Coastal Sciences Major, Combined B.S./M.S. B.S.
    Zooplankton Community Structure from Two New Jersey Estuaries
    Paul Bologna
  • B46   Joshua Nieve-Silva – Mathematics Major, Mathematics Education Concentration with Teacher Certification in Mathematics Preschool – Grade 12) B.S.
    The Symbiotic Interactions Studied between Honeybees and Flowering Plants
    Baojun Song
  • B47   Phillip Pender – Mathematics Major, Mathematics of Finance Concentration B.S.
    Application of Matrix Methods in Financial Risk Analysis
    Aihua Li, Holly Caldes
  • B48   William Anderson – Mathematics, Pure & Applied Mathematics Concentration, Combined B.S. Math/M.S. M.S.
    On the application of an enthalpy method to the evolution of fluvial deltas under sea-level changes
    Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba, Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba, Vaughan Voller
  • B49   Tori Zirul – Molecular Biology M.S.
    The Effects of Curcumin-like Hispolons on HSV-1 Infection
    Sandra Adams, Zirul, Tori
  • B50   Teona McDuffie – Molecular Biology B.S.
    Antiviral activity of EGCG-S on Sindbis virus infection of Vero cells
    Dr. Sandra Adams
  • B52   Gerard Nasser – Molecular Biology B.S.
    The Aerosolization of Bacteriophage as a Disinfectant
    Kirstin Monsen
  • B53   Patrycja Marin – Molecular Biology B.S.
    Molecular Detection of Ranavirus
    Kristen Monsen
  • B54   Allyssa Angel – Molecular Biology B.S.
    Development of a Rapid, DNA-Based In-Field Test for Detection of Ranavirus, an Emerging Frog Disease Vector
    Nina Goodey, Aysia Blake
  • B55   Tony Elias – Molecular Biology B.S.
    Investigation of the antiviral effects of Embelin on Herpes simplex virus Type 1 in Cultured Cells.
    Sandra Adams
  • B56   Gerard Nasser – Molecular Biology B.S.
    The Aerosolization of Bacteriophage as a Disinfectant
    Sandra Adams
  • B57   Nicole Troy – Psychology M.A.
    Perception of Adolescent Maturity isn’t Black and White
    John Paul Wilson
  • B59   Christopher Snyder – Public Health, Community Health Education Concentration M.P.H.
    Chronic Sleep Deprivation in an Adolescent Urban Population
    Hannah Helmy
  • B60   Alejandra Kaplan – Public Health, Community Health Education Concentration M.P.H.
    “You have to choose either one or the other”: A Retrospective Analysis of First Sex and Coming Out Among Young Bisexual Adults
    Lisa Lieberman, Lisa Lieberman PhD., Eva Goldfarb PhD., Paul Santos MPH
  • B61   Marcelo P Vargas Banos – Public Health, Community Health Education Concentration M.P.H.
    Understanding the Determinants of Breast Cancer Screening Among African American Women Using the Social Ecological Model SEM)
    Marcelo P Vargas Banos Dr. Hannah Helmy
  • B62   Natalie Strucinski – Public Health, Community Health Education Concentration M.P.H.
    “There’s Nothing to do Here”: Challenges and Barriers to Employment in a Deindustrialized City
    Tamara Leech
  • B63   Nicole Provost – Sustainability Science, Combined B.S./M.S. M.S.
    New Jersey American Water: Water Demand and the Dependence on Reservoir Water Quality
    Meiyin Wu
  • B64   Elizabeth Grietzer – Biology, Ecology & Evolution Concentration M.S.
    The Study and Analysis of Historic Allegheny Woodrat Neotoma magister) Sites
    Randall FitzGerlad
Break (12:30 – 1:00 pm)

Grab some refreshments in the 7th floor conference area, where posters are setup, and mingle with participants and colleagues!

Oral Panel B (1:00 - 2:00 pm)
Populism, Democracy, and Social Movements (CHSS – 7)
Moderator: Brad Forenza | Room: UNIV 2007
Pierre Avalos – Law and Governance (M.A.)
Resolving the Populist Paradox
Ian Drake
Allison Scott – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
Art Isn’t Easy…And Neither is Democracy
Andrew Fede
Brian Courtney – Political Science Major (B.A.)
Catalonia and the Unlikelihood of Independence
Mishella Romo
Robert Welch – Music
The Sounds of Revolution: Rethinking How We Hear Change
Tony Spanakos
Ethnic Conflicts and Political Realities (CHSS – 9)
Moderator: Vikash Singh | Room: UNIV 2009
Kyle Novis – Religious Studies Major (B.A.)
China’s Identity Crisis: Iconoclasm as a Means of Transition
John Soboslai
Brian Milara – History Major (B.A.)
An Embrace of the Barbarians: Examining the Nanban Period and European Influence on Late Medieval Japan
John Olenik
Sam Milano-Sumalinog – Justice Studies Major, International Justice Concentration (B.A.)
How Ethnic War is Not So Ethnic After All
Gabriel Rubin
CSAM – 9
Moderator: Marc Favata | Room: UNIV 2010
Lita de la Cruz – Physics Major, Astronomy Concentration (B.S.)
Gravitational wave memory from supernova explosions
Marc Favata
Kevin Chen – Physics Major (B.S.)
Comparing gravitational-wave memory waveforms
Marc Favata, Matthew Karlson, Kevin Barkett, Mark Scheel
Matthew Karlson – Mathematics, Pure & Applied Mathematics Concentration (M.S.)
Gravitational-Wave Memory from Coalescing Black Holes and Neutron Stars
Marc Favata
Educational Evaluation (CEHS – 1)
Moderator: Ryan Delgado | Room: UNIV 2042
Marisa MacDonnell – Family Studies (Ph.D.)
A process approach to evaluation: Using the Systems Evaluation Protocol (SEP) and a pilot study to select and organize measures for the Inspiring Purpose outcome evaluation
Jennifer Urban, Laren Gama, Jennifer Brown Urban, Miriam R. Linver
Rachael Doubledee – Family Studies (Ph.D.)
Measuring the development of adolescent cognition: A holistic approach
Miriam Linver, Derek Morgan, Miriam Linver, Jennifer Urban
Lisa Chauveron – Family Studies (Ph.D.)
The Underrepresented voice in evaluation: The stakeholder (Yes, we mean ALL of them!)
Miriam Linver, Megan Groner, Satabdi Samtani, Miriam R. Linver, Jennifer Brown Urban
Rachael Doubledee – Family Studies (Ph.D.)
Extending the Golden Spike to include evidence and practice mapping of Boy Scouts of America
Jennifer Urban, Derek Morgan, Anna Maria Gilgar, Lauren Gama, Johanna S. Quinn, E. Danielle Roberts, Miriam R. Linver, Jennifer Brown Urban
Power, Voice, and Narrative (CHSS – 8)
Moderator: Naomi Liebler | Room: UNIV 3012
Joseph Glinbizzi – English Major (B.A.)
More than Meets the Eye: The Ghosts and Existential Revelation in ‘The Turn of the Screw’
Monika Elbert
Christine Marroquin – Spanish (M.A.)
The power and impotence of the author in Celestina and other controversial works
Raul Galoppe
Brian Coldon – Latin Major (B.A.)
An Academic Analysis of The Kingkiller Chronicles
Glen Gill
Bethany Kisser – English Major (B.A.)
The Ethics Behind Deceit in Hamlet, Othello, and King Lear
Naomi Liebler
CSAM – 7
Moderator: Aihua Li | Room: UNIV 3046
Giancarlo Labruna – Mathematics, Pure & Applied Mathematics Concentration, Combined B.S. Math/M.S. (M.S.)
Magic Squares of Squares over Finite Fields
Aihua Li
Yevgeniy Sokolovskiy – Mathematics, Pure & Applied Mathematics Concentration (M.S.)
Magic Squares of Cubes modulo a prime number
Aihua Li
Jhonny Almeida – Mathematics, Pure & Applied Mathematics Concentration (M.S.)
Interlace Polynomials of Chorded Graphs
Aihua Li
Katherine Ruddy – Mathematics Major (B.S.)
Search For a Nearest Positive Definite Matrix
Aihua Li
Visions of the African Diaspora (CHSS – 4)
Moderator: Emily Isaacs | Room: UNIV 3048
Max McMahon – English Major (B.A.)
Authenticity of Sentiment
Patricia Matthew
Marie-Esther Buh – English Major (B.A.)
Shortcomings of Post-colonial Literature on the African story
Grover Furr
Sarah Dimichino – English Major (B.A.)
Erring Zeal in Hannah More’s “Slavery, a Poem”
Patricia Matthew
The Psychology of Race (CHSS – 5)
Moderator: Milton Fuentes | Room: UNIV 3050
Janelle Copek – Industrial and Organizational Psychology (M.A.)
Measures of Race, Ethnicity, and Colorism in Research
Milton Fuentes, Blenda Alexandre, Andrea Funes Valencia, Drew Weinstein, Agnieszka Wozniak, Milton Fuentes
Diana Khoury – Psychology Major (B.A.)
The Impact of Skin Color and Colorism on Psychological Phenomena
Milton Fuentes
Harry Mejia – Psychology Major (B.A.)
Measuring Skin Color: What Has Been Done In The Past?
Milton Fuentes, Pablo Nunez, Milton Fuentes
Blenda Alexandre – School Psychologist, Educational Services Certification
Gender Differences in Racial Microaggression Among Black Students
Sandra Lewis, Brittany Wesnitzer, Lucinda Harris
Ethics, Religion, and the Law (CHSS – 10)
Moderator: Maisa Taha | Room: UNIV 3054
Joseph Mettle – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
Climate Change, Global Warming and the First Amendment
Dave Stuehr
min lee – Religious Studies Major (B.A.)
The roles of objectivity and subjectivity in religious ethics
john soboslai
Katelyn Meece – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
The revolution of transnational criminal justice: An analysis and examination of the intricacies of the International Criminal Court
Andrew Fede
Jillian Royal – Justice Studies Major, International Justice Concentration (B.A.)
Religion in the Law
Gabriel Rubin
Juveniles, Risk, and the Criminal Justice System (CHSS – 6)
Moderator: Jason Williams | Room: UNIV 4048
Jazmine King – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
PTSD, A Justifiable Defense in the Courts of Law?
Jazmine King, Jazmin eKing
Justin George – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
Juvenile Confinement: Constitutional Standards and it’s Psychological Implications
Andrew Fede
Tristin Faust – Clinical Psychology, Clinical Forensic Psychology Concentration (M.A.)
The Potential Relevance of Correctional Rehabilitation Principles for Higher Education
Christopher King, Jessica Mattera, Kaitlyn Komar,Alma Munoz-Enriquez, Christopher King
Dan Petreeko – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
Special Education: Are these students the unnoticed connection behind the ‘Pipeline to Prison’?
Andrew Fede
Oral Panel C (2:15 - 3:15 pm)
New Definitions of Space, Place, and Security (CHSS – 13)
Moderator: Elizabeth Wishnick | Room: UNIV 1050
Jason Chong – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
Space Law: The Battle for Ownership
Andrew Fede
Rolando Nunez – Political Science Major (B.A.)
Cyber Warfare a Non-Traditional Threat to State Security
Elizabeth Wishnick, None
Amir Botros – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
Patenting Fire: Law and Jurisprudence in cyberspace
David Stuehr
Jasmin Rodriguez – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
Illegal Transboundary Movement of E-Waste to India
Elizabeth Wishnick
Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Legalities (CHSS – 14)
Moderator: Emily Isaacs | Room: UNIV 2006
Daniel Ishak – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
Does restricting the use of public bathrooms to those who identify with their gender-at-birth violate the civil rights of transgendered individuals?
Daniel Ishak
Beatrice Everett – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.) (Combined B.A./M.A. Law and Governance)
Gestational Surrogacy and Infertility: Personal Dilemma and Blessing in Disguise
Caroline Koboska – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.) (Combined B.A./M.A. Law and Governance)
Embryo Litigation: The Legal Categorization of Embryos as Protected Humans or Property
Andrew Fede
Katherine DeMarco – Political Science Major (B.A.)
Understanding Conditions for LGBTQ Rights Movements
Mishella Romo
CSAM – 6
Moderator: Nina Goodey & Pankaj Lal | Room: UNIV 2008
Diane Hagmann – Environmental Management (Ph.D.)
Identification of Organic Compounds at Liberty State Park
Nina Goodey, Matthew Cheung, Dr. Michael Kruge, Dr. Jennifer Krumins
Bhagyashree Vaidya – Environmental Management (Ph.D.)
Nina Goodey, Diane Hagmann, Jennifer Krumins, Nina Goodey
Meghann Smith – Environmental Management (Ph.D.)
Customer Perception and Behaviors Regarding Sustainable Production Practices for Wine, Beer, and Cider
Pankaj Lal
Robert Oleksy – Environmental Management (Ph.D.)
Protecting Public Health, Safety and the Environment: The Capabilities and Limitations of Privatizing State Remedial Programs
Pankaj Lal
CSAM – 1
Moderator: Marc Favata | Room: UNIV 2010
Kevin Santiago – Physics Major (B.S.)
Non-contact magnetic control of a Michelson interferometer
Rodica Martin
Casey Kerkhof – Physics Major (B.S.)
Magneto-Optical Imaging for Visualizing Magnetic Patterns in Magnetic Materials
Rodica Martin
Anthony Mannino – Physics Major, with Teacher Certification in Physics (Preschool through Grade 12) (B.S.)
Characterization of a magneto-elastic sensor for remote excitation of a Michelson interferometer
Rodica Martin
Valerie Avendano – Physics Major (B.S.)
Magneto-Optical Materials for Faraday Isolators in Future Gravitational Wave Detectors
Rodica Martin, Xavier Euceda
CSAM – 5
Moderator: Jack Gaynor, Greg Pope, & Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba | Room: UNIV 2021
Jonathan Medina – Molecular Biology (M.S.)
Evidence of Pogo Transposable Elements in the Atlantic Bay Nettle
John J. Gaynor Paul A.X. Bologna
Samiyah Roberts – Geography Major, Environmental Studies Concentration (B.A.)
“Determining Spatial Variation in Lead Exposure in Newark Wards”
Gregory Pope
Daniel Ciarletta – Environmental Management (Ph.D.)
Decoding the Record of Shoreline Change in Beach Ridges: A Model Exploration and Field Comparison
Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba, Christopher Tenebruso, Justin Shawler, Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba, Christopher Hein
Dena Restain o – Environmental Management (Ph.D.)
Morphological and Molecular Variations in the Invasive Hydrozoan, Gonionemus vertens
Paul Bologna, John J. Gaynor, Paul A. X. Bologna
Policy Issues around Gender and Violence (CHSS – 15)
Moderator: Raul Galoppe | Room: UNIV 2032
Michelle Ruiz-Fequiere – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
What are the contributing factors to the increase in women incarceration rates when compared to their male counterparts.
Andrew Fede
Betty Ruiz – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
Sexual Assault on College Campuses
Andrew Fede
Joyce Castro – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
Should the Family and Medical Leave Act be Restructured?
Andrew Fede
Mavelyn Boza – Jurisprudence, Law and Society B.A.
An interdisciplinary Discourse on sexual assault and culture norms on Universities
Andrew Fede
Transnational Conflicts, Peace, and Interventions (CHSS – 17)
Moderator: Elizabeth Emery | Room: UNIV 2048
Edward Cullen – History Major (B.A.)
US Intervention in Yugoslavia and Iraq: The American Foreign Policy Objectives in Recent Foreign Interventions
Mishella Romo
Vincent Ferrara – Political Science Major (B.A.)
How to Solve The North Korean Nuclear Threat: SDI
Mishella Romo Rivas
Mohamed Ahmed – Political Science Major (B.A.)
Palestinian Pride: A Realist View of Making Peace
Mishella Romo
CSAM – 4
Moderator: Henk Eshuis & Yvonne Gindt | Room: UNIV 2048
Julianna Chedid – Chemistry Major (B.S.)
Trifluoromethylation of Boronic Acids using Photocatalysis and Copper Catalysis
Henk Eshuis
Kimberly Fabijanczuk – Biochemistry Major (B.S.)
Mechanistic Study of Free Radical Activated Glycan Dissociation by 13C Labeled Cellobiose
Jinshan Gao, Kaylee Gaspar, Jose Acosta, Nathaniel Adomako, Tara Otegui
Amanda Kuerzi – Chemistry, Biochemistry Concentration (M.S.)
Elucidation of Substrate Binding to Photolyase from Sulfolobus solfataricus Using Isothermal Titration Calorimetry
Yvonne Gindt
Surveillance, Civil Society, and Governance (CHSS – 16)
Moderator: Tony Spanakos | Room: UNIV 3002
Rade Trajanoski – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
Striking Balance Between Security and Privacy: The Constitutionality of the NSA’s Mass Surveillance Program
David Stuehr
Lauren Haberstroh – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
Regulating the Internet: The Effects of Net Neutrality Legislation on the American End-User
Andrew Fede
Michael Zitz – Jurisprudence, Law and Society Major (B.A.)
Crowding Out: The effect of Government funding on Nonprofit Organizations
Ian Drake
CSAM – 10
Moderator: Eric Forgoston & Haiyan Su | Room: UNIV 3009
Kristin Carfora – Mathematics, Pure & Applied Mathematics Concentration (M.S.)
Seasonal Switching Affects Bacterial-Fungal Dominance in an Ecological System
Eric Forgoston, Jennifer Krumins, Eric Forgoston
Alexa Aucoin – Mathematics, Pure & Applied Mathematics Concentration (M.S.)
Inertial Particle Dynamics and Coherent Structures in Geophysical Fluid Flows
Eric Forgoston
Dunia Fernandez – Mathematics Major (B.S.)
Preventing Secondary Extinctions in Trophic Networks
Eric Forgoston
Yasmin Hussein – Mathematics Major (B.S.)
Analysis of Staples Data
Haiyan Su
Knowledge and Aesthetics in Ancient Societies (CHSS – 12)
Moderator: Naomi Liebler | Room: UNIV 3012
Carley Twigg – General Humanities Major (B.A.)
Temple Refinements of Ancient Greece
Deborah Aryamontri, Carley Twigg
Saleemah Sharpe – Theatre Studies Major (B.A.)
“Running Out Of Time” the Ancient Way
Deborah Aryamontri, N/A
Joseph Nartey – General Humanities Major (B.A.)
Ancient Techno in Theater Acoustics.
Deborah Chatr Aryamontri
CSAM – 8
Moderator: Eileen Murray & Aihua Li | Room: UNIV 3054
Zareen Rahman – Mathematics Education (PhD)
Adjunct Instructor Learning through Engagement with a Research-based Mathematics Curriculum
Eileen Murray
Ceire Monahan – Mathematics Education (PhD)
Conceptions of Creativity in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Mika Munakata, Mika Munakata, Ashwin Vaidya, Erin Krupa
Kateryna Kaplun – Statistics (M.S.)
A Statistical Approach for Measuring Controversy in Online News
Aihua Li
Manish Puri – Computer Science (M.S.)
Linking Ordinances to Tweets with Multiple Smart City Characteristics
Aparna Varde, Manish Puri, Xu Du, Aparna Varde
Cognitive Psychology through the Life Course (CHSS – 11)
Moderator: Brad Forenza | Room: UNIV 4048
Brianna Morrell – Clinical Psychology, Child/Adolescent Clinical Psychology Concentration (M.A.)
Spatial Decision Making
Yingying (Jennifer) Yang, Yingying (Jennifer) Yang
William Pepe – Psychology (M.A.)
Comprehension of Spatial Prepositions in 18 and 24-Month-Old Infants
Dr. Laura Lakusta, William Pepe, Julia Wefferling, Yasmin Hussein
Melanie Lawrie – Psychology (M.A.)
Measuring Early emergence of Self-Awareness in Infants Using Eye-tracking.
Laura Lakusta, Briana Goncalves, Julian P. Keenan, Laura Lakusta
Poster Session C (3:30 - 4:30 pm)
  • C1   Olga Litvinova – Applied Linguistics M.A.
    Emotional Use of L2
    Eileen Fitzpatrick
  • C2   Kaylee Gaspar – Biochemistry B.S.
    Development of 3rd Generation Free Radical Initiated Peptide Sequencing FRIPS) Reagent for Peptide Characterization
    Jinshan Gao, Kimberly Fabijanczuk
  • C3   Urja Gandhi – Biochemistry B.S.
    Impact of Temperature on the Purity of Dihydrofolate reductase from Escherichia coli
    Nina Goodey, Shrutiben Patel, Marina Aziz
  • C4   Mohamad Abboud – Biochemistry B.S.
    Temperature Dependent Inhibition of Dihydrofolate Reductase by Methotrexate
    Nina Goodey, Michael Soryal, Roza Kalabekova
  • C5   Asia Wildeman – Biochemistry B.S.
    Investigation of Trehalose on Protein Stability
    Yvonne Gindt
  • C6   Eric Pavlica – Molecular Biology B.S.
    Method Development of CYP2S1 Reduction Potential Investigation
    Jaclyn Catalano, Natalia Reis, Jazime Prana, Jaclyn Catalano
  • C7   Mihal Grinberg – Biology B.S.
    Zebrafish as a Model Organism for Ovarian Specific Expression of Transgenes
    Carlos Molina
  • C8   Clara Maldonado – Biology B.S.
    Ubiquitin in Brugia Malayi
    John Siekierka, Tamara Kreiss, Agnieszka Chojnowaski
  • C9   Kamayel Jaludi – Biology B.S.
    Treating Prosthetic Joint Infections Using Green Tea Polyphenol EGCG-S
    Lee Lee, Shanice Otieno, Shant Khatchadourian
  • C10   Juan Grajales – Biology B.S.
    Identification of Sequence Variants in The Pathogen Ranavirus
    Kirsten Monsen-Collar, Kevan Doyles
  • C11   Grishma Patel – Chemistry M.S.
    Impact of Inquiry Biochemistry Laboratory Environment on Students’ Laboratory Math Skills
    Nina Goodey, Nina M. Goodey
  • C12   Alexandra Rodriguez – Chemistry B.S.
    Electrochemical Exploration Of Graphene Oxide
    Glen O’Neil
  • C13   Jordyn Janusz – Chemistry B.S.
    Single Nanoparticle Investigation for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
    Glen O’Neil
  • C14   Ruthie Nguyentran – Nutrition and Food Science Major, Food Systems Concentration B.S.
    New Jersey Farmers and Direct-to-Consumer Markets: Improving Food Access?
    Renata Blumberg
  • C15   Bayan Hassan – Chemistry B.S.
    Release of Methotrexate from Dihydrofolate in the Presence and Absence of Cofactor NADPH
    Nina Goodey
  • C16   Haitham Zeidan – Chemistry B.S.
    Identification of inhibitors of the murine malarial parasite, Plasmodium Berghei, cGMP-dependent protein kinase G PbPKG)
    Tamara Kreiss, Tamara Kreiss, Agnieszka Chojnowski, Clara Maldonado, David Rotella, John Siekierka
  • C17   Alexandra Gasbarro – Clinical Psychology, Child/Adolescent Clinical Psychology Concentration M.A.
    Cross-Informant Ratings of Parenting Behaviors and Relations to Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms in School-Age Children
    Jeremy Fox, Bethany Kisser
  • C18   Alyssa Skye Indri – Communication Sciences and Disorders, Speech Language Pathology Concentration M.A.
    Exploring READ 180: A Research-Based Intervention Tool for Struggling Readers in Grades 4-12
    Lesley Sylvan
  • C20   Sarah Phillips – Psychology M.A.
    Language Performance in Bilingual and Monolingual Toddlers with Autism
    Peter Vietze, Heather Jung, Peter Vietze
  • C21   Sarah Kromka – Communication Sciences and Disorders, Speech Language Pathology Concentration M.A.
    Circle of Friends CoF): Reducing Bullying Through Language and Social Skills Intervention
    Lesley Sylvan
  • C22   Jennifer Fratangelo – Communication Sciences and Disorders, Speech Language Pathology Concentration M.A.
    Self-Esteem and Social-Emotional Development in Children Diagnosed with Speech and Language Disorders
    Lesley Sylvan
  • C23   Adriana Calderon – English B.A.
    Spatial Analysis of Fast Food Restaurants and Socioeconomic Status
    Greg Pope
  • C24   Anthony Bevacqua – Environmental Management Ph.D.
    Coastal Vulnerability of New Jersey
    Danlin Yu
  • C25   Sana Mirza – Environmental Management Ph.D.
    Behavior and Transport of N and P in Newark Bay, New Jersey
    Huan Feng, Jing Nie
  • C26   Daniel Ciarletta – Environmental Management Ph.D.
    Novel Barrier Island Retreat Behaviors Arising from Increasing Rates of Sea Level Rise
    Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba, Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba, Andrew Ashton
  • C27   Jesse Kolodin – Environmental Management Ph.D.
    A Coupled Geo-Economic Model of Artificial Berm-Dune Management along New Jersey’s Coastline: An Empirical Hedonic-Approach
    Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba, Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba, Chris Tenebruso
  • C28   Yaritza Acosta-Caraballo – Environmental Management Ph.D.
    Phytoplankton Assemblages in Selected Freshwaters of New Jersey
    Meiyin Wu, Meiyin Wu
  • C29   Lisa Johnson – Environmental Management Ph.D.
    Measuring the Effectiveness of Business Improvement Districts BIDs) as a Standard and Model for Sustainability Design and Economic Growth
    Robert Taylor
  • C30   Antonia Olejnikova – Geography Major with Teacher Certification in Social Studies Preschool-Grade 12) B.A.
    Comparison of Cosolvents with EcPL
    Yvonne Gindt
  • C31   Anthony Doviak – Geography Major, Environmental Studies Concentration B.A.
    The Effects of Soil Characteristics Due to Infrastructure
    Greg Pope
  • C32   Alana Trabucco – Geography Major, Environmental Studies Concentration B.A.
    Effects of a Chronic Illness on Young Adults
    Gregory Pope, Alana Trabucco
  • C33   Jermaine Vassel – Industrial Design B.F.A.
    RUBBLE-TECH: Earthquake Search & Rescue Devices
    Denis Feigler
  • C34   William Borland – Industrial Design B.F.A.
    Voyager Backpacking Stove
    Dr. Denis Feigler, William Borland
  • C35   Ryan Nicolosi – Information Technology B.S.
    Collecting mobility patterns in remote locations with mesh network sensors
    Christopher Leberknight, Eric Maso
  • C36   Ryan Nicolosi – Information Technology B.S.
    Developing and deploying a medically accurate mobile application for individuals interested in autism spectrum disorder and other mental challenges
    Katherine Herbert
  • C37   Janel Brown – Linguistics B.A.
    Vowels of Jamaican Creole Patois) and Jamaican English
    Jonathan Howell
  • C38   Melissa Mazzaro – Marine Biology and Coastal Sciences B.S.
    Biomonitoring the Water Quality of the Third River Using Benthic Macroinvertebrates
    Meiyin Wu
  • C39   Megan Roeder – Mathematics Education PhD
    Collaboration in Planning and Analyzing Mathematics Instruction Using TRU
    Eileen Murray, Victoria Bonaccorso, Gurkan Kose
  • C40   Adam Anderson – Mathematics Education PhD
    Children’s Topological Thinking
    Steven Greenstein
  • C41   Cheyenne Petzold – Mathematics B.S.
    Modeling Discrete Time Series Using Lucas Numbers
    Aihua Li
  • C42   Joseph DeGaetani – Mathematics, Pure & Applied Mathematics Concentration M.S.
    Candy Sharing Games
    Deepak Bal, Deepak Bal
  • C43   Patricia Charneco – Molecular Biology B.S.
    A Survey of Mathematical Models in Cancer Research
    Amir Golnabi, Huma Karim
  • C44   Dena Alsurakhi – Molecular Biology B.S.
    Temperature and pH Dependence on Enzymatic Activity of A82F F87A Mutant and Wild-type Cytochrome P450 BM3
    Jaclyn Catalano, Sally Sedar, Louiza Dahnoun, Kevan Doyles
  • C45   Christian Navarro – Molecular Biology B.S.
    The Effect of Moisture on Plant Growth and Enzyme Activity in Heavy Metal Contaminated Soils
    Jennifer Krumins, Diane Hagmann, Nina Goodey, Jennifer Adams Krumins
  • C46   Hendrick Minnow – Product Design B.F.A.
    Foldable Cart for Street Vendors in NYC
    David Farrage
  • C47   Katherine Gutt – Product Design B.F.A.
    Skincare System
    David Farrage
  • C48   Jovaine Brown – Product Design B.F.A.
    DePendant Self Defense Device
    David Farrage Denis Feigler
  • C49   Christopher Weiss – Product Design B.F.A.
    Think it Make it
    Denis Feigler
  • C50   Marc Nucci – Product Design B.F.A.
    Future Hockey Skate
    Denis Feigler
  • C51   Marco Fontana – Product Design B.F.A.
    Car Jack Ramp
    Denis Feigler
  • C52   Max Hines – Product Design B.F.A.
    Ski and Snowboard Dynamic Headgear
    Denis Feigler
  • C53   Jamee Martin – Product Design B.F.A.
    Water allocation system
    jamee martin
  • C54   Andrew Wolfarth – Psychology M.A.
    Interactions of Grammatical Aspect and Event Duration in Sentence Processing
    David Townsend, David Townsend
  • C55   Gregory Hoffmann – Psychology M.A.
    Effects of Temporal Adverbial Duration on Verb Interpretation
    David Townsend, David Townsend
  • C56   Stephanie Canete – Psychology M.A.
    Parental Warmth as a Moderator of Parental Control and Anxiety Symptoms in School-Aged Children
    Jeremy Fox, Melissa Sital, B.A., Jeremy K. Fox, Ph.D.
  • C57   Alexis Grant – Psychology M.A.
    Individual Differences in Handedness in the Processing of Garden Path Sentences
    Ruth Propper, Ruth Propper, Alexis Grant, Ryan King
  • C58   Ryan Brady – Psychology B.A.
    Personality Characteristics, Anger, and Job-Relevant Admissions Among Urban Police Applicants
    Christopher King, Anastasia Hagel, Lissette Labol, Joseph Faulborn, Brianna Doerflein, Nicole Rafanello, Christopher King
  • C59   Marissa London – Psychology B.A.
    Role of Grammatical Aspect vs. Lexical Aspect in Sentence Comprehension
    David Townsend
  • C60   Kyla Izquierdo – Psychology B.A.
    Social Media and Eating Disorders
    Jazmin Reyes-Portillo
  • C61   Samantha Farese – Psychology B.A.
    18 Month Old Categorization of Inanimate Goal Events
    Laura Lakusta, Melanie Lawrie
  • C62   Justin Ramlackhan – Sociology B.A.
    “Where’s Grandpa Gonna Go?”: An Analysis of American Views Toward the Elderly Living with Children
    Sangeeta Parashar
  • C63   Carolina Lemanski – Sustainability Science B.S.
    Monitoring Impacts of Dam Removal
    Joshua Galster
  • C64   Mitul Rana – Chemistry B.S.
    Development of inhibitors of P. falciparum cGMP dependent protein kinase PfPKG) for malaria chemoprevention
    David Rotella, Sreedhar Tummalapalli, Huimin Cheng, Shams Mahmood