2017 Schedule

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University Hall Grand Hallway, 1st Floor
1:30 - 2:30 pm Oral and Multimedia Presentations Block A View Presentations in this Session

CSAM: Undergraduate Award Nominees 2012

Dr. Teo Paoletti

Illegal Dumping of Garbage in New Jersey Parks Francisco Bautista Greg Pope
Glycan Quantitation and Characterization via Free Radical Isobaric Aldehyde-Reactive Tags Kaylee Gaspar Jinshan Gao Kimberly Fabijanczuk, Trang Do, Jose Acosta, Nathaniel Adomako
Technological Influence on Homework Help Kenechukwu Ochibili Hubert Johnson
ICER Knockout Angelo Cirinelli Carlos Molina

CSAM: Current Issues in Environmental Management 2013

Dr. Pankaj Lal

Protecting Public Health, Safety and the Environment Robert Oleksy Pankaj Lal
Contingent Valuation of Green Infrastructure in Elizabeth, New Jersey Taylor Wieczerak Pankaj Lal Bernebas Wolde, Christopher Marinello
Switchgrass Adoption Under Uncertainty Pralhad Burli Pankaj Lal Eric Forgoston, Lora Billings, Bernabas Wolde
Using contingent valuation to estimate willingness to pay for alternative funding for forest conservation on an oceanic island Pricila Iranah Pankaj Lal
The Carbon Cost of Emerald Ash Borer in New Jersey Erik Lyttek Pankaj Lal
Heuristic meta evaluation of peer reviewed papers on coastal cities’ resilience to flooding Gia Nguyen Pankaj LalGia Huynh, Truong Nguyen

CSAM: Math and Physics 2046

Dr. Marc Favata

Graphic pKa Indexes and the Phylogenetic Analysis of Chagas Disease Vectors Katherine Ruddy Aihua Li
Graphing Rules Or Conventions? Teachers' Understandings Zareen Rahman Teo Paoletti Madhavi Vishnubhotla, Ceire Monahan, Erell Febgermia
Comparing Graphs: School Math Textbooks, STE Textbooks and Journals Madhavi Vishnubhotla Teo Paoletti Zareen Rahman, Justin Seventko, Debasmita Basu
Gravitational-wave "sounds" from supernova explosions Lita de la Cruz Marc Favata Kevin Chen
Gravitational-wave "sounds" from spinning neutron stars and stochastic background noise Kevin Chen Marc Favata Lita De La Cruz

CHSS: Social Conflicts (Award Nominees) 3002

Dr. Sangeeta Parashar

Exploring Women's Rights in the Developing World Jillian Royal Gabriel Rubin
Black Students' Everyday Experiences WithRacial Microaggressions Zaria Raymond Sandra Lewis Corey Ford-Graham
Black Students Coping With Racial Microaggressions in Everyday Life Corey Ford-Graham Sandra Lewis Zaria Raymond

CHSS: Children and Youth 3010

Dr. Laura Lakusta

Unaccompanied Child Migrants and the Current Immigration System Stephanie Petingi Ian Drake
Comprehension of Spatial Prepositions in 18-Month-Olds Michelle Indarjit Laura Lakusta Jennifer Rossel
The New Jersey Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act: A Legal Analysis and the Role of Speech Codes in Public Universities Matthew Bosque Ian Drake

CHSS: Healthcare 3048

Dr. Tony Spanakos

Mental Health Patients in the Prison System: Preventing recidivism by the use of cognitive psychology during incarceration before re-entry to the community Barbara Singh Avram Segall
Healthcare and Religious Liberty: Adjudicating Substantial Burdens Cyrus Salimi Avram Segall
Epidemics of Smallpox in the Acadian Expulsion of the Seven Years' War: Jonathan Zipf Jeff Strickland

CART: Gender Images and Political Commentary in Arts and Media 3054

Dr. Ronald Sharps

Dance as Social Comment: Alvin Ailey's Masekela Language Jamelaih Cunningham Elizabeth McPherson
Janeway as Maternal Protector: Selflessness and Self-Sacrifice in Star Trek: Voyager Rosanna O'Brien Marylou Naumoff
The Intersectionality of Feminism and Dance Jackie Kosoff Neil Baldwin
The Makings of Women of Color From a Media Perspective Makeba Green N/A
Twelfth Night: Gender in Performance Christl Stringer Jessica Brater

SBUS: Business and Economics 4050

Dr. Shintaro Sato

Analysis of Purchase Behavior in Health & Beauty Products Sana Ajaj Patrali Chatterjee Hana Mershon
It's All Patches Faith Cross Archana Kumar Jenniffer Molina
Leveraging the Complex Consumer Decision Journey using Social Media Marketing Strategy Nicholas William Manveer Mann

CEHS: Teaching and Educational Practice 4052

Dr. Erik Jacobson

Ideal self, goal setting, and expectations of success: Applying Eccles' Expectancy Value Model to a sample of Scottish youth Marisa MacDonnell Miriam Linver Marisa MacDonnell, Jennifer Brown Urban, Satabdi Samtani
Blurring the Lines: Negotiating the Position of Teacher Leader Theodore Graham Douglas Larkin
Teachers' experiences with and perspectives on implementing Inspire Aspire: A qualitative analysis to inform research and practice Derek Morgan Jennifer Urban Monica Glina, Miriam Linver
A qualitative analysis of the Inspire > Aspire values poster program: A multi-tiered approach to analyzing teacher and student interviews Marisa MacDonnell Jennifer Urban Monica Glina, Lauren Gama, Victoria Illnick, Miriam Linver
Developing the next generation of engaged youth through character education Rachael Doubledee Jennifer Urban Miriam Linver
The Science Teaching Force in Essex County NJ Catherine Gaynor Douglas Larkin
2:35 - 3:35 pm Oral and Multimedia Presentations Block B
View Presentations in this Session

CSAM: Graduate Award Nominees 2012

Dr. Clement Alo

The Mechanism of Inhibition of Botulinum Neurotoxin Type A Light Chain by Two Quinolinol Compounds Yacoba Vroom Teschemaker Minnow Nina Goodey Ronald Goldberg, Sreedhar S. Tummalapalli, David P. Rotella
Using Animated Contrasting Cases to Improve Procedural and Conceptual Knowledge in Geometry (AC2inG) Ceire Monahan Erin Krupa Justin Seventko
Capturing Climate Data in XML Scott Thompson Aparna Varde Jonathan Chen, Adam Schwartz

CSAM: Water Quality and Waste Management 2013

Dr. Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba

Phytoplankton Assemblages in Freshwaters of New Jersey Yaritza Acosta Caraballo Meiyin Wu
Urbanization impacts on water quality along the Passaic River and in Newark Bay Jing Nie Huan Feng
A Coastal Geo-Economic Model for Artificial Dune Management in New Jersey Jesse Kolodin Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba
Biochar and Water Treatment Residuals as a novel approach to urban stormwater runoff remediation Lisitai Yang Yang Deng
Groundwater, sediment and soil arsenic contamination in Araihazar, Bangladesh Nadia Jamil Huan Feng
Estimating Initial Potential Heads for a Transient Hydrological Model in the Passaic River Basin, New Jersey. Felix Oteng Clement Alo Duke Ophori

CSAM: Applied Math and Statistics 2046

Dr. Aihua Li

Joint Modelling of Longitudinal Measurements and Time-to-Event: Application to HIV/AIDS Study Mirna Halawani Haiyan Su
Stochastic Improvisation of Jazz Solos Tevin Rouse Bogdan Nita
Staples Problem Kateryna Kaplun Aihua Li Mara Olivares, Ricardo Ordonez, Titilayo Osho, Yuriany Torres
Search for Nearest Correlation Matrices to Guide Risk Management of Stock Activities Giancarlo Labruna Aihua Li Holly Caldes, Ashly Carpenter, Dunia Fernandez, Milijah Foster, Harold Maria, Katherine Ruddy
Mathematical Modeling of Upper Tolerance Limits for Metal Concentrations in Certain Regions Dominique Plutino Aihua Li Hana Nassar, Porzia Tambone, Ivan Olivera, Joshua Amato, Jerry Rivera, Phillip Johnson
Marketing Analysis of the Influence of Email Responses on DeBoer’s Auto Sales and Services Majlinda Sela Aihua Li Asisa Sanders, Ledion Lushaj, Kyle Pelling, Alyssa Prisco

CHSS: Law and Technology 3002

Dr. Ian Drake

Cyberspace Challenges that Supersede Sovereignty Pierre Avalos Ian Drake
The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age Mahnoor Waseem Avram Segall
Should You Pay for the Fast Lane? The Legalities and Economics of Network Neutrality Christopher Clement Ian Drake
Patent Trolls: Are They Helping or Hurting Our Economy? Talar Sahagian Avram Segall

CHSS: Security and International Issues 3010

Dr. Elizabeth Wishnick

Should the Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution restrict the actions of US state actors operating in Mexico? Melissa Sukniqi Ian Drake
Security Implications of Sex Trafficking in Mexico Stephanie Petingi Elizabeth Wishnick
Russia's HIV/AIDs Crisis Saodat Inagambaeva Elizabeth Wishnick
Terrorism in Southeast Asia Samuel Gundlach Elizabeth Wishnick

CHSS: Federalism and Government Regulation 3048

Dr. Avram Segall

Should the Federal Government regulate Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) as bookmaking? Henry Kabus Avram Segall
The Uncertainty of Dark Money in Politics Chandler Jacobs Avram Segall
Controversial Cannabis: Federalism at its Finest in the United States Jaden Jackson Avram Segall
Executive Orders: Navigating Uncharted Waters Harsharan Kaur Avram Segall

CART: Manipulation of Past and Future Realities through Arts and Media 3054

Dr. Ronald Sharps

Byzantine Religious Imagery as Political Propaganda Diana Eroglu Elizabeth Valdez del Álamo
Anicia Juliana and the Lost Temple Treasure of Jerusalem Ann Schnakenberg Elizabeth Valdez del Alamo
Globalization and Palestinian Media Nadia Abbas Joel Penney
Stepping Into The Future of Virtual Reality Catarina Rodrigues N/A
Smart Shopping Cart Jesus Barrales David Farrage

CEHS: Consumer Health Effects of Food and Diet 4050

Dr. Doug Murray

Artisanal Cider and the Craft Beverage Consumer Tourist Experience Meghann Smith Douglas Murray
The Association of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption and Body Mass Index of University Students Living On and Off Campus Tyler Marchei Lauren Dinour Kathleen Skrobala, Yeonkyung Bai
Lipophilic Green Tea Polyphenol (EGCG-S) as potential food preservatives Danxia Shi Charles Feldman
Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) as a Food Additive for Chocolate and its Effect on Streptococcus mutans Chia-Liang Huang Charles Feldman Simrit Sandhu
The effect of incorporating sprouted chickpea flour in pasta products analyzed by in vivo flow mediated dilation Joseph Bruno Adrian Kerrihard Evan L. Matthews, Charles Feldman
Filling the Plate for a Hungry Community in Need: The Montclair Community Farm's Mobile Farm Stand Ora Kemp Renata Blumberg

CEHS: Black Lives Matter - Affirming Blackness in Academia 4052

Dr. Meena Mahadevan

Black Lives Matter - Affirming Blackness in Academia Ebony White Muninder Ahluwalia Sailume Walo-Roberts, Tyce Nadrich
3:40 - 3:55 pm Refreshment Break
University Hall Conference Center, 7th Floor
4:00 - 5:00 pm Poster Session Block A
University Hall Conference Center, 7th Floor View Presentations in this Session
Forgetfulness and Handedness: The Cognitive Failure of Forgetfulness is Correlated with Strength, but Not Direction, of Handedness (A1) Alexis Grant Ruth Propper Ryan King
Effects of Aspect and Telicity on Sentence Comprehension in Young Adults (A2) Michelle Indarjit David Townsend
The Politics of Imgur and Expressions of Racist Discourse (A3) Kimberly Lynch Maisa Taha
Effects of lexical meaning on aspectual interpretation (A4) Gregory Hoffmann David Townsend
Relations Between Knowledge, Anxiety, and Distress in Children Undergoing Invasive Medical Procedures (A5) Bethany Kisser Jeremy Fox Janelle Copek, Alexandra Gasbarro, Leslie F. Halpern
Language and Arab Identity in Millennial Perspectives (A6) Hamna Khuld Maisa Taha
Do Light and Dark Environments Have Development-Associated Effects in Turkestan Cockroaches (Blatta lateralis)? (A7) Linda Ali Scott Kight
A Field Test of the Pollinator Pesticide Avoidance Hypothesis in Fallow Agricultural Fields (A8) Peter Cruz Scott Kight Nadiyah Folks, John M. Hranitz, John F. Barthell, Victor H. Gonzalez
Individual Differences in Handedness and Gender Effects in Motion Sickness Propensity (A9) Leanna Ward Ruth Propper
To Serve and Protect (A10) Suher Alsurakhi Ian Drake
Machine Learning Techniques for the Development of a Stratego Bot (A11) Eric Joyce Jing Peng
Juvenile Life Imprisonment in the United States: The Legal, Political and Psychological Dimensions of Children Sentenced to Life in Prison without Parole (A12) Emily Rovner Ian Drake
Precalculus Course-coordination and Adjunct Instructor Support (A13) Zareen Rahman Eileen Murray
The Journey of a Novice Qualitative Researcher in a Translingual Latino Family Class (TLFC) (A14) Diana Cedeno Katia Goldfarb
The Association of Parent-Child Closeness and Self-Concept on Future Outlook during Transition to Adulthood (A15) Jennifer Pax Miriam Linver
A Pilot Project to Map and Assess Montclair's Street Trees (A16) Norhan Omran Dirk Vanderklein Arianna Qira
Maximizing the number of homomorphisms into $V_k$ (A17) Kevin Weatherwalks Jonathan Cutler Andrew Palotto
The source-goal phenomenon in speech and gesture (A18) Rebecca Lotwich Natasha Abner Laura Lakusta
Autonomous Weapon Systems in War: Legal, Political, and Ethical Implications Autonomous Weapon Systems in War: Legal, Political, and Ethical Implications (A19) Ahmad Abutaaa Ian Drake
Looking at US Immigration through a Gender Lens (A20) Adriana Robles Ian Drake
Broken Windows Policing: Reducing Overall Crime in 'Hot Spot' Neighborhoods (A21) O'Brianah Spruill-Cobb Ian Drake
Individual Differences in Handedness Effects on Categorical versus Coordinate Spatial Processing (A22) Andrew Wolfarth Ruth Propper
Comparing College Student Leaders, Participants and Non-Participants: How do they differ on engagement, psycho-social development, career readiness and institutional satisfaction (A23) Nicole Alonso Valerie Sessa Quinn Knudsen
Lexical Stress Shifts in Homophonous Disyllabic Nonsense Words (A24) Matthew Kadish Jonathan Howell
Can Eye-Tracking Predict Attitudes Toward Visual Stimuli (A25) Joseph Melon Peter Vietze
Discrimination Experiences and Emotional Well-Being among Muslim American Students (A26) Petty Tineo Sarah Lowe Megan Young, Emma Opthof
Racial, ethnic, and neighborhood socioeconomic factors and cervical cancer screening behaviors of low-income women in New Jersey (A27) Alejandra Kaplan Stephanie Silvera
Exploring Angles Dynamically using Geometer's Sketchpad (A28) Erell Feb Germia Nicole Panorkou
Navigating Immigrant Parent-Child Relationships with Cultural Connections (A29) Carrie Bergeson Olena Nesteruk Diana Cabezas
The Distribution of Athletic Programs of New Jersey's Public High Schools (A30) Marcus Hammonds Greg Pope
Crime Rate in Newark (A31) Robert Clark Greg Pope
Graduation Rates In The United States (A32) Luis Vasquez Greg Pope
A Geo-economic Model to Explore Hard Structure Impacts on Coastal Evolution and Management (A33) Arye Janoff Jorge Lorenzo Trueba Porter Hoagland, Di Jin, Andrew Ashton
Auditory-Visual Crossmodal Interactions I: The effect of irrelevant changes on the classification of pitch and numbers (A34) Victoria Gehring Yoav Arieh Julianna Murray
Auditory-Visual Crossmodal Interactions II: The effect of irrelevant changes on the classification of loudness and numbers (A35) Patrick Dwyer Yoav Arieh Nelson Ordonez
Exploring Mathematics through Creativity (A36) Ceire Monahan Mika Munakata
Towards a Morphodynamic Model to Explore the Key Controls on the Orientation and Migration of the Virginia Barrier Islands (A37) Daniel Ciarletta Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba Christopher Tenebruso
The Effects of World Trade Center Particulate Matter on Human Lung Cells in vitro using GSH GLO Glutathione Assay (A38) Lara Seder Ann Marie DiLorenzo
Development of Cluster-Specific Phage PCR primers (A39) Gerard Nasser Kirsten Monsen
An Exploratory Error Analysis of Facial Affect Recognition in Individuals with Moderate to Severe TBI (A40) Joseph DeAngelis Ruth Propper Jean Lengenfelder Ph.D., Helen Genova Ph.D.
Cultivating Connections in Place: Community Gardens in Urban New Jersey (A41) Alexandra Pyper Renata Blumberg Eleanor Kelly, Rosa Lopez, Claudia Urdanivia, Maura Rasmusson, Douglas Murray
Production of NADH & ATP in Human Lung Fibroblast Cells Exposed to 9/11 World Trade Center Dust and its Possible Correlation to Cancer Reducing Drugs (A42) Rebekah Madrid Ann Marie DiLorenzo
Commensality in American Culture: Shifting patterns and their principal implications (A43) Karina Gomez Nerraj Vedwan
Do Emotions Have an Effect on Brand versus Non Branded Cold Green Tea Drinks? (A44) Michael Fattrosso Charles Feldman
Analysis of the FOXP2 Gene using Bioinformatics (A45) Devansi Patel Robert Meredith
Identifying the exact ubiquitination site of ICER in melanoma cells (A46) Chris Grieg Carlos Molina
Characterization of Red Mangrove Proproot Epibiont Communities of St. Johns USVI (A47) Alan Buob Paul Bologna
Pyrolysis GC-MS Analysis in Liberty State Park's Soils (A48) Matthew Cheung Nina Goodey Diane Hagmann, Jennifer A. Krumins
Investigation of the Mechanistic Switch in VcCry1 (A49) Gabrielle Connolly Yvonne Gindt
New Jersey Coastal Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (A50) Anthony Bevacqua Danlin Yu
Breastfeeding Matters: Breastfeeding Role Expectations and Mothering Sense of Competence among Korean American Mothers (A51) Soo-Bin You Soyoung Lee Yeon Bai, Chih-Yuan S. Lee
Human vs Machine Translation (A52) Michele Porta Cisneros Anne Edstrom
Euthanasia: Should it be Legalized in the United States? (A53) Jackie Soltesz Avram Segall
Addressing the Progresses and Challenges of MDG 4 and 5 in Nigeria: The Role of Traditional Birth Attendants (A54) Araba Assan Ndidiamaka Amutah-Onukagha Ehsan Farag, Michelle Gardner, Ijeoma Opara, Jesus Plata, Kimberly Pierre, Monica Rodriguez
Deception Detection Across the Menstrual Cycle (A55) Olivia Tarrio Julian Keenan Amanda Disney, Julianna DeVito, Briana Gonclaves, Shakeera Walker
Seismic Imaging of Kilauea Volcano (A56) Korie Vee Tanya Blacic
Mother Child Interaction Among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (A57) Breanna Yepez Peter Vietze Cindy Fernandez, Steven Ureta
The Utility of Aortic Doppler Ultrasound Measurements in the Parasternal Long Axis View (A58) Stephanie A. Guarino Evan Matthews Sarah M. Kilian-Meneghin, Peter A. Hosick
Preliminary Investigation and Sequence of The Hyaluronidase Gene in the Venom of The Atlantic Sea Nettle (Chrysaora quinquecirrha) (A59) Zachary Cropley John Gaynor
Prediction of recreational safety of the Passaic and Pompton rivers using Escherichia coli as an indicator. (A60) Alessandra Rossi Meiyin Wu
Intersectional Developmental Science: Linking Intersectionality & RDS for a More Socially Just Approach to Child Development (A61) Lisa Chauveron Miriam Linver Marisa MacDonnell, Veronica Barrios
Syrian Refugees as Terrorist: An Analysis of Public Discourse surrounding Syrian Refugees (A62) Jessica Twal Maisa Taha
5:05 - 6:05 pm Oral and Multimedia Presentations Block C View Presentations in this Session

CSAM: The Biological World 2012

Dr. Carlos Molina

Population Density, Distribution & Health Of Shallow Water Caribbean Porifera From an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, St. John, USVI Patrick Vojnyk Paul Bologna
Grazing Potential of the Bucktooth Parrotfish, Sparisoma radians, on Turtle Grass, Thalassia testudinum, and the Invasive Seagrass, Halophila stipulacea, in St. John, USVI Elizabeth Pudlak Paul Bologna
Green Tea Polyphenols as Potential Anti-endospore agents in Treating Bacillus spp. Giselle Lalata Lee Lee Annamaria De Bari, Taylor Parsons, Emily Adams
Synergistic effect of green tea polyphenols and antibiotics on biofilm forming skin bacteria Staphylococcus spp. Shrameeta Shinde Lee Lee

CSAM: Human Impact on the Environment 2013

Dr. Greg Pope

Bioaugmentation of Contaminated, Low Functioning Soil with High Functioning Soil Communities Bhagyashree Vaidya Nina Goodey Diane Hagmann, Jeniffer Balacco, Jennifer Krumins.
Geographically Relating Bicycle Frame Manufacturers with their Riders Through A Nationwide Survey Jeffery Ludwig Greg Pope
Crime Rate and Foreclosure Rate in Detroit Nicolas Barcia Greg Pope
New Jersey Coastline Altered by Super Storm Sandy: Prior, Aftermath, and Present William Giordano Greg Pope
Identification of Organic Compounds in Soils at Liberty State Park Diane Hagmann Nina Goodey Jennifer Krumins, Michael Kruge, Matthew Cheung

CSAM: Research in Chemistry and Biochemistry 2046

Dr. Nina Goodey

Research in Chemistry and Biochemistry Characterization of Sialylated Glycans by Free Radical Activated Glycan Structure Elucidation Reagent Kimberly Fabijanczuk Jinshan Gao Jose Acosta, Nathaniel Adomako, Kaylee Gaspar, Trang Do
Expression, Purification, And Characterization of W. Bancrofti DHFR and its Evaluation as a Possible Drug Target for Treating Lymphatic Filariasis Andrew Tobias Nina Goodey Ueli Gubler
A Computational Study of C-CN Bond Activation through Nickel Catalysis using the Random Phase Approximation Craig Waitt Henk Eshuis
Characterization of High Mannose Glycans by Free Radical Activated Glycan Structure Elucidation Reagent Jose Acosta Jinshan Gao Nathaniel Adomako
A Possible Mechanism of Switching Function in VcCRY1 Marisa Michalchik Yvonne Gindt

CHSS: Violence and War 3002

Dr. Maisa Taha

Why are Minorities Still Dying? Yasmine Chisolm Ian Drake
ICC and Global Justice: Syrian War Crimes Junibel Hernandez Ian Drake
How To End Violence Against Women Florence Ogalo Fawzia Khan
Origins of Violence and Lessons in Humility Martin Hidalgo Sarah Goshal
Ba'ath Party Sapida Barmaki Tony Spanakos

CHSS: Rights and Law 3010

Dr. Natasha Abner

Involuntary Commitment of Sex Offenders: Psychological and Constitutional Perspectives Samuel Adqui Avram Segall
Dangers of Essentialism for Transgender Rights Elyse Gabel Kirk McDermid
Juvenile Waiver Laws Alex Benjamin Alex Benjamin Alex Benjamin
Civil Forfeiture: The Indigent's Right to Counsel Janessa-Nicole Brooks Ian Drake

CHSS: Literature, History, and Translation 3048

Dr. Gabriel Rubin

Haitian History in Creole Translation: Digital Creole Scholarship in the Making Daphney Vastey Laurence Jay-Rayon Pierre Malbranche
Magic in Middle-Earth: The Existential Complications of Good and Evil in The Lord of the Rings Joseph Glinbizzi Glen Gill
The Dichotomy and Necessity of Hearts and Minds in Shakespeare's Tragedies of Julius Caesar, Othello and Hamlet Hyunsu Park Naomi Liebler
One Ring to Rule them All: An Exploration and Analysis of the Tyrannical Nature of Magic in Tolkien's Middle-Earth Daniel Salazar Glen Gill

CHSS: Religion, Law, and Psychology 3054

Dr. Joshua Sandry

The Evangelical Appropriation of Liturgical Worship Benjamin Miller Mark Clatterbuck
Is There Morality In Law Markil Howard Ian Drake
Comparing Reward-Related Refreshing to von Restorff to Understand Motivated Remembering Mark Zuppichini Joshua Sandry Christopher John DeVries, Nathaly Vera, Megan Groner, Jonathon Marino, Besarta Shehu, Hannah Ovadia

CEHS: Childhood and Family Issues in Education and Beyond 4052

Dr. Evan Matthews

Examining Female Genital Mutilation and African Immigrants in the United States: A Community-based Participatory Action Research Mame Kani Diop Pearl Stewart, Kathryn Herr
Testing Bioecological Theory While Examining the Work-Family Balance of Working Mothers in the United States Hassan Raza Bradley van Eeden-Moorefield
A Longitudinal Examination of Work-Family Conflict Among Working Mothers in the United States Hassan Raza Bradley van Eeden-Moorefield
Bridging the Divide between Research and Practice: Using Pathway Models to Articulate and Verify Theories of Change Krystal Woolston Jennifer Urban Derek Morgan, Ashley Molloy, Miriam Linver
Children's Therapeutic Media: Creating a Research-Based Resource Annalyce D'Agostino Lyndal Khaw, Sara Goldstein
6:05 - 7:00 pm Poster Session Block B
University Hall Conference Center, 7th Floor View Presentations in this Session
Crystallization and Study of Dihydrofolate Reductases (DHFRs) in Wuchereria bancrofti and Brugia malayi (B1) Keith Lange Nina Goodey Andrew Tobias, Dea Tolska
Efficient Secure Comparison Over Encrypted Integers and Its Application to Privacy-Preserving Range Queries in Cloud (B2) Janu Barot Bharath Kumar Samanthula
Inhibition Studies of Brugia malayi Dihydrofolate Reductase (B3) Dea Toska Nina Goodey Ulrich Gubler, David Rotella
Numerical solutions for a generalized Stefan problem exhibiting two moving boundaries with application to the evolution of fluvial deltas (B4) William Anderson Jorge Trueba
Spatial Relationship Abandon Properties and Social Vulnerability Index in the City of Paterson, New Jersey (B5) Claire Rolling Greg Pope
The Effect of Non-active site Amino Acid Residues on Enzymatic Inhibitor Selectivity (B6) Tyler Eck Nina Goodey Ueli Gubler
Reducing Food Insecurity in Montclair: Lessons Learned Planning an Evaluation with a Local Community Partner (B7) Adria Dwyer Lisa Lieberman Monica Rodriguez, Alexander Oliver
Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of the Sterling Forest Granite Sheets, western Hudson Highlands, NY (B8) Melissa Chambers Matthew Gorring
Evaluating a Consolidation and Interference Hypothesis in Multiple Sclerosis (B9) Mark Zuppichini Joshua Sandry Jessica Rothberg
Reflections of Older Adults on their Immigration Experience (B10) Soo-Bin You Olena Nesteruk
Reflections of Young Adults on Coping with the Childhood Loss of a Parent (B11) Eva Apelian Olena Nesteruk
Assessment of fouling communities and biodiversity on Red Mangrove prop roots (B12) Samira Munoz Paul Bologna Alyssa Petitdemange
Culver A New Perspective (B13) Dennis Arias N/A
Complexities in the integration of social and relevant global issues in the mathematics classroom. (B14) Debasmita Basu Steven Greenstein
The Effect of Tide and Temperature on Patterns of Soil Respiration in a Brackish Tidal Marsh (B15) Serafima Kurepa Dirk Vanderklein Tomer Duman, Karina VR Schafer, Hayley Hilfer, Michael Kirtz, Monica Scott
Temporal Framing and Sentence Processing (B16) Andrew Wolfarth David Townsend
Assessment of Blue Carbon Sequestration by Seagrasses in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands (B17) Nicole Provost Paul Bologna Charles Petit-Homme
Population Analysis of Diadema antillarum in St. John, U.S.V.I (B18) Bernadette Calderon Paul Bologna Brianna Romel, Shardonnay Baker
Petrogenetic Origin of Mafic Lavas at Newberry Volcano (B19) John Clay Matthew Gorring Tanya Blacic
Does the United States Adequately Enforce Human Rights Principles When Detaining Immigrants? (B20) Michelle Oliveira Avram Segall
Love that Dirty Water: Potential Microbial Diversity in On-Street Manhattan Hot Dog Water (B21) Nelson Casanova John Gaynor Seol G. Lee, Gabriela A. Sanchez, Robert Meredith, Julian Paul Keenan
Molecular Identification of Nudibranch Predation on Cnidarians (B22) Dena Restaino Paul Bologna John J. Gaynor
Does Self-Reported Mind Wandering Predict Individual Differences In Learning and Memory? (B23) Besarta Shehu Joshua Sandry Jessica Ruiz, Mark Zuppichini, Jessica Rothberg, Alex Buchanan, Jennifer Hernandez, Jonathan Marino
Inhibitory Effects of Lipophilic Green Tea Polyphenol, EGCG-S, on Food (B24) Chinweude Okani Lee Lee Paul Ajayi, Brianne Cravello, Mayali Kamara, Robine Theodule, Melonnie Ali
Time Course Study using Green Tea Polyphenols on Endospore Germination of Bacillus spp. (B25) Emily Adams Lee Lee Taylor Parsons, Giselle Lalata
Infants' Categorization of Support Configurations (B26) Carla Iroldi Laura Lakusta Amrita Bindra, Maria Brucato, Barbara Landau
A Comparison of Sedimentary Environments in an Alpine Meadow and the Influence on Groundwater Availability, Applying Near Surface Geophysical Methods (B27) Mike Ayers Tanya Blacic
Zebrafish as a Model Organism for Ovarian Specific Expression of Transgenes (B28) Mihal Grinberg Carlos Molina Paula Hernandez
Photovoltaic Use in New Jersey Counties since 1955. (B29) Mauricio Garcia Greg Pope
Would the government make you as fat? (B30) Mary Salib Avram Segall
Clinical Estimates Related to Hippocampal Functioning and Their Overlap with Individual Differences in Pattern Separation (B31) Jessica Rothberg Joshua Sandry Alex Buchanan, Jessica Ruiz, Natasha Vilanova, Jennifer Hernandez and Jonathan Marino
Profiling the Effect of EGCG-S on Biofilm Formation in Seventeen Bacteria (B32) Theresa Aponte Lee Lee
Assessing HPV Knowledge in Association with Cervical Cancer Screening and HPV Vaccination Behaviors Among University Females (B33) Monica Rodriguez Stephanie Silvera
Identifying Key Intervention Opportunities for Preventing Maternal Mortality in Indonesia Using A Social Ecological Approach (B34) Inraini Syah Amanda Birnbaum
Analysis of Lysin A from two novel Mycobacteriophage (B35) Nandini Surendranathan Quinn Vega
A Modular Cleat for Gaelic Football (B36) Oscar Lema Denis Feigler
The Mathematics of Pan Flutes: Creating Pipes to Match Notes (B37) Sajan Ramanathan Bogdan Nita
An examination of the effects of allosteric mutations on ligand binding and specificity in Dihydrofolate reductase (B38) Melany Alfonso Nina Goodey Danielle Le Roux, Marian Okondo
Optimized and Secure Similar Document Detection in Outsourced Environments (B39) Samuel Acheampong Bharath Kumar Samanthula
Molecular Cloning and Expression of Chrysaoralin: A Novel Pore-forming Toxin from Jellyfish Venom (B40) Anup Khanal John Gaynor Paul Bologna, Vladislav Snitsarev
Enzymatic Comparison between the A82F F87A Mutant and Wild-type Cytochrome P450 BM3 (B41) Kevan Doyles Jaclyn Catalano Temitope Adanlawo
Studying the Effect of Green Tea Polyphenols on Endospore forming Bacteria (B42) Annamaria De Bari Lee Lee Giselle Lalata
3rd World Water Filter (B43) Rachel O'Brien David Farrage
Farmer Perspectives on Direct-to-Consumer Marketing (B44) Klaus Cherubin Renata Blumberg
Isolation and Characterization of Novel Mycobacterium smegmatis Bacteriophage from New Jersey Soil Over the Past Six Years (B45) Adam Zadeh Sandra Adams Nicole Agbai, Osama Al Safarjalani, Melisa Akdemir, Nana-Yaa Bawuah, Fady Beshara, Nabila Bhuiyan, Kimberly Bram, Erica Cake, Alissa Clara, Melissa Cunha, Sylvester DelVillar, Amy Dorival, Aya Eldesouky, Nada ELJerai, Emily Falcioni, Nawal Farih, Louise Fernandez, Nicholas Frederick, Ashley Garcia, Jonathan Gruhin, Brittany Hanna, Rubendran Harikrishnan, Sumen Imtiaz, Magy Israeil, Jeannine Jupiter, Kelly Kerr, Luke LeDrappier, Ana Lira, Bian Maani, Dahshan Mansour, Yveeka Marcellus, Kayla Merceus, Jordanne Nelson, Daniela Quijano, Christopher Quinteros, Michael Ritter, Gabriella Rodriguez, Amy Schulte, Maya Shvarts, Sally Seder, Michael Soryal, Katrina Tinio, Maria Tuma, Taryn Waynick, Rachel Wey and Saeed Yasin
Investigating Water Quality on the Paulinskill River, New Jersey (B46) Stephany Benitez Josh Galster
The Affective Cerebral Response to Music: Impact of Happy, Sad, and Angry Music (B47) Chyi June Khoo Eric Miller
Assessment of Fish and Crustacean Distribution and Habitat Usage of Mangrove and Seagrass (B48) Gabriela Sanchez Paul Bologna Shabbir Ahmed, Matthew Chanda and Jehad Hammoudeh
The language of support in young children's spontaneous speech (B49) Maria Brucato Laura Lakusta Holly Kobezak, Amritra Bindra, Madalyn Polen and Barbara Landau
The Role of Language and Culture Brokering on Family Relationships (B50) Diana Cabezas Olena Nesteruk Carrie Bergeson
18 Month Old Categorization of Goal and Source Events (B51) Samantha Farese Laura Lakusta Melanie Lawrie, Dawn Rozakis, Danielle Spinelli
Magic Squares of Squares of Order 3 Over an Integral Domain (B52) Giancarlo Labruna Aihua Li
Adaptive Cross Country Footwear (B53) Miguel Pena N/A
The Role of Attention in Motivation (B54) Sharon Pidgeon Peter Vietze
Effects of interaction with neuronal cells on Jurkat T-cell proliferation (B55) Autumn Walsh Elena Petroff Vladislav Snitsarev
A Novel Approach Targeting Prosthetic Joint Infection (B56) Shanice Otieno Lee Lee Steve Williams, Jessica Tan and Karina Veras
Mitochondrial D-Loop Markers and Size Variation of Sorex Species (B57) Joseph Osei Scott Kight
Understanding youth character: A qualitative analysis of the Inspire Aspire character development program (B58) Marisa MacDonnell Jennifer Urban Monica Glina, Miriam Linver, Lauren Gama, Victoria Illnick
Evaluating the Evaluators (B59) Lisa Chauveron Jennifer Urban Satabdi Samtani, Miriam Linver
A Study of Ambition (B60) Jonathan Zipf Vikash Singh

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