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Communication and Media Arts (BA): The Big Picture

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication and Media Arts is a trans-disciplinary program intended to prepare the next generation of professionals in the fields of communication and media. The program’s innovation lies in the flexibility it affords students to cross boundaries and explore a variety of once-separate disciplines in both scholarly and applied contexts. Through unique combinations of classes, the program empowers students to develop the aesthetic, critical, and technological skills that are essential for future market demands. 

The Communication and Media Arts BA is ideal for students who want to immerse themselves in the multi-dimensional landscape of traditional and emerging media, and who wish to explore communication in all of its facets in conjunction with special interests. Our aim is to equip you with lifelong learning skills that will position you as a leader in the rapidly-evolving communication and media industries and help you remain competitive throughout your career.

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What You Will Study

The Communication and Media Arts curriculum is comprised of 120 credits (3 cr. per course) and includes four areas of requirement:

  1. Communication and Media Arts major requirements and electives (36 credits) — as a Communication and Media Arts major, you will be guided to select courses that explore special areas of interest aligned with your career goals. You will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of courses that focus on the social, cultural, historical, and economic contexts of media. In addition, you may choose courses from the areas of Public Relations, Organizational Communication, Health Communication, Filmmaking, Journalism, Sports Media and Journalism, Documentary, Television Production, and Audio/Sound Design.  
  2. Common-Core School Curriculum (12 credits) — The common core offers a broad foundation for understanding all communication and media disciplines (required of all students in the School of Communication and Media)
  3. General education courses (39-42 credits) — The Gen Ed program involves studies that comprise a liberal arts education – e.g. in writing, humanities, math, and the natural, social and computer sciences (required of all University students pursuing a bachelor of arts degree)
  4. Free electives (21-30 credits) — exploration of additional areas of interest; or inclusion of a Minor

The program includes additional opportunities for internships as well as participation in projects sponsored by the DuMont Television Center, WMSC-FM, the Center for Cooperative Media, and the Creative Research Center.

For complete course requirements and descriptions, go to:

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Careers in Communication and Media Arts

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest a very positive outlook for careers in Communication and Media, particularly in the New Jersey and broader New York metropolitan areas.  Opportunities exist in virtually every industry.

Traditional Careers

Press Information Officer

Production Manager


Media Manager

Director of Media Relations


Radio/TV Announcer

Newsletter Editor


News/Speech/Script Writer

Documentary Producer



Market Researcher


Executive Coach




Advertising Copywriter


Media critic

Political Campaign Director


Talk-Show Host



Publicity Manager

News Analyst/Correspondent




Emerging Careers

Digital Content Producer

Campaign Coordinator


Online Video Content Creation

Virtual Communities Analyst


Mobile Platform Analyst

Multimedia Designer/Producer


Multi-Platform Branding

Multimedia Journalist/Writer


Social Media Marketing Researcher

Multimedia Planner/Buyer


Global Brand Communications Manager

New Media Communication Designer


Content Specialists (e.g. bloggers)

Multi-Channel Advertising/Marketing


Online Customer Service

Copywriter for Social Media


Emerging Media Strategist

Community Relations Officer


Media Manager/Director

Media Search Analyst


Digital Advocate

Global Field Communications Manager


Issues/Crisis Management

Health Projects Communications Director

Visit the links below for additional career-related information:

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Apply Now

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