All faculty, staff and external clients should contact the Scheduling Office directly at (973) 655-4411.

Student Organizations Scheduling Procedure

1. Fill out a Room Request Form (For meetings only) with Robin Dock, located in Room 400, 4th Floor of the Student Center. Submit form at least 3 business days prior to the event. (To Print the form Click on Room Request Form)

2. Meeting and similar activities will not require any further advisement.

3. Student programs of a more involved nature will require that you fill out a Room Request Form with Kathleen Costello, located in the Commuter Lounge, Student Center Annex. Submit form at least 10 days prior to the event (large events and events requiring University Police should be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to event).

4. When the Room Request Form is submitted, it goes to the Director of Student Activities for approval, and then to the Office of Scheduling and Conferences for availability of the room.

5. Once the request is processed, the organization will be notified whether the space is available or not.

6. A few days before the event, stop by the Scheduling Office to go over and pick up a copy of the contract.

7. If the space is not available, please submit alternate dates and/or locations.

8. To save time, include alternate dates and/or locations on the request form.

For additional resources for student organizations, please see the Center for Student Involvement's Student Organization Resource Page.