Student Center 3rd Floor Lounge with students

Scheduling Space

As a member of the University, you are able to schedule space in the Student Center on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please Note: There is a different process for faculty/staff and students.

Faculty/Staff- Reserve through 25Live
Step 1

Sign in to 25Live (upper right-hand area of the page) with your Montclair State NetID and password.

Step 2

On the 25Live Home Tab click Event Creation Quick Start

Please Note: If you are not signed into 25Live, you will be prompted to do so.

Step 3

Complete the fields that are relevant to your event.

  • Event Name
    • What’s in a name? More than most users may think! When naming events users should remember that 25Live is a web-based scheduling and calendar system and is viewable by anyone who may be visiting the Montclair State University Website. In addition, University Web Services is pulling event information from 25Live to populate other University calendars on the web.
    • For this reason, we ask that users name events in a way that will be understandable to others and avoid acronyms when possible.
  • Event Type
    • Users should select the event type that best describes their event from their list of favorite event types or from the complete list of event types by clicking on the All Event Types link.
  • Contact Roles
    • The Requestor Contact Role is used to identify the organizer of the event or representative from the Organization responsible for the event.
    • The Scheduler Contact Role is used to identify the person entering the event information into 25Live.
    • In some cases, users may be both the Requestor and Scheduler. In this case, only the Requestor Contact Role information need be entered.
  • Clarification on Event Contact Roles
  • If a user is entering a request for another individual (i.e. a department secretary entering an event for a faculty member), the faculty member would be considered the Requestor and the Secretary doing the entry would be considered the Scheduler.
  • Primary Organization
    • Users should select the organization or office responsible for the event from their list of favorite organizations, or search by organization name.
    • Please Note: If the search does not return the expected result, try limiting the search to a key word in the organization name.
  • Additional Organization(s)
    • Users can also select any additional organizations involved with the event. Multiple organizations can be selected using this editor.
  • Event Date/Time
    • Users select the start and end dates and times for each event in this editor. Be sure to enter the EXACT start and end times for this date. Users can add pre and post event times for additional set up time, registration, etc.
    • For one-day events with multiple occurrences (i.e. weekly meetings at the same time), users will enter the start date of the first occurrence then select Repeats Ad Hoc from the drop down box and add additional dates using the calendar tool.
  • Head Count
    • Users should enter the estimated number of attendees for their event in the Expected field.
  • Locations
    • Users should select the location(s) for each event from their list of favorite locations or search within the categories list in Public Searches.
    • Please Note: If the search does not return the expected result, try limiting the search to a key word such as the building name. More than one location can be selected for an event. However, if users need locations in more than one category the requests should be submitted separately, by category. (For example, an event that needs the Student Center, University Hall and CELS rooms should be put into two separate requests. While an event in the Student Center Ballrooms and Rathskeller can be put in the same request.)
  • Resources
    • Resources are defined as equipment or services that are not associated with a specific location.
    • Users should select the resource(s) for each event from their list of favorite resources or search by selecting the collection associated with the event location.
    • Please Note: If the search does not return the expected result, try limiting the search to a key word in the resource name. More than one resource can be selected for an event.
  • Event Description
    • Information entered into this editor will appear in the 25Live Event Detail view. For example, if there is a website for the event, this would be an ideal location to display the URL.
  • Categories
    • Event Categories are just one of the many ways event data can be sorted in 25Live. Users should select all categories that apply to a specific event.
  • Comments
    • This field is designed to give users an opportunity to send additional instructions or comments to schedulers about an event. This information is only viewable by the scheduler, requestor and any service providers or approvers of locations and/or resources assigned to this event.
Step 4

The following message should be displayed at the top of the Event Reservation Wizard: Your event request has been submitted for approval.

Please Note: Requests for events in academic spaces will not be approved until after the add/drop period has concluded.

Step 5

Event confirmation

  • All requests will be entered with a TENTATIVE Event State. During the approval process, the Event State will be changed from Tentative to Confirmed.
  • You will receive an email when the space is confirmed or denied.
Students - Reserve through HawkSync

Please Note: You must have a HawkSync portal and be a portal administrator to schedule space for an event. All requests need to be submitted at least two weeks in advance. If you are not a part of a student organization or have a HawkSync portal you must reserve space through a faculty member or academic department.

Step 1

Sign into HawkSync and navigate to your portal.

Step 2

Go to the ‘events’ tab and begin creating your event.

  • Event name and descriptions should be concise and descriptive.
  • Choose an event category (if applicable).
  • Enter a start date/time, end date/time and year. Please Note: If you select “All Day” you will not be able to book an on-campus location.
  • If the event repeats, select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu.
Step 3

Choose your space.

  • Make sure you select “yes” next to reserve a space on campus. Please Note: If you are co-sponsoring an event and the space was already reserved you can choose “no” and type in the location.
  • Enter setup and breakdown time in minutes.
  • Select “Choose Space” and only select the spaces you need. Please Note: If you need spaces in multiple buildings, submit a separate request for each building.
  • Selecting “Must Be Available” will only show tentatively available spaces.
  • Entering a minimum capacity will eliminate locations that cannot accommodate your number of expected attendees.
Step 4

Select a Reservation Category.

  • After you select the space you need, choose “Available-Request Reservation.”
  • Select the Reservation Category that best describes your event.
      • As Is
      • Bake Sale/Information Table: One table with two chairs
      • Banquet Style: Round tables with chairs
      • Classroom Style: Any classroom as is, or rows of tables with chairs at each table (similar to the layout of University Hall first floor lecture halls)
      • Conference Style: Large rectangular table with chairs around it. In Student Center rooms 415, 416, and 418, conference style is the standard or ‘as is’ setup.
      • Custom: Custom room setup. Must be clearly described in setup instructions
      • Fashion Show/Runway: Theater style with stage and runway.
      • Theater Style: Rows of chairs facing one direction. May or may not have center aisle.
  • Add any other information about your event to help with set up and follow the rest of the steps.
Step 5

Submit your event by clicking “Finish.”

Please Note: Remember that any edits you make to your event with revert the status to ‘pending’ (if processed). Please be as thorough as possible when you initially complete the request.

Step 6

Event confirmation

  • Wait for confirmation of approved space from the Center for Student Involvement. Please Note: You may get an email saying your space was approved but you should wait for final confirmation from the Center for Student Involvement.
  • If your event is denied, your default assumption should be that the space is not available as requested. You will be notified of any other reason.
  • As always, please email with any questions.

What If I Have to Cancel My Event?

Faculty/Staff: The best way to cancel an event is to locate the original email confirmation from 25Live, and reply informing the scheduler that the event has been canceled.

Students: Email the Center for Student Involvement at if you need to cancel your event.