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Possessing an appreciation of fundamental business principles is an essential component of long-term financial and professional success. A degree in Business Administration will serve to enhance your major by adding core knowledge that will help you succeed in your chosen field of study.

Career Opportunities

  • Accountant
  • Business Owner
  • Account Manager
  • Marketer

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Undergraduate Programs

BS in Business Administration, Concentration in Entrepreneurship

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BS in Business Administration, Finance Concentration

Develop the strategies you need to manage financial operations with our finance program. Learn how the financial decisions made by firms shape both individual organizations and global economies.

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BS in Business Administration, International Business Concentration

You will gain an interdisciplinary global perspective on national and company competitiveness, international trade, export and import management, foreign direct investment, market entry and expansion strategies, and management of multinational corporations.

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BS in Business Administration, Management Concentration

Acquire the tools you need to efficiently manage people, projects, operations and financial resources across a broad range of industries with a concentration in Management.

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BS in Business Administration, Management Information Systems Concentration

Focuses on using methods and tools, such as Python, SQL, cloud computing, database systems, and systems analysis and design, to solve business problems and make businesses more efficient. Students will apply what they have learned in an internship.

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BS in Business Administration, Marketing Concentration

As a marketing student, you will learn how to influence consumer perceptions, create marketing plans, develop and launch new products, price, promote and distribute new products, identify and define a target audience, and create messaging that connects with a given target audience.

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BS in Business Administration, Real Estate Concentration

Through a combination of coursework, case studies and experiential opportunities, you’ll be able to understand the role of real estate in local, state, national and global economies, address the challenges of real estate financing, development and construction, land a job in commercial real estate, and open your own commercial real estate company.

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BS in Business Administration, Retail Merchandising and Management Concentration

You will develop the skills necessary to assess and act on consumer buying trends, use retail metrics to analyze a store or department’s financial health, present buying proposals, interpret sales trends, manage day-to-day retail operations, and start your own traditional or online retail business.

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BS in Business Administration, Strategic Human Capital Management Concentration

Focuses on the development of foundational human resource management knowledge combined with applied human resources analytics skills.

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Minor in Business

Whether you are doing your own taxes, managing people, following your dream of owning a small business or just running your household finances, our minor will help you accomplish your goals. The minor in business will be listed on your record and will be one more positive achievement for your resume, differentiating you from the other applicants in your job search.

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