Resources in the ADP Center


Appy Hour: Google Apps for Collaboration

This workshop will help attendees learn to use various Google apps in the classroom and your everyday life, as well as some relevant campus resources!

Organization & Productivity Apps

This workshop allows attendees to learn to use various organization apps in the classroom and in your everyday life!

Video Production 101

Looking to have your students create great content to expand their learning? This session will help cover the basics of video production and editing.

Presentation Innovations

Forget boring old presentations! Join us as we introduce you to some of the 21st century’s best, most engaging software.

Ins & Outs of LinkedIn

CEHS Careers Services and the ADP Center for Learning Technologies have teamed up to help you discover the power of LinkedIn, the next essential tool in your professional toolbox.

iMovie Camera Shots

This video will detail the six basic types of camera shots to utilize with iMovie.

Lighting Lesson

Learn how to best film your videos with proper lighting

Importing: Organizing Part 1

Before creating your movie, you need to import media and organize it in your library. Watch this video to learn how!

Labeling: Organizing Part 2

With some much content uploaded in your library, you will want to better organize the clips by labeling the albums as events. Learn how in this clip!

Basic Editing

Once your video clips are organized, you now have to learn how to edit your movie!

Advanced Editing

Make sure to review this clip as well for some more advanced editing tips with iMovie!

Titles, Transitions, Backgrounds

Once your videos and audio are organized and edited, the next step is to add transitions, backgrounds, and title animations.

Sharing and Exporting

The final step for your video is to export the video file and decide how you want to share it with your intended audience.