Aerial photo of Montclair State University campus buildings and surrounding area.

Budget Calendar

FY2023 Budget Planning Calendar

November 2021
University’s FY2023 budget request submitted to State Treasury-OMB
February 2022
Executive Council reviews Budget Call memo
February 2022
Governor’s FY2023 budget message
March 2022
Budget Office distributes Budget Call memo to Vice Presidents and Deans
April 2022
Vice Presidents and Deans forward recommended budget requests to Budget Office
May 2022
President and Budget Office hold budget hearings with Vice Presidents and Deans
June 2022
President makes preliminary budget allocations
July 1, 2022
FY2023 begins
July 2022
FY2023 operating budget adjustments made based on final State Appropriation
July 2022
Approval of the new fiscal year budget by Board of Trustees

*This schedule is approximate and subject to change by the Budget Office.