Aerial photo of Montclair State University campus buildings and surrounding area.

Budget Calendar

FY 2019 Budget Development Calendar


  • Governor’s budget message
  • Review of FY ’19 Internal Budget Call memo by Executive Council


  • Budget call and divisional targets will be distributed by Budget Office
  • Vice presidents and academic deans will initiate budget calls within their divisions
  • Departments begin development of budget proposals


  • Budget proposals are completed by units and submitted to appropriate divisional
    vice presidents and academic deans
  • Vice presidents submit recommended budget requests to Budget Office; the Budget
    Office will begin analysis of divisional budget requests and prepare executive summaries

May – June

  • President and Budget Office discuss budget proposals with Provost, academic deans and vice presidents
  • President makes preliminary budget allocations
  • Budget Office staff enter preliminary budget data into the financial system


  • FY ’19 begins
  • FY ’19 operating budget adjustments based on final State Appropriation
  • Presentation of operating budget to Board of Trustees