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Impact of flooding and water quality on coastal resilience

October 4, 2016, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Location Center for Environmental and Life Sciences - 120
Posted InCollege of Science and Mathematics

Dr. Michel Boufadel, Center for Natural Resources Development and Protection New Jersey Institute of Technology

About Dr. Michel Boufadel

Dr. Michel Boufadel is Professor of Environmental Engineering and Director of the Center for Natural Resources Development and Protection at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He is also a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers. He has more than 140 refereed articles. Dr. Boufadel has been working on quantifying processes in coastal systems including those due to waves, tides, buoyancy and evaporations.

About the Seminar

The pore water hydrodynamics in coastal aquifers is relatively complicated due to the presence of tide, waves, freshwater flow in a seawater environment, and anthropogenic stressors. While Hurricane Sandy has highlighted the role of flooding, long term effects might reside in the alteration of pore water chemistry. Researchers in the NRDP Center at NJIT have been quantifying these processes and their interactions using field studies and advanced numerical modeling. The talk would summarize these findings including the impact of evaporation on beaches in Delaware Bay.  The talk would also address  coastal flooding and the collaborative work conducted with the Montclair State University scientists on valuation of coastal systems.