Sustainability Seminar Series

Organized by the PhD Program in Environmental Management
Venue: Center for Environmental and Life Sciences, Room 120, at 4:00pm

Sep 8 Stefanie Brachfeld
EAES, Montclair State
Magnetic tracers of coal ash contamination in the Tennessee River Watershed
Sep 15 TBD TBD
Sep 22 Katherine Herbert
CS, Montclair State
Sep 29 David Axelrod
Economics, Finance & Real Estate
Profit, Choice and The Sustainable Spirit
Oct 6 Forrest Meggers
Princeton (Dr. Chopping)
Hacking Sustainability: integrating architecture, systems, and sensors to demonstrate overlooked potentials in the built environment
Oct 13 Dan Elliott
Geosyntec (Dr. Sarkar)
Oct 20 Chris Chambers
NOAA (Dr. Wu)
Effects of Elevated CO2 on the Early Life-Stages of Marine Fishes and Potential Consequences of Ocean Acidification
Oct 27 Robin Leichenko
Rutgers (Dr. Chopping)
Coastal resilience in New Jersey: barriers, limits, and limitations
Nov 3 Eric Forgoston
Math, Montclair State
Nov 10 George Guo
Rutgers (Dr. Deng)
Stormwater Manufactured Treatment Devices: Performance and Maintenance
Nov 17 Paul Gottlieb
Rutgers (Dr. Lal)
Local Sustainability and Land Use.
Nov 24 Thanksgiving - NO CLASS
Dec 1 Brian Olechnowski
Fairleigh Dickinson (Dr. Rubinfeld)
Quantitative Genetics in Conservation and Wildlife Management: Microsatellite Variation in the Owens Valley Vole (Microtus californicus vallicola)
Dec 8 Melissa Hansen and Nanzhu Li
Doctoral candidates in Env Mgmt