Gifted and Talented students getting help on their computer projects

Computer Science for Everyone Everywhere

The Montclair State University NJ DOE-funded (NJDOE Standards 22E00178) CS for Everyone Everywhere (CSEE) Program supports participating LEA partners in developing a standards-aligned, high-quality K-12 computer science program. The program participants include K-8 teachers (Years 1 and 2) and 9-12 teachers (Year 2) from diverse LEAs (based on race/ethnicity and English language proficiency) to participate in a series of collaborative networking experiences for CS stakeholders in northern NJ. Vital to the MSU CSEE is the cross-disciplinary partnerships of LEA teams, comprised of teachers, education leaders, counselors, and higher education computer science faculty and teacher education faculty. It is only through these communities interacting and communicating that we can develop effective professional development series.

Program Goals

  1. Create a professional learning network of K-12 schools and LEAs in implementing the 2020 NJSLS-CS, prioritizing grades K-8 in year 1 and grades 9-12 in year 2.
    1. Participation of one Local Educational Agency (LEA) teacher from each grade band (Year 1: K-2, 3-5, 6-8; Year 2: 9-12) and Institution of Higher Education (IHE) staff to serve on state wide steering committee.
    2. Recruit LEA school professionals (leaders and counselors) as partners with LEA teachers in developing innovative and sustainable CS programming to meet the needs of students in their home district
    3. LEA teachers (Year 1 and 2: K-2, 3-5, 6-8 teachers; Year 2: 9-12) to participate in CSEE Program activities.
    4. Virtual Office Hours hosted by graduate students in computer science and teacher education.
  2. Increase the number and diversity of K-12 educators well-prepared to teach high-quality, standards-based CS, prioritizing grades K-8 in year 1 and grades 9-12 in year 2.
    1. Preservice Teachers organize a CS Outreach event at their placement school.
    2. Execute a CS Outreach Event in participating schools to increase awareness of computer science education, equitable computer science opportunities for culturally responsive CS.
    3. Engage broader audience through social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and if appropriate Youtube and TikTok) to promote awareness of the resources
  3. Create and disseminate high-quality, equity-oriented and inclusive standards-based CS education for all K-12 students, prioritizing grades K-8 in year 1 and grades 9-12 in year 2.
    1. Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
    2. Connected Speaker Series
    3. Professional Development (PD)
    4. Curriculum Speed-Networking event
    5. Summer Curriculum Institute for peer review and feedback for continuous improvement.
    6. Create a “Computer Science for Everyone Everywhere” Web repository of open-access resources