Gifted and Talented students getting help on their computer projects


Computer Science for Everyone Everywhere

The University’s NJ DOE-funded (NJDOE Hub 22E00173) Computer Science Education Hub is a focal point for collaboration among northern NJ Teachers regarding Computer Science Education. In partnership with PRISM, Montclair Network for Educational Renewal (MSUNER) and the ADP Center for Learning Technologies, the MSU CS Hub offers professional development opportunities for northern New Jersey K-12 teachers, counselors and education leaders.

Program Goals

  • Create equitable-access, professional learning experiences and supports for K-12 professionals (in-service and pre-service teachers, counselors and education leadership) to address current state standards.
  • Develop Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, Counselors and Leadership that consist of professionals in those communities interacting with participating tenured and tenure-track computer science faculty who have expertise in the areas of the NJ Standards
  • Offer free professional development for in-service teachers, counselors and education leaders. This professional development will be informed through our partner LEAs in professional learning communities.  It will be offered with the help of MSU ADP Center and MSUner to help all grade levels begin to address and align curriculum with NJ Standards to be deployed starting September 2022.
  • Involve pre-service teachers in learning to integrate computing into their curriculum and perform an outreach activity.
  • Increase the interaction of Higher Education Professionals with K-12 faculty, developing programming and professionals to create meaningful support for all K-12 bands.

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