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Honoring Emeriti Faculty – November 2017

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Emeriti faculty on staircase in November 2017

Ten faculty members were resolved as Professors Emeriti during the October 25th Montclair State University Board of Trustees meeting.  Four of the ten were present and were honored at a luncheon immediately following the meeting. The luncheon, held bi-annually, was attended by 27 Emeriti faculty, guests and University administrators.

The luncheon began with remarks from Provost Willard Gingerich and included recognition of all Emeriti faculty in attendance. The four new emeriti faculty in attendance were Professors Emeriti Edward Bewayo, Vincenzo Bollettino, Domenica Desiderioscioli, and Mark A. Kaelin.

Following Provost Willard Gingerich, Jack Shannon, Vice President for University Advancement, thanked our Emeriti faculty for their years of service and support as advocates and ambassadors for the University’s educational mission. Shannon provided an update about the opening of the new School of Communication building on campus and noted the remodeling of Mallory and College halls.

Emeriti faculty are an integral part of the campus community and help contribute educational advantages to the University, including their own successes within the field. They help shape alumni and current students with the scholarly resources they have provided throughout their time at Montclair State.

We invite you to view photos from the luncheon. The Office of the Provost and Division of University Advancement look forward to continuing to host events and activities for Emeriti faculty at Montclair State. For more information, contact Deb Corasio, Office of Alumni Relations, at 973-655-4207 or

Please join us in congratulating our newest inductees as Professors Emeriti! Below you can read some of the focal points of their careers at Montclair State, including their years devoted to the college, published scholarly articles and books, awards, and achievements.

Edward Bewayo 
Department of Management
School of Business
Professor Emeritus Bewayo served the University and our students for 36 years. He served for more than 25 years as coordinator of several core courses in the business administration program; he served as Management Department academic advising coordinator; served as Special Assistant to the Dean when he designed the Special Admission Program for minority students, receiving a University Service Award for this effort; and he served as Faculty Senator. In addition he served as Director of the Small Business Institute at Montclair State, a federally-sponsored organization that assisted over 50 small business owners by leveraging the talents of faculty and students to solve business problems; he served as President of the Small Business Institute Directors Association for the Mid-Atlantic Region; and he served as Director of the NJ Center for Regional Business (NJCRB), hosting events focused on ethics in the computer age and overcoming barriers to women’s entrepreneurship.

Vincenzo Bolletino
Department of Spanish and Italian
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Professor Bollettino served the University for forty-eight years. He offered courses in Spanish Latin American literature in Spanish/Italian Programs, Latino Studies, International Studies and Honors Programs. He served as Chair of the Spanish and Italian Department and founded the Spanish Graduate Program and Italian Undergraduate Program; Received multiple National Endowment for Humanities Awards to serve as Assistant Director of Italian at Fairleigh Dickinson University, to study German Literature and Literary Criticism with Geoffrey H. Hartman and Jeffrey L. Sammons at Yale University, and to study non-Western Comparative Literature at Montclair State University.; authored five books, published numerous articles, and had his work reproduced in three anthologies and presented at academic conferences in many capacities.

Domenica Desiderioscioli
Department of Exercise Science and Physical Education
College of Education and Human Services
Professor Desiderioscioli served the University for fifty-one years. She served as the Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs and Campus Life, as Acting Vice President for Student Development and Campus Life, and as Chairperson of the Department of Exercise Science and Physical Education; represented the University as the Faculty Athletic Representative to the National Collegiate Athletic Association; inspired a generation of Montclair teacher education students and mentored them as public school teachers. She served as President and longstanding member of the Executive Board of the New Jersey Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance; she is a member of the Montclair State University Athletic Hall of Fame.

Mark A. Kaelin
Department of Public Health
College of Education and Human Services
Professor Kaelin served the University for forty years. He sparked a passion for epidemiology among thousands of undergraduate and graduate students who now serve as members of the public health workforce; provided professional development to hundreds of middle school teachers across the state and region, successfully advocated for the addition of an Epidemiology Challenge to the New Jersey Science Olympiad and ran that challenge for years; and taught health education and drug prevention to Montclair students across four decades. Professor Kaelin was awarded over $3.8 million from the National Institutes of Health for pioneering work bringing epidemiology education to middle school students; was a founding member of the Epidemiology Education movement advocating for access to learning public health science in the middle and high school grades as a means of building scientific literacy and creating pathways to public health careers; and delivered numerous conference presentations on the implementation and effects of epidemiology education.

The six Emeriti faculty that were not in attendance are listed below:

Willam S. Berlin
Department of Political Science and Law
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Professor Berlin served the University for forty-six years. He played a significant role facilitating the creation of the Department of Political Science and Law and served as Chairmen of the new Department for seven years. Professor Berlin created a Public Policy Center along with a major speakers series; served as legislative liaison for Montclair State and was instrumental in achieving University status; received three community service grants, one of which resulted in a nationally recognized publication; received a grant from the NJ Council of Humanities for a documentary film on the town of Montclair NJ; and received a grant to write, produce and direct a documentary, “Working It Out,” focusing on the NJ legislature, which has been used in countless classrooms throughout the state. Produced and anchored more than 40 programs for “Carpe Diem,” the University television program, conducting interviews with key decision makers; produced more than 200 programs for “Caucus New Jersey”; received an EMMY award for outstanding work on a series about Alzheimer’s Disease; authored many articles and essays for New Jersey Medicine on a wide range of health and health policy issues.

Mary Emily Call
Department of Linguistics
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Professor Call served the University for thirty years. She served as Chair of Linguistics from 1993-2002; she was instrumental in developing the MA in Applied Linguistics and built up six ESL teacher education programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level and created partnerships with two universities in Mexico that brought students to the MA in Applied Linguistics program. Professor Call served as a model for international collaboration in the Linguistics Department; she received Fulbright scholarships to Mexico and Slovakia and actively represented the University to the Fulbright organization and collaborated with Dr. David Townsend of Psychology for a National Institutes of Health research grant. She also published in the field of second language acquisition and reviewed numerous manuscripts and books in the field.

Marilyn R. Tayler
Department of Political Science and Law
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Professor Tayler served the University for forty-two years. She taught in the Departments of Spanish/Italian, Legal Studies, and Political Science and Law; she played an instrumental role in the development and successful implementation of law-related programs at Montclair State including the Jurisprudence Major, Pre-Law Minor and Paralegal Studies Program, serving as Director of the Center for Legal Studies for five years and Department Chair of Legal Studies for 12 years and for many years played an active role on curriculum committees at all levels and has worked for the implementations of interdisciplinary education at Montclair State. Professor Tayler is the author or editor of more than 45 articles, books, and other writings in the fields of Law, Interdisciplinary Studies and Latin American Literature and has presented her research at more than 50 national, international, and regional conferences; initiated and coordinated Law School Admissions Day for 34 years at the University.

Nancy Tumposky
Department of Secondary and Special Education
College of Education and Human Services
Professor Tumposky served the University for thirty-one years. She was a Fulbright Scholar lecturing at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia as a teacher educator and language methodologist. She also lectured in the Teaching in English program at East China Normal University and Karl Franzens University in Graz Austria; was an active participant in all matters “Global Education” here at Montclair including serving as a grants evaluator and instructor at the Montclair State Summer Institute in Madrid Spain; and was an active participant in all departmental committees and activities and never turned down an opportunity to participate or help. Professor Tumposky is recognized nationally and internationally for her contributions to English as a Second Language Teacher Education, is an active lecturer and author of over 40 publications and has presented papers at more than 30 national and international conferences.

Lawrence Schwartz
Department of English
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Professor Schwartz served the University for forty-seven years. He served as chair of the English Department from 2000-2006; coordinated English Undergraduate Advisement for fifteen years, 1995-2000 and 2007-2017, developing a program for English Major Audits; coordinated the Freshman Writing program for fourteen years; was co-coordinator, with Professor James Nash, of the Montclair State Computer Writing Program for twelve years; served on multiple faculty search committees in the English Department; served as Chair of the Montclair State Basic Skills Committee for seven years; developed a program of African-American studies; and received grants from multiple organizations. Professor Schwartz published two books, his book on Faulkner having been reprinted by University of Tennessee Press; he has published many scholarly articles and book reviews. Professor Schwartz made invaluable contributions to the American Literature Curriculum, especially in the area of African American Literature.

Gregory Waters
Department of English
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Professor Waters served the University for thirty-three years. He has served as Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs, Deputy Provost, and Vice President for University Advancement, and Interim President; he returned to teaching in 2004 and became Director of the University Honors Program until his retirement. Outside of Montclair State, he has served as chairman of the New Jersey Council for the Humanities, as a Fellow of the Society for Values in Higher Education, as lead scholar in the Literature and Medicine Program at Mountainside Hospital, and as a faculty member for the NEH Institute in Chicago that trains faculty to work as facilitators in Literature and Medicine programs throughout the country. Professor Waters has authored more than 50 scholarly papers, articles, and reviews. He has written and directed externally funded grant projects totaling more than $6 million and, led the effort that raised $16 million in scholarships and endowment support for the University from private sources.