Aerial view of MSU campus

Privileges and Benefits


  • University ID card

One of the privileges and benefits is a University ID card. This photo ID card is especially useful if you are planning to use the university library.

It is very easy to obtain this card. There is a room in the lower level of the Student Center past the Computer Room where your picture can be taken and the card prepared. The person in charge of this operation is Carlos Espinoza (973 655-4147). Call ahead to make an appointment. You will need ID, such as a driver’s license. The Emeriti Association suggests that the card should contain three lines:

Your name
Academic Affairs
Emeriti Faculty

If you experience difficulty in this process, contact the Emeriti Association at

  • University e-mail address

  • Library privileges

  • Listing of Emeriti on departmental websites

  • Invitation to all open University events

  • On campus accommodations for Emeriti meetings and events

  • Parking Privileges

General Surface Parking Lots

Emeriti are entitled to receive hanging parking tags permitting parking in all general surface parking lots. These lots are coded in yellow on the Montclair State University Parking Map. This map is also available in the Parking Services Office located on the ground floor of the Red Hawk Parking Deck.

To obtain a Montclair State parking tag please visit Get a Permit and complete the application. You will need to log in with your Montclair State NetID.

Parking for the Handicapped

Emeriti who have a disability license or hanging tag are entitled to use parking lots designated for the handicapped.

To park in the parking spaces for disabled persons on campus (except in the Red Hawk Deck), you must first possess a state-issued PWD parking permit. This state-issued permit must be registered with Parking Services and be displayed along with your Montclair State permit in your vehicle at all times when you are parked on campus.

The parking lots for persons with disabilities are coded in green on the Montclair State University parking map.  The map is available in the Parking Services Office located on the ground floor of the Red Hawk Parking Deck.

Red Hawk Parking Deck

There are no emeriti privileges for the Red Hawk Parking Deck. However, it should be noted that for performances in the Kasser Theater, parking on the fourth level gives easy access to the theater. Also, paying the parking fee at the box office before the performance avoids waiting in a long line at the payment machines after the performance.