Closeup of student using pipettes in lab

Registration & Process

Please allow six to eight weeks minimum.

  1. Researcher (faculty or staff) prepares IBC registration form
  2. Researcher and all personnel complete biosafety CITI course
  3. Researcher completes registration form and submits to
  4. IBC acknowledges receipt and forwards to Biosafety Officer for initial review
  5. Biosafety Officer compiles initial feedback and sends to researcher
  6. Researcher makes any final changes to form
  7. Committee meets to review registration – please check meeting months online
  8. IBC meeting revisions sent back to researchers (e.g., missing information? Missing training? Application items not clear?)
  9. Researchers submit revisions and review performed until all issues have been resolved
  10. Final review by IBC Chair and Biosafety Officer
  11. Final approval and receipt of (three to five year) approval letter via email