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Your course of study, augmented with an undergraduate minor in International Studies, opens up diverse employment opportunities for you in education, government, law, communications, business, non-governmental organizations, philanthropic organizations, and private voluntary organizations. The minor is also advantageous when applying for graduate school.

Some skills that you may pick when pursuing the minor in International Studies include:

  • Comprehensive and interdisciplinary perspective on world problems
  • Ability to recognize global trends and patterns
  • Strong critical thinking and analytical skills of the global system
  • Research, oral presentation, and communications skills
  • Ability to address effectively with different audiences

Possible occupations and employers include:

  • Marketing Analyst/Coordinator
  • Language Translator
  • International Correspondent/Copy Editor
  • Foreign Currency Trader
  • Teacher
  • International development agencies
    (World Bank, UNDP)
  • Environmental protection organizations
    (UNEP, World Wildlife Fund)
  • Intergovernmental organizations
    (U.N., World Trade Organization)
  • U.S. Government
    (Departments of State, Energy, Commerce, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, USAID, CIA, DIA, more)
  • Government Agencies
    (Local, State, Federal)
  • Non-Profit Organizations and International NGOs
    (Save the Children, Mercy Corps, Doctors Without Borders)
  • The Peace Corps