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Dr. Arnaud Kurze interviewed by Wilson Center NOW Series on US Anti-Slavery Legacy and Memory Politics

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Image of faculty member Arnaud Kurze presenting as part of a panel discussion.
Against the backdrop of the 400th anniversary of forced African migration in the United States,  the host of the Wilson Center NOW Series, John Milewski speaks with Arnaud Kurze, Assistant Professor at Montclair State University and a Wilson Center Global Fellow, and Vjeran Pavlakovic, a former Wilson Center Fellow, who reflect on U.S. memory politics and the responsibility to reckon with one of the country’s dark chapters in history. Given their expertise in memory studies and transitional justice, a field that addresses post-conflict and post-authoritarian accountability and reconciliation issues, they provide a comparative perspective by drawing parallels between different global case studies, notably the Balkans and the Middle East and North Africa regions.