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Montclair State offers one of the few bachelor degree programs in Justice Studies in the State of New Jersey. Our niche is a broad-based interdisciplinary curriculum offering a rigorous course of study that examines the intersection of justice, law, policy and social change. Students in the major may focus their studies in one or more of the following three concentrations:  Justice Systems, International Justice or Paralegal Studies. Our students actively experience justice through a required internship in their field of the study. Read our Mission Statement.

The Department of Justice Studies also provides students with opportunities to explore various constructions of justice through its minors in Environmental Justice, Justice and Families, Criminal Justice and Paralegal Studies.

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Our Programs

The Justice Studies major is one of the most popular undergraduate programs at Montclair State University. It features a set of core courses along with various elective options. Students select their course of study from at least one of three field-specific concentrations: International Justice, Justice Systems or Paralegal Studies. We also offer four minors in the following areas of study: Criminal Justice, Environmental Justice, Justice & Families, and Paralegal Studies.

Our Paralegal Studies program is approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). Our program was recently named Best of the Best in New Jersey by a recognized National Paralegal Association. We offer an undergraduate concentration, minor and Post-Baccalaureate Paralegal Studies Certificate.

Programs of Study


Our programs will cultivate the ability to think critically, to act ethically, and helps students to develop an understanding of global issues and of their responsibilities as citizens of the world. The department offers a wide range of interdisciplinary fields of study allowing our students to pursue a wide variety of careers.

Careers in Justice Studies

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Our Faculty

The Justice Studies Department has a dynamic roster of full-time and adjunct faculty members from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. Our department has scholars in the areas of criminology, sociology, political theory, psychology and law.  Our faculty are actively engaged in research related to the following areas: policing, juvenile justice, crime mapping, prisoner’s rights, re-entry, transitional justice, human rights, social justice, wrongful convictions, hate crimes, cybercrime, terrorism, gender studies, domestic violence, environmental crime, animal cruelty and more.

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