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Global Human Trafficking Certificate

The undergraduate certificate program in Global Human Trafficking is open to all students.  It provides students with a comprehensive and critical understanding of global human trafficking, including extent, causes, impact, perpetrators, victims, and responses.

More specifically, participants will gain an understanding of sexual offenses and offenders from a multidisciplinary perspective relevant to the human trafficking context, and will be trained to better identify and investigate trafficking in human beings for labor exploitation. The certificate will also provide key legal knowledge at the international, transnational, regional, national, and state level, as well as the knowledge needed to understand the holistic needs of human trafficking survivors as they begin their aftercare and restoration. Every student will also complete a human trafficking related internship to apply their experiences in the classroom within a professional setting.

The Certificate consists of 4 undergraduate courses and one internship (total 15 credit hours) and can be completed in one year.  For more information about the internship process, click here.

For more information about the Certificate, please contact Dr. Daniela Peterka-Benton, Certificate Program Coordinator, or the Justice Studies Department.

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Please note:  Course prerequisites will be waived for non-majors.