About the Magazine

Montclair magazine is the official magazine for Montclair State University. The magazine is sent to more than 130,000 alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the University twice a year. It is produced by University Communications and Marketing and has received numerous awards including the International Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals’ MarCom awards.

The Magazine of Montclair State University

Joseph A. Brennan
Laura Griffin ’20 MA
Assistant Editors
Robert Gano
Marilyn Joyce Lehren ’21 MA
Design Director
Randi Rosh ’20 MA
Samantha Spitaletta ’97
Staff Writer
Sylvia A. Martinez
Contributing Writers
Michele Hickey
Laura Iandiorio
Rosaria Lo Presti ’21
Mary Barr Mann
Andrew Mees
Elyse Toribio
Staff Photographer
Mike Peters
Contributing Photographers
Roy Groething
Shelley Kusnetz
John LaRosa ’22
Michael Paras
Christo Apostolou
Debra Morella ’79
Digital Magazine
Ely Morella

MONTCLAIR is published by University Communications and Marketing.

Views within these pages do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editor or official policies of the University. No materials (articles, photographs, illustrations, etc.) may be reproduced in whole or in part without consent of the editor.

For information or to share story ideas, email editor@montclair.edu.