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New Animation/Illustration Class is a Game Changer

Students showcase their newly created video games at Game Con ’18

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Student wearing VR goggles with Capt'n Carroll graphic and Animation / Illustration Game Con '18 text.

For senior Richard Guzman, video, computer and online games have been a big part of his college life, but he’s not just a gamer. Guzman is one of the creators of new games designed by Montclair State students for the University’s Game Con ’18.

A BFA major in Animation/Illustration, Guzman was among the students who accepted the challenge of creating a game in Montclair State’s new Interactive Game Development course. The class covered every aspect of the game development pipeline, including ideation, game asset preparation, visual aesthetic, game programming, user experience and deployment.

It’s no secret that video games have transformed pop culture – and campus life. Riding on the popularity, Montclair State hosted its first Game Con this spring, with gamers from all corners of the campus indulging in games created by the BFA students.

The students produced five games of different genres, including adventure and virtual reality with headset and controller. Learning to code was challenging. “It felt like you were learning a new language,” says Guzman.

The class was introduced this academic year by Markus Santoso, assistant professor of animation/illustration. His extensive research and experience includes Augmented and Virtual Reality and Serious-game Development.

“This was something I was passionate about,” Guzman says. “I’ve been a gamer almost all my life and it’s just so cool that this time I was part of making a video game, not just playing one.”