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What Needs to Change?

Social justice expert Jason Williams discusses the underlying systemic issues that create an environment in which Black people die at the hands of police

What ‘Abolish’ and ‘Defund’ the Police Really Mean

By Jessica S. Henry, associate professor of Justice Studies

Crunching the Numbers on Disease

Mathematical model forecasts the future spread of the coronavirus

All My Trials

In their final performance of the spring 2020 semester, MSU Singers offer a message of solidarity and hope

David Axelrod

How Our Mental Health Will Impact the Economy

Economics expert David Axelrod cautions that the pandemic could influence our buying behaviors, and that will determine how quickly economy bounces back

A Close Look at Nature vs. Nurture

Psychology Professor shares her research for University’s Distinguished Scholar lecture

The Philadelphia Experience

New Study Finds 1% Recidivism Rate Among Released Philly Juvenile Lifers

Research from Montclair State University faculty shows that people age out of crime

Double screen on monitor of career counselors

In an Apply-From-Home Job Market, It Pays to Be Camera Ready

Career Services provides best practices for interviewing online

Jonathan Caspi

How Sibling Connections Help Us Thrive During Social Distancing

Professor Jonathan Caspi shares advice for parents, as well as adult siblings, during the pandemic

Photo collage of faculty experts

Montclair State Experts Help Others Understand the Pandemic

Faculty are part of the national conversation as the public health crisis unfolds

hands manipulating die

Social Distancing: Public Health Expert Explains Why It’s Crucial

In a video series, Montclair State’s Stephanie Silvera discusses how following guidelines will slow the growth of the coronavirus

Researchers Aid Child Witnesses With Tele-Forensic Interviewing

Remotely Interviewing children becomes more important as coronavirus spreads