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Category: Faculty Voices

Four Education Experts Weigh In on Key Issues

From AI to anti-inclusion policies, experts share thoughts on classroom-related topics dominating headlines

Sign warning of ticks in a forest setting

Why It’s a Bad Season for Ticks and Mosquitoes, According to This Bug Expert

Entomologist explains why we’re seeing so many ticks this year, and what to do if you get bit

Graphic with green, red and yellow background, and the words "Freedom Day, Juneteenth, June 19"

What to Know About Juneteenth, According to This History Expert

American History expert explains how June 19 became a day of celebration and a federal holiday

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How Generative AI Can Help Local Newsrooms

Journalists can use tools like ChatGPT for reporting and to help improve operations in small newsrooms, expert says

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Social Media Normalizes Mental Health Discussions, But Misconceptions Abound

Psychology experts explain how professionals can help teach the difference between mental health diagnoses

Pop Culture is News, Not Clickbait, University Professor Says in New Book

From #MeToo to Marvel to JK Rowling, Communications Professor Joel Penney looks at how celebrities and entertainment news play a major role in the public’s understanding of social and political issues

Professor Jonathan Howell in a classroom, lecturing to students.

How Did ‘Elvis’ Star Austin Butler Change His Voice? Linguistics Expert Weighs In

Expert discusses how our speech patterns and tone of voice can change

Weight room in a gym

How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Exercising can fight stress and balance holiday excess

How Holiday Shopping Will Be Different This Year

Supply chain issues aren’t the only changes this shopping season

Photo of Paul Bologna in a lab setting

How to Treat a Jellyfish Sting and Other Beach Season Tips

Biology Professor Paul Bologna shares advice on neutralizing jellyfish stings, sharks you may spot at the Jersey Shore and more tips for the summer season

Meiyin Wu working on equipment in a lab.

Harmful Algal Blooms May Impact Your Water

HABs in our lakes and drinking water reservoirs are a danger to humans, pets and wildlife, says aquatic ecologist Meiyin Wu

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Opinion: Sexual Assault Is Not A Women’s Issue, It’s A Societal One

By Maneesha Kelkar, adjunct professor in the Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies department at Montclair State University