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Montclair State Adds Academic Programs for Fall 2019

University expands pathways to professional success and development

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Montclair State University is adding to its portfolio of majors, creating new academic programs that expand its teaching, global business and professional writing offerings at the undergraduate level, and is launching leading-edge graduate studies in growing fields, including applied mathematics and cybersecurity.

“Montclair State University’s newest academic offerings further strengthen the institution’s commitment to preparing New Jersey’s future workforce for 21st-century careers,” says Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Willard Gingerich. “Students will now have new, exciting pathways to future-ready professions, and the credentials necessary to achieve success in an ever-changing economy.”

Teacher Preparation

The BA in Educational Foundations for Elementary Teachers seeks to answer this question: ideally, what kind of educational preparation should a teacher in the K-6 grades have? The program offers an expansive grounding in the disciplinary areas of mathematics, science, history and language, as well as professional preparation in pedagogy, curriculum and child psychology, and meets all the requirements for teacher certification.

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Language, Business and Culture

The new BA in Language, Business and Culture is designed to provide students with competency in cultural studies and cross-cultural communication, with core understanding of the business disciplines in accounting, economics, finance, technology and international business, with advanced-level competency in one of five languages, and with a required international experience.

This innovative program, created in collaboration between the Feliciano School of Business and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, prepares students with both the hard and soft skills needed in today’s global business environment.

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Public and Professional Writing

The BA in Public and Professional Writing will prepare strategic writers with the digital tools and critical-thinking skills essential for political, cultural and global communications. It has been designed to provide flexibility for students seeking to double major, and provides for internships and portfolio assessments.

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The Graduate School

New master-level programs in Applied Mathematics, Computational Linguistics, Cybersecurity, and Social Research and Analysis provide pathways to postgraduate careers in data analysis for a broad range of analytically minded students.

Montclair State has been designated by the Carnegie Classification as a doctoral university with high research activity and is recognized by New Jersey as one of the state’s four public research universities.

Applied Mathematics

The MS in Applied Mathematics will provide students with a broad background in mathematics that can be applied in a wide range of industry settings. Students will master the use of the software and hardware tools of numerical and scientific computing and develop the capacity to evaluate the utility and effectiveness of mathematical models in solving problems and to communicate the results of mathematical investigations in a manner appropriate to the audience.

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The Department of Computer Science designed the new MS in Cybersecurity to offer students theoretical, methodological and applied learning reflective of the technical and managerial aspects of contemporary cybersecurity practice. Coursework will enable students to develop a comprehensive understanding of principles, investigations, system hardware and software, problem specification and analysis, solution design, implementation and security validation.

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Computational Linguistics

Students in New Jersey’s first and only MS in Computational Linguistics program will receive the interdisciplinary training in computer science and linguistics needed to help machines process human language – and help linguists understand language through computer models. Working in the new state-of-the-art Center for Computing and Information Science, students will be prepared to fill the growing need for computational linguistics professionals in the financial, insurance, scientific and technological sectors.

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Social Research and Analysis 

For-profit companies and nonprofit organizations alike are increasingly turning to data for help – whether to change public policies, market a product, or achieve sustainability. The MA in Social Research and Analysis is an interdisciplinary graduate program in social research and analysis. Students will gain the skills they need to help industry, government and communities devise data-driven, evidence-based solutions.

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