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Transfer Students Share Reasons for Choosing Montclair State

Looking to transfer to Montclair State? The Deadline is December 1.

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Each year, students looking to improve their education or access a specific program of excellence, transfer to Montclair State, and that has made all the difference for them. The transfer application deadline for the spring semester is December 1, 2020. Below are some transfer students who were recognized during Transfer Student Recognition Week in October, which took place during National Transfer Student Week. To learn how to apply, visit our transfer admissions website.

Ray Stanton

Ray Stanton, a junior Chemistry major from Saddlebrook, New Jersey, transferred from Seton Hall University.

Reasons for transferring: I had heard so many great things about Montclair. At Montclair State, the professors are very passionate, research is much more accessible, the beautiful campus is very large and full of diversity, and there are many more programs for students to choose from. As a Chemistry student, it was important for me to choose an ACS certified program, and Montclair State offers that.

Campus Involvement: I am a student researcher in the Chemistry department, and I am a peer facilitator in the Office of Social Justice and Diversity.

What do you enjoy about Montclair State? I feel like I can flourish and grow at Montclair, an environment where working hard is always the expectation. I enjoy the atmosphere, and the diversity in both students and staff. Montclair is a place where I want to work hard, and I will be proud to graduate.

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Jennifer Ondish

Jennifer Ondish, a senior Linguistics major with a concentration in ASL/English Interpreting from Rockaway, New Jersey, transferred from County College of Morris.

Reasons for transferring: First and foremost, I was attracted to the newly created major for ASL/English Interpreting. It offered me the opportunity to explore my profound passion for the study of language, culture, and equal access in the Deaf community. Also, I was lured by the smaller student-teacher ratio, along with the University’s vast resources through faculty, staff and technology. Lastly, the school is the perfect location with easy access to New York City.

Campus involvement: For the past two years, I have had the pleasure of working as an American Sign Language tutor for the Academic Support Center. I am also the president of the reinstated American Sign Language Club.

What do you enjoy about Montclair State? I enjoy the immense opportunities that MSU provides for student involvement. When I first transferred, I was nervous because I felt like I wasn’t going to find my place in the community. However, I quickly realized that there is a strong welcoming school spirit among all of the faculty, staff and students. It’s been a transformative experience for me to become a true Red Hawk and find my home away from home!

Adriana LaVarco

Adriana LaVarco, a senior Biology major from East Rutherford, New Jersey, transferred from Penn State University (University Park).

Reasons for Transferring: Montclair State is close to home, affordable and the campus is beautiful.

Campus Involvement? I’m a University Fellow for the College of Science and Mathematics. I’m part of the National Society of Leadership & Success, I was previously a tutor at the Academic Support Center for Anatomy & Physiology I and II, and I was a part of the Pre-Vet Club for a short time before I changed my career track.

What do you enjoy about Montclair State? One of my favorite parts is the friendly and comfortable atmosphere. I have also had the pleasure to learn from some of the greatest professors that the University has to offer, and I will take those lessons (school and non-school related) with me wherever I go in the future. Montclair State has also brought so many great people and friends into my life who I’ll cherish forever, and it honestly just feels like home.

Colin Roper

Colin Roper, a senior Communications and Media Arts major from Lebanon, New Jersey, transferred from Raritan Valley Community College.

Reasons for transferring: Opportunities! So many opportunities for students at Montclair State. Originally I was a Business major but when I read about the Communication and Media program here, and what they had to offer students, I was hooked. Montclair has many connections to New York, and many of our alumni work at the companies, and in fields I am interested in.

Campus involvement: I am involved in many clubs through the Rec Center and am an orientation leader. Since I’ve been an orientation leader, I’ve met so many great people, friends and mentors. I am a part of InterVarsity and Brotherhood which are fun, uplifting clubs. I also attend Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) meetings too!

What do you enjoy about Montclair State? It’s not easy being a transfer student at any school but it’s a plus when the school is diverse and celebrates diversity like Montclair does with all the student-run organizations, plus WAM (Weekends at Montclair). I call Red Hawk Country my home!

Marcus Sinclair

Marcus Sinclair, a senior Political Science major from Cranford, New Jersey, transferred from the University of Toronto.

Reasons for transferring: I wanted to be in a smaller environment closer to home.

Campus involvement: I am the current Chief of Staff for the Student Government Association under the Lozin administration.

What do you enjoy about Montclair State? I love the fact that MSU is such a close-knit community. Throughout my time here I have gotten to know professors extremely well and some like professor Alvarez, professor Gordon, and Dean Hood have become personal mentors. They have actively helped me excel at Montclair far beyond their classes or offices. I owe a lot of my success here to their dedication and guidance. What I love about Montclair is that I feel as though I’m not just here to graduate with a degree, but to become a better and more whole person in the process.

Gerry Guillame

Rudgerry Guillaume, a senior Business Administration major from West Orange, New Jersey, transferred from County College of Morris.

Reasons for transferring: The University is close to home and is highly regarded.

Campus Involvement: The Corporate Edge Program through the Feliciano School of Business and the Educational Opportunity Fund Program (EOF).

What do you enjoy about Montclair State? All the professors care about their students as if we are their own children. They all are willing to make time for you if you are having a hard time with anything or just need some guidance.

Trish Tacinelli

Trish Tacinelli, a senior Nursing major from Haskell, New Jersey, transferred from Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing and William Paterson University.

Reasons for transferring: Mountainside’s contract with the University for the RN to BSN program.

Campus involvement: Although not involved on campus, I am able to continue attending classes while working full-time and caring for my family.

What do you enjoy about Montclair State? Availability of staff and how welcoming and helpful they are. The SIM lab was amazing for new nurses. They will get a lot out of it.