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Crisis Intervention Support

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Crisis Intervention Support seeks to provide immediate assistance/support to any student experiencing a physical, emotional or mental health crisis or to any student who is a victim of harassment, as defined below. This Policy was adopted to identify the Student Support Services available to students and who may provide it.

Student Support Services

The Dean of Students Office

If a student alleges that another student has engaged in harassing and/or threatening behavior against him or her, the Dean of Students will assist the victim by issuing a University No Contact Order (UNCO) if the action violates the following provisions in the University Code of Conduct:

  • Section C (Computer Misuse),
  • Section D (Dating, Relationship or Sexual Misconduct),
  • Section F (Disruptive Conduct),
  • Section M (Harassment), and/or
  • Section O (Infliction or Threat of Bodily Harm)

A University No Contact Order (UNCO) may be issued by the Dean of Students for violating the foregoing provisions of the Student Code of Conduct. The UNCO shall be served upon all parties and state the reasons in support of its issuance. Students who have been issued a UNCO will meet with a University Hearing Officer to discuss the UNCO. Students will be asked to provide written consent indicating compliance with the UNCO. The Dean of Students may proceed with the student conduct hearing process based on the alleged violation if the student fails to provide written consent. The alleged student violator who fails to provide written consent may still be issued a UNCO, if warranted, for the protection and safety of the complainant pending a final hearing regarding the alleged violation.

The Montclair State University Police Department (UPD)

Enforces all state and local laws and University rules and regulations. UPD is also responsible for implementing programs and services that promote public safety, crime prevention and community awareness. Criminal complaints may be filed by the UPD and a temporary restraining order may be issued by a New Jersey court in accordance with New Jersey law.

The Student Health Center (SHC)

Offers comprehensive, confidential medical care to Montclair State University students, health-related information to the University community and medical withdrawal recommendations for students in need.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Offers confidential short-term individual counseling, group therapy, psychiatry, medical withdrawal recommendations for students in need and off-campus referrals for long-term and specialized treatment for students in need.

The Disability Resource Center (DRC)

Provides services and reasonable accommodations to students with physical, sensory, psychological, learning, and other disabilities, and medical withdrawal recommendations.

The Mediation Resource Center (MRC)

Supports all students in crisis through the facilitation of conflict resolution and the development of strong, healthy relationships.

Student of Concern Form

Allows students, staff, administration and faculty to inform the Dean of Students office about students who are in crisis or who exhibit a need for special assistance. The form is located on the Dean of Students home page under Important Forms/Policies.

The CARE Team

The Crisis, Assessment, Response and Education (CARE) Team is a group of University administrators that meets regularly to evaluate concerning behaviors of Montclair State University students. Students referred to the CARE Team are expressing behavior that causes community members to be concerned. The CARE Team collects information about referred students and identifies and enacts appropriate strategies and responses for addressing the situation with the goal of supporting the student.

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