Aerial shot of Montclair State University's campus.

Strategic Plan

Montclair State University’s current strategic plan – Connecting to Tomorrow – was the culmination of a two-year, campus-wide effort, that outlined a set of key challenges and actions to ensure the University’s future success. A new strategic planning process is being undertaken under the direction of the University Provost. Additional information regarding the planning process may be found at the Strategic Planning 2025 website.

Since 1908, Montclair State University has expanded its mission and programs to meet the evolving needs of its students and the State of New Jersey. While doing so, it has established its reputation as a large and comprehensive university with excellent undergraduate and graduate programs, an accomplished faculty, and a supportive educational environment that is focused on student success.

Having met the goals outlined in the University’s previous strategic plan, Montclair State University at the Centennial, the University community is now ready to face the challenges and embrace the opportunities that still lie ahead of us.

This summary document outlines the five broad goals that form the collective vision behind the new strategic plan, Connecting to Tomorrow:

  1. Connecting students with a successful future
  2. Connecting people and ideas
  3. Connecting to place
  4. Connecting globally
  5. Meeting challenges and opportunities on the way to tomorrow

Although the task ahead of us is great, we bring to it a clear vision of what Montclair State University can and should be. This University also comes well equipped with a proven record of creativity in implementing past plans and the adaptability to embrace and leverage positive change. Working together and using Connecting to Tomorrow as our guide, we will achieve the realization of the next chapter of this great institution.

Download and view full text of the Strategic Plan (PDF).

Susan A. Cole

2015 Strategic Plan Progress Report (PDF)

2014 Strategic Plan Progress Report‌ (PDF)

2013 Strategic Plan Progress Report (PDF)