Aerial photo of campus

Vision and Values

Montclair Vision

By 2025 Montclair State University will be nationally recognized as a premier public university, serving 25,000 students with programs from bachelor’s to PhD. It will provide students with a welcoming, supportive and responsive student experience that enables post-graduate success. It will continue to be affordable and accessible, acclaimed for its research contributions, locally valued for its community and business partnerships, fiscally sound and nimble in its business practices, and diverse in its students and employees.

The 2002 Mission Statement remains relevant and inspiring for the next generation of the University’s growth.

Montclair State Values

Continually promoting academic excellence and post-graduate achievement
Proactively employing strategies to level the playing field for students seeking further education
Embracing innovation, experimentation, and creativity for excellence and efficiency
Social Justice:
Understanding and working to dismantle barriers to the opportunities and privileges appropriate to all residents of New Jersey
Building practices and programs for long-term survival and flourishing of the University
Connecting to community through strategic partnerships, collaborations, and services