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The Position

The Role of the President

The next President of Montclair State University will be an engaged, inspiring leader with a demonstrated commitment to Montclair State’s heritage, mission and core values. The President will advance these values by building on the University’s traditions and strengths, actively seeking consensus among all its constituencies, and exercising superb management and decision-making skills. The President will communicate effectively with both internal and external constituencies, articulating clearly and passionately Montclair State’s mission and strategic aspirations. The President will work effectively with the Board Chair and Trustees in pursuit of the strategic initiatives that will further strengthen the University and the community.

The President will embrace the faculty’s longstanding commitment to excellence in teaching, complemented by an increasing quantity and quality of scholarship and research, and display an understanding of the essential synergy between the two. The President will strengthen and foster a vibrant and diverse community of students, faculty and staff, enhancing relationships with alumni, community leaders, elected officials, the business community and others closely associated with the University. Finally, the President will lead by modeling character, passion, integrity and a firm belief in the pursuit of knowledge.

In support of these essential functions, the President will:

  • Articulate the mission and core values of Montclair State University;
  • Ensure that the University pursues and achieves excellence in its academic endeavors, including but not limited to its undergraduate and graduate academic offerings; the research, scholarship and creative activities of the faculty; and the achievement and success of its students;
  • Build a constructive environment of working collaboration among all the academic and administrative units of the University to develop and implement strategies for continued success;
  • Appoint such executive officers and administrative leaders as deemed necessary;
  • Personally interact with local, regional and state elected officials to further their appreciation for the value that Montclair State University provides to the citizens of the region and the State of New Jersey and to secure the appropriate state support as a leading public research university;
  • Strengthen partnerships with area school districts and other institutions of education, the business community, and residents of the local and regional communities, with an entrepreneurial spirit that helps build new revenue streams and increases student enrollment and achievement;
  • Encourage alumni involvement in the University and its activities; and
  • Lead aggressive efforts to raise funds from individual donors, private and nonprofit sources, government grants, corporations and foundations. The President’s principal role in this regard is to ensure that donors recognize the significance of their potential gifts and how those gifts will help the University accomplish its goals.

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