Bronze Red Hawk Statue outside College Hall in Spring with blooming flowers


Constituencies Term Expires Voting Members Alternative Members
Managerial 4/22; 4/22 Cindy Meneghin Jeanine Stroh
University Senate 4/22; 4/22 Christopher Cottle Lise Raven
Faculty 4/22 Regina Judge Ariel Alvarez
Local 1904(AFT/AFL-CIO) 4/22 David Keiser Paul Martinez
Professional Staff 4/22 Lori Petrozzello Robert Gano
Women’s Caucus 4/22 Lucy Candal-Fernandez Amy Aiello
Administrative Professionals 4/22 Felicia Hines Tina Seaboch
Communication Workers of Amer. 4/22; 4/22 Cristina Molinari Kiwanda Coates
University Facilities 4/22 Earl Farrell Lavone Broxton
Local 195 (International Feder. of Prof. & Tech. Engineers) 4/22 Margarita Acevedo Myra Shark
University Police 4/22 Kaluba Chipepo Sylvia Sims
Student Government Association 4/22
Black Student Union 4/22
Latin American Student Org. 4/22
Unified Asian American Student Org. 4/22
Active Minds 4/22
African American Caucus 4/22 TBD TBD
Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus 4/22 Jude Uy Sudha Wadhwani
Latino/a Caucus 4/22 Mary Colon Carmen Reyes-Cuevas
LGBTQ Employee Resource Group 4/22 Joel Penney Robert Serrani
Council on Faith and Spirituality 4/22 Dorothy Rogers Minji Lee
Veterans 4/22 Jonathan Gubitosi TBD
Persons with Disabilities 4/22; 4/22 Christopher Drost Meghan Hearns

At-large Members


Term Expires Voting Members
4/22 Marie Cascarano
4/22 Nicole Fackina
4/22 Fatima deCarvalho
4/22 Katia Paz Goldfarb
4/22 Ana Gomez
4/22 Dwayne Harris
4/22 Sandra Marschall
4/22 Anthony Mennuti
4/21 Tara Morlando-Zurlo
4/22 Duane Williams

Ex-Officio Members

Constituencies Voting Members
Vice President for Human Resources David Vernon
Associate Vice President for Compliance and Labor Relations for  Human Resources Qiana Watson
Director of Equity and Title IX Coordinator for Human Resources Ashante Connor
Dean of Students Margaree Coleman-Carter