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Enza Antenos

Assistant Professor, World Languages and Cultures

Conrad J. Schmitt Hall 222
PhD, University of Toronto, Canada
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ENZA ANTENOS (Ph.D., University of Toronto, Canada) has published on topics such as acquisition of elementary Italian, the professional preparation of Italian teachers, and social networking and online collaboration in foreign language learning.

Providing students with real-life situations beyond the classroom, opportunities to interact both organically and authentically with classmates and native speakers, and to broaden opportunities for students to belong to a language community to encourage life-long learning are central elements in her teaching. Prior to moving to the U.S., Antenos has also held non-academic positions with Parmalat, Nestlé and IBM (Canada), which have strongly influenced research interests and curricular development.

Her current research agenda focuses on experiential learning through professional experiences (i.e., internships, interdisciplinary projects, cooperation education programs), and creates not only authentic learning scenarios but also synergies between the university and target-language communities locally and internationally. Dr. Antenos is also the director of the new B.A. in Language, Business & Culture, which was launched fall 2019.

She also pens "Italian Asset", a bilingual column on the role of Italian language and culture in higher education.


My three areas of scholarship are: 1) teacher training; 2) technology; and 3) business.
My claim to fame: first scholar to ever use Twitter as a language teaching tool (2008)
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Research Projects

Italians of Greater New York

Students of Italian 345, Special Topics: The Italian Language in the U.S., developed interviews and wrote up brief posts about Italians in the greater NY area. Each student prepared one post for each of the three waves of immigration that have marked the arrival of Italians in America. Students will be sharing their findings at the student research symposium on April 27, 2018.