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Enza Antenos

Assistant Professor, World Languages and Cultures

PhD, University of Toronto, Canada
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Enza Antenos is the Director of the BA in Language, Business & Culture and Assistant Professor of Italian (Dept. of World Languages and Cultures) at Montclair State University. She was a principal collaborator in the development of the interdisciplinary major, Language, Business & Culture (LBAC), launched in 2019 and offered by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Feliciano School of Business.

Dr. Antenos has presented at numerous national and international, in-person and virtual conferences on topics pertaining to curricular innovation. She has published on the acquisition of elementary Italian, the professional preparation of Italian teachers, and the innovative cross-unit major, LBAC. She is the architect (together with the Coccia Institute) and chair of Montclair State's signature professional development program, Teaching Italian, now in its 16th year. Her recent publications focus on the use of social media and online collaboration in foreign language learning.

Her scholarly agenda continues to revolve around the curricular development of languages for specific purposes, with ancillary research on experiential learning through professional experiences such as internships, interdisciplinary projects, and cooperative education programs, which not only support authentic learning scenarios but also create and strengthen synergies between the university and target-language communities, locally and internationally. She is also the director of faculty-led study abroad programs in Italy (Florence, Perugia, Modena) and Morocco (Rabat).

Dr. Antenos is an advocate of Italian Studies nationwide and served two terms as the Secretary/Treasurer of the American Association of Teachers of Italian. She is the recipient of the AATI Distinguished Service Award for Colleges/Universities and the Italian Language Foundation Teacher Recognition Award.

Dr. Antenos is also a summer instructor and Teaching and Curriculum Coordinator of Middlebury College Language Schools "Scuola italiana".


Scholarship areas include 1) teacher training; 2) technology; and 3) business.
My claim to fame: first scholar to ever use Twitter as a language teaching tool (2008). See below for links!

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