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Italian Program

Benvenuti to the Italian Program at Montclair State University, promising you a future of intellectual, professional and personal discovery, Italian-style!


Join the other 61 million people in the world who speak Italian and the hundreds of thousands who study it (Italian is the fourth most studied foreign language globally). Be prepared to fully appreciate the fifth most visited country, with the highest number of UN world heritage sites in the world. Enhance your intellectual experience with deep knowledge of a culture whose influence spans from antiquity to the present in music, the figurative arts, literature, cinema, design, gastronomy, science and philosophy. Increase your marketability in fields in which Italy is a world economic leader as a G7 country: the culinary arts, interior design, fashion and jewelry, graphic and furniture design, leisure and cultural tourism, art restoration, transportation equipment, computer and software services, energy and utilities, and industrial manufacturing. Knowing the Italian language and culture can help you “go global”: Italy and the U.S. have always been close trade and political partners, and there is a strong presence of Italian business in the U.S. and U.S. global companies with headquarters in Italy.


Studying Italian language, literature and culture at Montclair State University promises to be an intellectually, professionally and personally enriching experience. You may be at a state university that is constantly growing, but the Montclair State University Italian program can offer you what amounts to a private college experience, without the price tag, closely connected to the most Italian city outside of Italy, New York: less than 20 miles away and reachable by direct bus or train from campus.

Here are some top reasons to study Italian at Montclair State University:

  • You can obtain a major and minor in Italian, a major in Italian Teacher Education, a post-BA Instructional Certificate in Italian, and take courses toward your second field certification in Italian (see Italian Academic Programs)
  • Nationally and internationally recognized faculty members integrate their research with their teaching to offer exciting courses at all levels, from language to cultural studies, from translating and commercial Italian to literature and cinema
  • Low instructor-to-student ratios in intermediate and advanced courses guarantee you individualized attention and close academic and professional advising
  • The Inserra Endowed Chair in both Italian and Italian American Studies – one of only a few nationwide – offers cultural programming that puts you in close contact with top performers and scholars whose work enriches course content in exciting ways
  • Student scholarships and internships amounting to $10-15,000 per year are available to help you enhance your educational experience and professional opportunities after graduation
  • In collaboration with the Coccia Institute, the Italian program offers networking opportunities with and professional advancement for teachers of Italian
  • The vibrant Amici student club gives you many opportunities to network with other students at cultural and social events on and off campus‌