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Nina Bailey

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

BS, University of Miami
BS, Winston-Salem State University
MEd, North Carolina State University
PhD, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
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Nina began her career as a high school mathematics teacher and special education coordinator at a public arts high school in Miami, Florida. She also taught introductory statistics at both the community college and university levels. These experiences led her to think about how statistics in the real-world is inextricably linked to real context, politics, and issues or power and privilege, and how often in classrooms statistics is considered "neutral." Thus, one of her research interests is critical statistical literacy, more specifically critical statistical literacy habits of mind. Similarly, Nina has always been interested in how her students interact with technology and how that influences their mathematical understandings. Subsequently, her second main research focus is on teaching mathematics with technology, specifically teacher noticing of students' mathematical thinking in technology-mediated learning environments.


Statistics education
Critical statistical literacy
Critical statistical literacy habits of mind
Teacher noticing in a technology mediated learning environment
Teaching mathematics with technology


Research Projects

Preparing to Teach with Technology - Examining Student Practices

This project aimed to 1) create technology-based curricular units for undergraduate mathematics education students to examine secondary students’ mathematical practices, 2) implement and test the materials in undergraduate mathematics education courses, and 3) disseminate the curricular materials and research how undergraduate mathematics education students deepen their mathematical knowledge for teaching by engaging with the materials.