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Charlotte Kent

Assistant Professor, Art and Design

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DR. KENT is Assistant Professor of Visual Culture in the Department of Art and Design where she oversees the Art History Program. She has published in academic and general audience venues about how rhetoric substantiates art writings, but her work now explores the intersection of data and technology with art and design. She is working on a project regarding the role of the absurd in contemporary digital culture. She serves on the Board of Directors for the National Arts Club in New York City, where she organizes monthly speakers, panels, and performances about the arts, and speaks regularly for Artists Equity. She writes articles about art for Artists Magazine, and maintains a monthly business of art column for the magazine.

Sampling of Publications
2018 “Aestheticizing the Affective Politics of "If You See Something, Say Something." Emotion, Affect, and Rhetorical Persuasion in Mass Media: Theories and Case Studies. Ed. Lei Zhang. New York: Routledge. 156-170.
2018 “Manifesto” jointly written with Feminist Art and Architecture Collaborative, Harvard Design Magazine, no. 46.
2015 “Surveying and Being Surveyed: Gendered Insights in John Berger’s Ways of Seeing.” On John Berger: Telling Stories. Ed. Ralf Hertel and David Malcolm. Amsterdam, New York: Rodopi. 211-232.

2018 “How to Teach Students Time Management,” Inside Higher Ed, Opinion, September 17.
2017 “The Netiquette Solution to Teaching the Syllabus.” Inside Higher Ed. January 31.
2016 “The Skills Gap is a Behavioral Gap.” The Chronicle of Higher Education, Commentary Blog. February 8.


Visual culture, aesthetics, datafication, history of ekphrasis, surrealism, critical theory and postmodernism.

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