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Peter Siegel

Chairperson, Anthropology

Dickson Hall 123
BA, University of Delaware
MA, State University of New York @ Binghamton
PhD, State University of New York @ Binghamton
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Peter E. Siegel is a New World archaeologist, specializing in pre-European cultures of eastern North America, the Caribbean, and lowland South America. His research interests include the evolution of complex society, the origins and many trajectories of social inequality, village spatial organization and the ritual use of space, heritage management, human-environmental relations, ethnoarchaeology, and lithic usewear analysis. Siegel has conducted ethnoarchaeological fieldwork among the Shipibo Indians of eastern Peru and the Waiwai and Wapisiana Indians of southern Guyana. He has directed archaeological projects across much of eastern North America and the Caribbean.

Over the past several years, with funding from the National Science Foundation and National Geographic Society, Siegel has been leading a multidisciplinary project in Caribbean paleoecology and historical ecology on islands located between Venezuela and Puerto Rico. This work builds on the success of an earlier pilot project conducted on Puerto Rico, supported by the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research and the Heinz Family Foundation for Latin American Archaeology.

Selected Publications:
Siegel, Peter E., John G. Jones, Deborah M. Pearsall, Nicholas P. Dunning, Pat Farrell, Neil A. Duncan, Jason H. Curtis, and Sushant K. Singh
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Siegel, Peter E. (ed.)
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Siegel, Peter E., John G. Jones, Deborah M. Pearsall, Nicholas P. Dunning, Pat Farrell, Neil A. Duncan, Jason H. Curtis, and Sushant K. Singh
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Siegel, Peter E., Corinne L. Hofman, Benoît Bérard, Reg Murphy, Jorge Ulloa Hung, Roberto Valcarcel Rojas, and Cheryl White
2013 Confronting Caribbean Heritage in an Archipelago of Diversity: Politics, Stakeholders, Climate Change, Natural Disasters, Tourism, and Development. Journal of Field Archaeology 38:376-390.

Siegel, Peter E.
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Siegel, Peter E., and Elizabeth Righter (editors)
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Siegel, Peter E.
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Siegel, Peter E.
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Siegel, Peter E., Christophe Descantes, Jeffrey R. Ferguson, and Michael D. Glascock
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Siegel, Peter E.
2008 Contested Places and Places of Contest: The Evolution of Social Power and Ceremonial Space in Prehistoric Puerto Rico. Reprinted in An Archaeological Perspective on Ritual, Religion, and Ideology, anthology compiled by Gordon F. M. Rakita and Jane E. Buikstra, pp. 187-216. Society for American Archaeology. The SAA Press, Washington, D.C.

Siegel, Peter E., John G. Jones, Deborah M. Pearsall, and Daniel P. Wagner
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Siegel, Peter E.
2005 Multiple Visions of an Island’s Past and Some Thoughts for Future Directions in Puerto Rican Prehistory. In Ancient Borinquen: Archaeology and Ethnohistory of Native Puerto Rico, edited by Peter E. Siegel, pp. 353-363. University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa.

Siegel, Peter E.
2004 What Happened After A.D. 600 on Puerto Rico? Corporate Groups, Population Restructuring, and Post-Saladoid Social Changes. In Late Ceramic Age Societies in the Eastern Caribbean, edited by André Delpuech and Corinne Hofman, pp. 87-100. Paris Monographs in American Archaeology No. 14. BAR International Series No. 1273. Archaeopress, Oxford.

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Siegel, Peter E., and Kenneth P. Severin
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Siegel, Peter E.
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Roe, Peter G., and Peter E. Siegel
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Pre-Columbian archaeology of eastern North America, Caribbean, lowland South America
Lithic analysis
Complex society
Religion and use of ritual space
Archaeological heritage management
Historical ecology


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