Students walking by Russ and Chapin Halls on a nice, sunny fall day.

Member Benefits

Membership in Red Hawk Fellows Program has many benefits for participating students! Here are a few of the perks the Red Hawk Fellows Program provides:

Personal Development Support
  • Unique programming activities each semester to promote personal growth. Access to optional workshops such as:
    • How to Live “Big” Apartment Style!
    • Cooking Yummy Food on a Shoe-String Budget
    • Developing Positive and Healthy Relationships
    • Time Management Strategies: Yikes! I Have So Much Stuff To Do
    • Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle
    • What Would Be A Good Career For Me?
  • A “Success Coach” who can provide mentoring and guidance to help you “get great” at self-advocacy, coach you to organize your to-do’s and give you the ability to ask the questions that are bugging you! Success coaches are trained to help you navigate a complex University administrative system.
  • A point of contact in the Dean of Students office for information and connections to resources.
  • Help with social service programs and information regarding these programs.
  • Enrollment in the “Agents of Change Empowerment Certificate Program,” a collaborative student leadership program integrating concepts of wellness, life coaching and motivational interviewing. A weekly conversation group is led by professional staff to empower students to reach personal goals.
Academic Success and Resource Support

Red Hawk Fellows members will have:
  • A point of contact in the Dean of Students office for information and connections to academic resources.
  • A pre-registration readiness working group session.
    • This group help you get organized and figure out what you need to do to register for the upcoming semester!
    • In this session, you will be able to compile list of personalized questions to ask your academic advisor.
  • Access to an individualized learning and study inventory via the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) sponsored by the Academic Success Center.
    • LASSI is a 10-scale, 80-item assessment of students’ awareness and use of learning and study strategies.
    • Upon completed your individualized LASSI assessment, you will receive a report to review with your Success Coach and make a plan!
  • Access to workshops on note-taking, test taking, time management, stress management and study skills at the Academic Success Center.
  • On-site liaison at select events that support academic success such as the Majors and Minors Fair. This liaison is in “your corner” to be there if you have any questions!
  • An invitation to Red Hawk Fellows Community Meal where peers, speakers and faculty members break bread in a more comfortable setting.
    • Discussions will include academic success, major selection, how to get good grades, studying when you don’t feel like it, dealing with roadblocks, dining etiquette and whatever else comes up!
Career and Leadership Development Opportunities
  • Participate in self–assessment and career planning games to learn about your strengths and areas for development to help you hone in a career of your choice.
  • Build a targeted resume and make the most out of your background and skills. You have what it takes now to succeed. You don’t have to wait until you get your degree to be qualified for an internship. Many types of companies want interns with all types of skills!
  • Interview practice!
    • Everyone gets nervous before an interview; learn how to master the interview and feel confident!
  • Leadership Development programs offered
    • Leadership Development hosts a number of professional development events to build leadership skills and learn about emotional intelligence.
Financial Empowerment and Money Management Training
  • Financial Literacy Training: Learn about your credit score, savings, how-to build a budget and manage your money.
    • Hear speakers discuss building a strong financial future one step at a time.
Annual and Ongoing Engagement Opportunities
  • Engage with our campus partners via leadership, community engagement and professional development activities
    • Fun social events with program participants, faculty and staff.
    • Networking mix and mingle events to meet other program participants.
    • Participation in the Annual Red Hawk Fellows Leadership and Award ceremony.

To learn more about the Red Hawk Fellows program, contact Durell Clark, Student Support Services Case Manager. at: