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Get to Know our Lab Members, May 2016

Interested in joining the REDSS Lab? Read our lab member interviews to gain some insight into what it is like.

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Lisa Chauveron joined the REDSS Lab in the fall of 2014. After working for 15 years as an evaluator, she was inspired to join the lab to learn new methods and analytical approaches, and to share her experience in youth-focused program development and evaluation.

In her spare time, Lisa is a foodie and loves trying new places to eat. She also loves to travel and hopes to get to all 50 states (she has 9 to go!). The coolest place she’s traveled to is Morocco. But in the summer, she can be found sitting on the stoop of her apartment in Brooklyn sipping a small batch bourbon discussing politics and music.

One of Lisa’s favorite parts about working in the REDSS lab is the opportunities to present and attend conferences. Hopefully the next conference will be in one of her 9 remaining states.