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Get To Know The Members Of The REDSS Lab

Are you interested in a project position? Read our coordinator’s interview to gain some insight into what it is like.

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Dorothy Frank joined the REDSS Lab as the coordinator in early May 2016. She heard about the position when she met Dr. Urban at a Cornell networking event. It sounded like a great way to combine her project management experience with her other skill sets.


In her “free time” she enjoys singing and performing with Concord singers, exercise, yoga, cooking, and running two boards. Although she doesn’t get to do it nearly enough, her favorite thing to do is travel. The coolest place she has been to would be a tie between Iceland (on her honeymoon) and the Big Island of Hawaii, which in some ways were very similar. This past April, she went to New Mexico and loved it there. Other than that, she spends time with her husband and taking care of her 12½-year-old twin boys. Because she was very interested in the dynamic of the Twin relationship, she got a law passed in NJ, allowing parents of multiples the choice in classroom placement.


Dorothy is really enjoying her work in the lab. The best part is the people she works with. She wishes she was accomplishing more but it is taking time to learn all the systems. However, she would strongly recommend working in the lab as you get real hands-on experience.