Student Center

The Student Center can be viewed as a community of services. It provides a common area where students, faculty, staff and visitors can come together for social interaction and begin to develop a spirit of cooperation and learning through common understanding.

The Student Center is comprised of the main building and the Student Center Annex. The operating schedule is developed each semester; a copy can be obtained by contacting the Office of Student Center Administration. Please call (973) 655-7548 or (973) 655-4411.

Student organizations who wish to schedule facilities in the Student Center or other areas on campus, must do so through the Event Management System (EMS). Attendance at a training session is mandatory before access to the system is granted. All faculty and staff who wish to schedule space must contact the Scheduling Office at (973) 655-4411. If you have any questions or special requests with regard to facilities or operation, please call the Student Center Administration Office at (973) 655-7548. For student organization program advisement, please call the Center for Student Involvement at (973) 655-7818.