PhD in Teacher Education and Teacher Development

Director: Dr. AnaMaria Villegas
Office: University Hall, Room 2116
Phone Number: (973) 655-7937

The PhD in Teacher Education and Teacher Development is the first of its kind in the region--and one of only a few in the country--and is based on the most current research in teacher preparation and learning. It builds on Montclair State University's nationally recognized programs in teacher preparation, and provides a unique opportunity for those who wish to become future leaders in the preparation and development of teachers.

Program graduates will seek employment in colleges and universities, schools and school districts, state agencies, professional development organizations, and foundations as academic faculty members, researchers, school and district leaders and supervisors, staff developers, education policymakers, and consultants.

Program Description:

The education of young people for active participation in a democratic, diverse, and information-based society depends on the knowledge, skills, and commitment of practicing teachers. There is an increasingly urgent need for well-qualified teachers across the United States and especially in high-poverty urban school districts. Attending to the initial preparation and ongoing professional development of teachers is therefore fundamental to the well being of society. In keeping with this priority, the PhD in Teacher Education and Teacher Development aims to develop scholars and practitioners who will assume positions as teacher educators, defined broadly to include: (a) professors in schools and colleges of education, community colleges, and adult education programs responsible for preparing the future generation of teachers; (b) educational leaders in schools and school districts involved in mentoring student teachers, and in designing and implementing induction programs for novice teachers as well as professional development opportunities for all teachers; and (c) leaders in state departments of education and other agencies helping to establish policy and design programs to improve the quality of the teaching force. Drawing on the recognized excellence of MSU's undergraduate and master's level teacher education programs, including a strong connection to public schools, the program offers students the opportunity to engage in advanced study of how teachers learn to teach in multicultural contexts and how they develop throughout their careers.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Program

Course Requirements:

Candidates for the PhD in Teacher Education and Teacher Development will complete a minimum of 60 semester hours beyond a relevant master's degree from an accredited institution. Those 60 semester hours are distributed as follows:

    • Proseminars designed to introduce students to the central questions in teacher education and teacher development and matters of student diversity, develop fundamental knowledge and skills, and create a professional learning community (6 semester hours).
    • Core courses intended to cultivate specialized knowledge and skills regarding the design and implementation of programs of pre-service teacher preparation, induction of novice teachers, and the ongoing professional development of in-service teachers (21 semester hours).
    • Electives intended to give students options in deepening their understanding of specific areas in teacher education (9 semester hours).
    • Research courses that give participants the tools needed by critical consumers and producers of research (12 semester hours).
    • Dissertation research in which students demonstrate their ability to apply specialized knowledge in the field and research knowledge and skills to empirically investigate an important problem in teacher education (12 semester hours).
    • Courses in the program (3 semester hours each) are listed below.

The course requirements listed below apply to those students admitted on or after Fall 2013. Anyone admitted prior to this term should refer to their Analysis of Academic Progress on WESS or see your academic advisor for your official program of study.

A. Proseminars (6 semester hours)
TETD 801 Policy Perspectives on Teacher Education & Teacher Development
TETD 802 Teaching and Teacher Education in a Diverse Society
B. Core Courses (21 semester hours)
TETD 803 Teacher Learning Across the Professional Continuum
TETD 804 Educational Equity and School Change
TETD 805 Issues in Teacher Preparation and the Education of English Language Learners
TETD 806 The Practice of Teacher Education and Teacher Development
TETD 807 Studying Teacher Quality
TETD 808 Practicum in Teacher Education and Teacher Development
TETD 819 Analytic Review of Empirical Literature
C. Electives (9 semester hours)
(To be selected in consultation with program advisor. Can include other appropriate courses from across the university with advisor approval.)
TETD 809 Language and Literacy in Sociocultural Contexts
TETD 810 Literacy and Digital Technologies in Schools and Teacher Education
TETD 812 History of Teacher Education
TETD 813 Learning Connections: The Link Between Schools and Universities
TETD 816 Selected Topics in Teacher Education and Teacher Development
TETD 818 Research Practicum in Teacher Education and Teacher Development
EDFD 824 Advanced Linear and General Linear Models
EDFD 826 Social Network Analysis 
D. Research (12 semester hours)
EDFD 820 Qualitative Methods for Educational Research
EDFD 821 Quantitative Methods for Educational Research
TETD 817 Research in Teacher Education
EDFD 822 Advanced Methods of Quantitative Inquiry in Education
EDFD 823 Advanced Quantitative Methods for Educational Research
E. Dissertation Research (12 semester hours)
TETD 900 Dissertation Advisement
TETD 901 Dissertation Extension
Program Total: 60 credits

Admission Information:

PLEASE NOTE that the information below represents what we are seeking in a student, and does not represent the list of items required for application.  Applicants must submit all application requirements, documents and credentials as outlined by The Graduate School for this program (i.e. transcripts, essays, letters of recommendation, GRE scores, etc.). It is important that all applicants visit the Graduate School site in advance of the application deadline to ensure that all required materials are submitted on time.

Students selected for admission to the program will possess the following:

      • Significant teaching experience or other school service experience.
      • A master's degree in a related field.
      • A strong record in previous academic work.
      • Commitment to learning and inquiry (as demonstrated in application essays and other application materials).
      • Experience with and commitment to issues of diversity and equity (as demonstrated in application essays and other application materials).

Applications are accepted for Fall admission only. The annual application deadline for each fall semester is February 1.

The PhD in Teacher Education & Teacher Development requires applicants to complete the online application instead of the paper application, as it will allow for faster processing after the deadline, and allows you as an applicant to track the status of your application up until the deadline. The online application may be found at (click the "Apply Now" button).