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PLEASE NOTE that the information below represents what we are seeking in a student, and does not represent the list of items required for application.  Applicants must submit all application requirements, documents and credentials as outlined by The Graduate School for this program (i.e. transcripts, essays, letters of recommendation, GRE scores, etc.). It is important that all applicants visit the Graduate School site in advance of the application deadline to ensure that all required materials are submitted on time.

Students selected for admission to the program will possess the following:

  • Significant teaching experience or other school service experience.
  • A master’s degree in a related field.
  • A strong record in previous academic work.
  • Commitment to learning and inquiry (as demonstrated in application essays and other application materials).
  • Experience with and commitment to issues of diversity and equity (as demonstrated in application essays and other application materials).

Applications are accepted for Fall admission only. The annual application deadline for each fall semester is February 1.

The PhD in Teacher Education & Teacher Development requires applicants to complete the online application and allows you, as an applicant, to track the status of your application up until the deadline. Online application information may be found at the Graduate School’s How to Apply page.