About Us

Welcome! The mission of the Passaic River Institute (PRI) is to further environmental research and education and to help find solutions for environmental problems within the Passaic River Basin, including tributaries and surrounding watershed lands.

Appreciating the importance of the Passaic River Basin and the complexity of the issues, Montclair State University recognized the need for a formal university-based institute that could undertake long-term, extensive, interdisciplinary scientific studies and formed the Passaic River Institute (PRI) within the College of Science and Mathematics in 2004. As a permanent scientific organization with the support of a large university, the Institute can serve as a publicly accessible archive and clearinghouse of scientific reports and data in the Basin. A university-based Institute also provides a neutral forum for examining and discussing all aspects of environmental management challenges, such as environmental monitoring and assessment, pollution and contamination, sediment remediation, ecosystem restoration, environmental advocacy and public outreach efforts.

PRI affiliates have been active in research related to the Passaic River Basin, such as using computerized mapping systems to study pollutant sources and developing a method for rapid detection of organic contaminants in sediments. PRI is knitting together physical, biological and social scientists to effectively tackle the complex environmental challenges.

The PRI is designed to nurture relationships with both public and private sectors, including federal and state agencies, corporations, and environmental and community advocacy groups as well as to establish close ties with regional agencies and organizations, actively participate in international, national and regional environmental programs, host academic and public forums, and host symposiums and seminars regarding the Passaic River.

The Passaic River Institute provides broad environmental services with expertise, integrity and value. The Institute’s experts, strong credentials, academic credibility and university facilities offer unique advantages in investigating and solving the region’s complex environmental problems. Passaic River Institute experts are capable, seasoned scientists with years of field experience and years of providing professional advice to government agencies and private firms.

The Passaic River Institute brings an approach to science that looks at the long term and seeks to insure a balance that supports a sustainable future.

Download our Statement of Qualifications which contains project descriptions of our affiliated faculty and staff.