Aerial shot of Passaic River Institute.

Passaic River Institute

The Passaic River Institute seeks to further environmental research and education and to help find solutions for environmental problems in today’s urban landscape.

Appreciating the importance of the Passaic River, in 2004, Montclair State University recognized the need for a formal, university-based institute that could undertake long-term, extensive, interdisciplinary scientific studies. The Passaic River Institute was established within the College of Science and Mathematics to fulfill this need. As a permanent scientific organization with the support of a large university, the Institute studies all aspects of environmental management challenges, such as environmental monitoring and assessment, pollution and contamination, sediment remediation, ecosystem restoration, environmental education and public outreach efforts.

The PRI brings physical, chemical, biological and social scientists together to effectively tackle the complex environmental challenges.  PRI affiliates have been active in environmental research, education and outreach, such as investigating impacts of harmful algal blooms, tracing sources of non-point source pollution, and developing a novel method to remove organic contaminants in water.

The PRI provides broad environmental services with expertise, integrity and value. The institute’s experts are capable, seasoned scientists with years of field experience and years of providing professional advice to government agencies and private firms, with strong credentials, academic credibility and university facilities. They offer unique advantages in investigating and solving the region’s complex environmental problems.

The Passaic River Institute brings an approach to science that looks at the long-term and seeks to ensure a balance that supports a sustainable future.


Dr. Meiyin Wu
Director, New Jersey Center for Water Science and Technology
Montclair State University
Center for Environmental and Life Sciences 100
Montclair, NJ 07043 USA

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