Staff & Faculty Members

PRI Staff

Meiyin Wu
Jasey Araque
Program Assistant

PRI Steering Committee

Chair: Robert Prezant
Dean of College of Science & Mathematics, MSU
Co-Chair: Eric Stern
Research Associate Professor, Earth & Environmental Studies, MSU; Research Leader, Battelle Memorial Institute
Huan Feng
Professor of Earth & Environmental Studies, MSU
Josh Galster
Associate Professor of Earth & Environmental Studies, MSU
Michael Kruge
Professor of Earth & Environmental Studies

PRI Member Research Interests (MSU Affiliated Unless Specified)

Earth & Environmental Studies

Brachfeld, Stefanie
Marine geology & geophysics, paleoclimatology
Chopping, Mark
Remote sensing of the environment and GIS
Feng, Huan
Behavior, transport and fate of contaminants in aquatic systems
Galster, Josh
Geomorphology, Surficial hydrology, GIS, Watershed studies
Gorring, Matthew
Quantitative analysis of minerals and metals in environmental samples
Kruge, Michael
Sediment geochemistry of organic contaminants
Ophori, Duke
Hydrogeology, Simulation of groundwater flow, and
contaminant transport in groundwater systems
Pope, Gregory
Soil science
Sarkar, Dibeyndu
Environmental Geochemistry, Remediation, Lead, Arsenic
Sato, Yoko
Groundwater, GIS
Singh, Harbans
Environmental assessment
Taylor, Robert
Environmental management, brownfields
Yu, Danlin
GIS and Remote Sensing, Social Geography

Biology & Molecular Biology

Bologna, Paul
Aquatic vegetation and ecology
Hazard, Lisa C
Ecological and evolutionary physiology of reptiles and amphibians
Kight, Scott
Aquatic ecology, aquatic insects
Korky, John
Ecology. morphology, and systematics of amphibian adults and larvae
Lee, Lee
Aquatic microbiology
Prezant, Robert
Environmental monitoring, ecology, marine and aquatic biodiversity
Smallwood, John
Ornithology, Ecology, Research in Ecology of the American Kestrel
Vanderklein, Dirk
Ecology and physiology of trees and plants; Water transport in trees

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Berger, John
Natural product and water chemistry
Olsen, Kevin
Analytical chemistry, maritime history of northeastern NJ

Computer Science

Hubey, Mark
Simulation of flow, contaminant diffusion, convection
Robila, Stefan
Remote sensing
Herbert, Katherine
Bioinformatics, science informatics, data quality and integration

School of Business

Phillip Lebel

School of Conservation

Thomas, William H.
Anthropology, ethno-ecology, conservation and traditional ecological wisdom of indigenous people


Vedwan, Neeraj
Cultural ecology, climatic change and society

MSU Institute of Sustainability Studies

Thomas, William H.
Anthropology, ethno-ecology, conservation and traditional ecological wisdom of indigenous people

Members Affiliated With Other (Non-MSU) Institutions

Stern, Eric
(Battelle Memorial Institute) Environmental management, decontamination technology
Weis, Peddrick
(UMDNJ) Estuarine ecotoxicology, especially mercury and other metals
McClary, Marion
Fairleigh Dickinson University Behavioral/Physiological Ecologist
Benzing, Paul
Fairleigh Dickinson University Biochemistry and Ecology of wetlands
Pardi, Richard
William Paterson University, Geochemist
Weis, Judith
Rutgers Universtiy, Estuarine Ecology and Ecotoxicology
Levandowsky, Michael
Pace University, Marine Microbial Ecologist
Jones, Keith
Brookhaven National Lab Senior Physicist