Science Teachers Rock Summer Institute 2012

After two weeks of participating in PRISM’s summer institute, math and science teachers from CUSP partner districts will never look at geometry or rocks the same way again. For two weeks in August teachers from 17 districts devoted their time to increasing their understanding of earth science and mathematics, while also planning strategies for improving their own practices by developing one unit to implement this year. ‎

It was two weeks of intense learning and wacky hilarity, as teachers gained new knowledge from experts, shared ideas, and had multiple field experiences, which included trips to the Newark Museum, Sterling Mining Museum, and a variety of rock formations in Sussex County, New Jersey.  ‎‎As one teacher observed, “Getting out of the classroom and being able to come back with these experiences will enrich my students’ learning; I am now so much more passionate about Earth science.  Geology rocks!”

Now it’s time to apply all that learning.  PRISM staff are ready to assist with our outreach team.  Whether it’s classroom visits or a live video chat with researchers in the rainforest, let us know how we can help you and your students.  Call 973-655-7753.