Professional Resources in Science and Mathematics

PRISM serves the state as a New Jersey STEM Professional Development Provider supporting school districts by improving the way the sciences and mathematics are taught. PRISM scientists, educators and classroom teachers are content-area specialists in curriculum, professional development and pedagogy. PRISM programs emphasize inquiry-based and constructivist teaching strategies, deep content knowledge development, effective curriculum planning, and instructional technology to improve learning outcomes in science and mathematics.

PRISM staff members work closely with administrators in diverse districts. The goal is the design of professional development programs that are strong in content and standards-based teaching.


  • Summer institutes that model best practices
  • Planning programs to aid implementation
  • Videoconference programs with scientists
  • School team development
  • School year in-service programs
  • Website support and distance learning

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Center for Science Teaching and Learning is dedicated to teaching teachers, equipped with programs for experiential learning and video-chat connections for distance learning.


  • The New Jersey STEM Innovation FellowshipBringing outstanding teachers together to explore innovative STEM teaching practices and share what they learn with othersMonday July 22, 2019

  • Readorium Success StoryReadorium is a web-based intervention that supports students in grade 3 to 8 as they read nonfiction scientific texts and supplements classroom curricula aligned with NGSS.Wednesday June 5, 2019




Teacher Resources



Engineering & Invention in NJ Schools – Experiences to Guide K-12 Curriculum Design

On January 24, 2020 Montclair State’s PRISM along with Rider-SELECT hosted a showcase of engineering design challenges and creative invention activities that could be integrated into school curricula in alignment with the current NJ State Science Standards. The agenda included panels of professional engineers who work with K-12 schools, and experienced K-12 educators who shared how to implement successes and resources relative to engineering and invention education. Discussions explored what works, challenges, resources, and offered trouble-shooting advice. Workshop experiences and networking activities embedded in the day enabled participants to gain hands-on understanding of engineering practices and the three-dimensional nature of engineering education to be implemented under the NJ standards.

Here are some online resources of material offered during our showcase and are available for download.

K-8 NGSS Prism Engineering Design Presentation

TG Plastic Bots Lesson Flow Presentation 2019 

TG Plastic Bots Engineering Project

New Jersey, the Invention State-1

Hillside Grammer School teacher Training

Hacksaw Blade article

About Engineering Revision 1

Launch Creativity with Ping-Pong Ball Challenge -Joanne & Harry


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