Campus Satellite View

Building Identification Codes

Building Code Name of Building Campus Type
1515 1515 Broad Street Broad Academic
ABBT Abbott & Costello Center Main Administration
BASI Count Basie Hall Main Residence
BLTN Blanton Hall Main Residence
BOHN Bohn Hall Main Residence
BOND Bond House Main Academic
BSCC Ben Samuels Children’s Center Main Academic
C143 143 Clove Rd Main Support
CCIS Center for Computing and Information Science Main Academic
CCSV Center for Clinical Services Main Academic
CELS Center for Environmental & Life Sciences Main Academic
CGEN Cogeneration Plant Main Support
CHPN Chapin Hall Main Academic
CLCA Calcia Hall Main Academic
CODR Coder House (10 Normal Ave) Main Academic
COLE Susan A. Cole Hall Main Administration
CPDM CarParc Diem Main Parking
DINE Red Hawk Diner Main Support
DKSN Dickson Hall Main Academic
DNLO Dinallo Heights Main Residence
DROP Drop-In Center Main Support
FLDH Field House Main Athletic
FNLY Finley Hall Main Academic
FNWK Millicent Fenwick Hall Main Residence
FRMN Freeman Hall Main Residence
GRHS Lot 28 Greenhouse Main Academic
HC01 Hawk Crossings 100 – Falco Main Residence
HC02 Hawk Crossings 200 – Accipiter Main Residence
HC03 Hawk Crossings 300 – Buteo Main Residence
ICE Montclair State University Ice Arena Main Athletic
KASS Alexander Kasser Theater Main Academic
LEGG Legge House (860 Valley Rd) Main Vacant
LIBR Sprague Library Main Academic
LIFE Life Hall Main Academic
MCHG Machuga Heights Main Residence
MRHD Morehead Hall Main Academic
NO14 14 Normal Ave Main Vacant
NO18 18 Normal Ave Main Vacant
NO20 20 Normal Ave Main Residence
NO22 22 Normal Ave Main Administration
NURS The School of Nursing and The Graduate School Main Academic
OVLK Overlook Overlook Administration
PAUL Alice Paul Hall Main Residence
PNZR Panzer Athletic Center Main Academic
RBFH Red Bull Field House Main Athletic
RHAA Red Hawk Athletic Annex Main Athletic
RHDK Red Hawk Deck Main Parking
RICH Richardson Hall Main Academic
RUSS Russ Hall Main Residence
SBUS School of Business Main Academic
SCHM Conrad J. Schmitt Hall Main Academic
SCIE Science Hall Main Academic
SCM School of Communication & Media Main Academic
SNTR Sinatra Hall Main Residence
SOFT Softball Stadium Main Athletic
SREC Student Recreation Center Main Support
STCT Student Center Main Support
STON Stone Hall Main Residence
UFAC University Facilities Main Support
UNIV University Hall Main Academic
UNPD University Police Department Main Administration
WEBS Webster Hall Main Support
WILL William Carlos Williams Hall Main Residence
YOGI Yogi Berra Stadium & Museum Main Athletic