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Make Reservation Requests

Log into NEST using your University NetID and password.

NEST Login page

Navigate to the Employee Resources portlet and select the 25Live link.

Employee Resources portlet in NEST

You can also go to click Sign In at the top right corner, and sign in with your NetID and NetID password. Note: the preferred browsers are Firefox and Chrome.

25Live Sign in
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Once signed in, there are several ways to create an event. You Can click Create an Event, you can Find Available Locations, or you can click the edit iconEdit icon that can be found in various views throughout 25Live.

Create an event options in 25Live

Event Request Form: Any Required field must be filled in before the event will save.

Event Name Form in 25Live

Please enter an Event Name that clearly describes the event.
Event Title for Published Calendars will allow you to expand on your event’s name. If you have special guests or multiple events but different focuses, you can use the Event Title to indicate.

Select the Event Type from the drop-down menu.
Once selected you will see a star Star iconnext to the name indicating if it is one of your favorites. By Starring items, you will be able to find them faster and they will be listed under your “Starred Types”.

The Sponsoring Organization is the organization that is responsible for hosting the event, usually, it is the requester’s organization. When starting, the Search tool is the best for finding your Organization. Once you select it and it appears on the right, you may want to “Star” it so it will appear automatically the next time you request an Event.
If the event has one or more Co-sponsoring organization(s), select the organization from the prompt options. This is not a required field. If you do not see the name of the organization in the list, please email

Event Dates Form in 25Live
Place the maximum number of people your event will have in the Maximum HeadCount.

The Event Date and Time area is key to finding a location for your event. By selecting the date and time, the system can display available spaces that match your desired criteria. If this is a repeating event you will enter only the date of the first occurrence.

All Day – If checked, will set the event to take place over the entire day. Start and end time fields will be hidden.
This event begins and ends on the same day – When checked, this option will create a single occurrence of a multi-day event. When the box is unchecked, you can choose an End Date, however, be aware that if this is a repeating event every subsequent occurrence will have the same multi-day duration.

If you click on Additional Time, a section will appear allowing you to reserve extra time before (Pre-Event Time) or after (Post-Event Time) your event.

For pre-event Setup or post-event Takedown, this is helpful if you want to arrive early to decorate a location before the beginning of your event but you wish to keep the event published start time the same.

Additional Time for a reservation in 25Live

If you are repeating your event, click on the Repeating Pattern button. Repeating pattern button in 25Live
With the Pattern Picker drop-down, you can select a repeating pattern based on the occurrences of your event. If you are inputting dates manually, use the “Ad Hoc” method as you can simply click on each date that you want your event to repeat.

Pattern picker in 25live
Selected Dates will appear marked in the calendar.

Small calendar in 25Live
Click on the View All Occurrences button to see All Date Occurrences. View all occurrences button in 25Live

All Day Occurrences in 25Live

It is possible to change the times and add notes or comments to specific event dates.
You can click the remove buttonRemove button in 25Live to the right of any of your selected dates to remove them from the list. You do NOT need to change anything in the “status” field.

Event Description in 25Live

When your event is viewed the Event Description is what will answer the questions about who the event is for, and any extra information such as contacts, websites, or attendee restrictions. This section is one of the most important because it helps your audience to learn more about your event. If you have other similar events then the description will set them apart.
If your event is a simple department meeting for on-campus personnel then that is a perfect description explaining the event and who it is for.
For Virtual Events, do not include the Zoom link or access information, as that information will be publicly viewable and may lead to significant disruptions. You must include email contact information for students, staff, and faculty to request the link or access information.

Only Locations that are available and allow less than your maximum headcount will show up to be selected. To Search, Locations type the 4-character building code. (ex. Student Center = STCT, University Hall = UNIV).

Locations Search in 25Live

If you do not have any Saved Searches or Starred Locations, we would recommend starting with Search. To select a location simply click on the Reserve button. If it is one you prefer you might wish to add a Star.
You may add more than one location to your event if you wish by simply clicking another to add it.
Click on More Options to search locations with specific room features, categories, capacity, or layout.

For Virtual Events, type Virtual Location and reserve. This option allows you to reserve a virtual space for your event so that it can be pushed to your program calendars.

Search for virtual location in 25Live

The event Resources section behaves similarly to the Location selection field; however, there are much fewer resources available. Keep in mind all locations come with any Audio Visual and equipment and furniture already located there so you do not need to request them for a conference room or classroom.

Resources search in 25Live.

The Additional Information section makes sure the event publishes in the University Events Calendar. The following information is required:

a. Event Description – Provide a summary of the event along with pertinent event information like RSVP links, pricing, and ticket information, etc.
b. Audience – Select which audience you want to attend this event.
c. Event Image – Enter the image URL in the Event Image field, or upload it to the Attached Files section (maximum size for a file is 25MB). If you don’t include an image, a photo from the Montclair State SmugMug Gallery will be displayed. It is important to remember to follow accessibility guidelines whenever you include an image in your event.

Additional Information in the event form in 25Live

The Calendar Requirement section makes sure your event gets reviewed for publication. You can add any comments related to the calendar here.

Calendar Requirement

Any other information that you would like to provide about your event to the scheduler you can place in the Comments field.

Reservation Comments area in 25Live

Finally, you can pick the options presented After Saving This Event

After Saving This Event field in 25Live

You can Preview or Save your reservation once you have finished.
Cancel, Preview and save buttons in 25Live

Once submitted, the appropriate approver for the location(s) you have requested will review your request. Approvers will have the ability to approve, deny, or edit your event. Your request is not approved until you receive a confirmation message from an approver or you see that the status of your event has been changed from Tentative to Confirmed.

  1. To check on the status of event requests or edit event drafts, return to the Home tab. On your Dashboard, you will see Your Upcoming Events and Your Event Drafts.
  2. Once an event is confirmed, you can no longer edit it.

For Virtual Events, please make sure to select the Event State to Confirmed for your event to appear in the calendar of events. This option is only available to schedulers.
Event State options in 25Live

Throughout 25Live you will see star iconsStar icon. You can click these icons at any time to mark locations, organizations, and events as favorites for quicker access.

Note about Cut and Pasting your description: If you wish to cut and paste text from other programs we recommend that you first paste it into a notepad program to clear out all of the formatting that comes along with more advanced word processors. Cutting and pasting directly from websites/words may cause a delay in the processing of your event.

If you have questions about using 25Live, please email