Alexander Kasser Theater

Requesting Cancellation of an Event

Log into NEST using your University NetID and password.

NEST Login page

Navigate to the Employee Resources portlet and select the 25Live link.

Employee Resources portlet in NEST

You can also go to click Sign In at the top right corner, and sign in with your NetID and NetID password. Note: the preferred browsers are Firefox and Chrome.

25Live Sign in
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Find the event you wish to cancel. If you’re not sure how to do this, follow the 25Live User Guide – How to Search for University Events and Locations.

Go to the Event Details. If displayed, use the Request Cancellation link, then enter a comment describing why you want to cancel the event.
Request Cancellation of an event in 25Live

Note: The event requestor asking for cancellation cannot also be both the event scheduler and owner.

If your cancellation request is successful, a Cancel Request task for the pending request will be included in the event’s Task List for the scheduler or event owner to complete. If your event has both a scheduler and an event owner, the scheduler will be prioritized to receive the task.

If you have questions about using 25Live, please email