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Search for University Events and Locations

Log into NEST using your University NetID and password

NEST Login page

Navigate to the Employee Resources portlet and select the 25Live link.

Employee Resources portlet in NEST

You can also go to click Sign In at the top right corner, and sign in with your NetID and NetID password. Note: the preferred browsers are Firefox and Chrome.

25Live Sign in
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Creating a Search for Events

Click on the Search Events or Go to Search.
Search events text field in 25Live

The Search Events option will allow users to search for a specific event(s) or group of events by typing the event’s name in the text field.

Please follow the below sample search given for the accounting department: ACCT. If the record to be searched is a non-academic one, just type the event’s name in the corresponding search field.

Type the record name in the text box. For example, ACCT.

Click the search iconSearch icon and the system will display every single event that contains the word ACCT in its name.
Search results in 25Live

The above shows the searched ACCT group of events using the List view. Information can also be displayed in the calendar view by clicking on the Calendar tab.
List and calendar buttons in 25Live
Keep in mind that 25Live will display future events by default. The button allows users to change to All Dates.
Future only and all dates button in 25Live

When searching for academic departments, use the four-letters abbreviated name given to academic departments; for example, ACCT, BIOL, MGMT, and ARHT. All other non-academic events can be searched by typing the name given to the event.

Depending on the type of event, information displayed under each column above will indicate:

  • Name: abbreviated course section information or non-academic event’s name.
  • Title: long title for the academic record or long name given to the non-academic event.
  • Reference: a number given automatically to the record once entered in the 25Live system.
  • Organization: department abbreviation or name of the organization listed as reserving the location.
  • Type: class type or non-academic event type.
  • Category: academic term or not, the information will be displayed under this column for non-academic events.
  • Your role: no information will be displayed for academic records, the requestor or scheduler will show it for non-academic events.
  • Start Date: beginning date for reservation.
  • Creation Date: the date when the event was brought over via the interface for academic records or dates when non-academic events were created in the system.
  • State: tentative or canceled will show for academic records. In addition to the two states showing for academic records draft (not holding location) will appear for non-academic events.
  • Locations: space assigned to the event.

If in need to modify your search or view, please note the indications below.

Search options in 25Live

  • Click on the All Dates button to select all dates.
  • Click on Choose Columns, to hide or show columns as needed.
  • Click on theRefresh button refresh button and Reset links, if the search was modified, to show updated data.
Go to the bottom of the page to select a different page number showing searched information (the Next and Last links will take the user to the next page or last page if needed). Also, users can choose the number of Items per page.
Pagination view

Save the search by clicking on the Save As link. Reset, save as and search buttons in 25Live
The Search option applies the search.

The Go to Search link will bring you to the following page. Users could also just look for a specific event using this search option. Go to search button in 25Live

Type the event’s full name; for example, ACCT 201.
Event Search page in 25Live

After verifying that the created search displays all data needed, proceed to save your search.

Click on Save As link and type the Search Name.Save search option in 25Live
Mark Yes if you would like to add your search to your starred searches. Click Save.

Searching events using the Advanced option

Search advanced option in 25Live

This option will allow users to define search using additional parameters.

Click on Add Criteria and choose an item from the dropdown.

For this example, choose Organizations, Specific Organizations, then Edit.
Type in English and then check off English. If you choose multiple categories, make sure you choose either Include Any or Include All.
Include any, all or do not include option in 25Live
Include Any will pull a more expansive selection.
Include All will pull a more limited selection.
Do Not Include will give a more expansive Event search, but omitting those Events you do not want to be included.

Add criteria for advanced search in 25Live

Click Done and Search.
Advanced Search in 25Live

All future events with the Organization English will be listed. If you want past dates included in your list, toggle from Future Dates to All Dates.

Click on Save As, next to the Search icon.

Give it a Search Name and indicate if it should be a starred search.

Now you have your event search which you can use in any Report template.

To reference any created or saved event search

Click on the Pre-Defined Groups option from the drop-down list.
re-Defined Groups in 25Live

Type the name of your saved search and it will populate name searches that match the words you type. Click over the search’s name to run the search.

Your Starred (favorite) Event Searches will show a yellow star to the right.
Starred event searches in 25Live

In the Pre-Defined Groups section, you can choose Events You Have Requested, Events You Are Scheduling, Feature Events, and more.

Creating a Location Search

Creating a Location Search in 25Live allows users not only to quickly review the availability and features of a subset of rooms, but it also enables them to run a variety of reports for these locations.

For a quick view of space availability, click on the Search Locations text field.
Search Locations text field in 25Live

Type the name of your university-owned building and clickSearch icon go.

Users could also click on the Go to Search button to create a location search.

Next, from the Select Object drop-down menu at the top of the page select Locations. Then, flip the toggle switch from Quick Search to Advanced. Lastly, click on the Add Criteria button to begin creating your own search.
Search add criteria option in 25Live

Read below for some ideas on searches that may come in handy.

Locations with specific room features

From the Add Criteria list, select Features.
Add criteria list in 25Live

Once you do, the word Features will appear at the top of the criteria.
Features criteria in 25Live

Now you can select which feature you wish to create the search. Click on the ‘Include Any‘ drop-down menu and select that option for a more expansive result. Click on the Edit button. Once you do, a Features search window will pop up. Type in part of the name of the feature of interest to you, then click on it in the list of search results. Lastly, click on the Done button.
Features criteria in 25Live

Next, select the Save As button in the bottom right corner.
Location Search in 25Live

Give your search an informative name, for example: “ADA Rooms”. Then decide if you want to add this search to your starred searches for speedier future access. Lastly, click on the Save button in the bottom right corner.
Save search option in 25Live

A group of specific locations

From the drop-down menu select Locations, then Specific Locations.
Specific Locations option in 25Live location search

Next, click on the Edit button. In the Locations search field, enter for example part of the name of the building you are interested in. Once this building’s rooms appear, check the boxes to the left of any rooms of interest to you.
Specific Locations option in 25Live location search

You can perform this search for multiple buildings. Once you checked all the spaces of interest to you, click on the Done button in the bottom right corner.
Location filter for specific locations in 25Live

You can then add more search criteria by clicking on the Add Criteria button or save the search by clicking on the Save As button.
Location Search Specific in 25Live

Give your search an informative name, for example: “College Hall Rooms”. Then decide if you want to add this search to your starred searches for speedier future access. Lastly, click on the Save button in the bottom right corner.
Save search window in 25Live

Your location search is now ready to be used!

To access your created location search

Select Object menu in 25Live

Click on the Pre-Defined Groups option from the drop-down list.
re-Defined Groups in 25Live

You can view results as a List, Calendar, Availability, and Availability Weekly.
View options for search results in 25Live

  • The List option shows all spaces with brief information about the space.
  • The Calendar view shows the occupation of spaces in a calendar view.
  • Availability shows empty and blocked periods of time for each space allowing the user to see time slots when rooms are available.
  • Availability Weekly shows a glance at the activity, by week, for the specified days and number of weeks.

You add or remove columns for the list view by clicking the Choose Columns button.

After changing the parameters for your search, click on the refresh buttonRefresh button to update the data.

After your search results have loaded, use the Export Results link to export your search results. If you click or tap the link too early, an error message will display.

Export Results Search in 25Live

A notification will appear in the bottom-left corner informing you that the report will be downloaded upon completion. When it’s ready, the file will download using your browser’s standard method.

Notification Message in 25Live

If you have questions about using 25Live, please email